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  1. 4.3 gr W231 was a load I shot for a long time with PD 124 JHP. I found that bullet to be more accurate at 1.085" Look for my name on the forum, I have a spreadsheet here with lots of data.
  2. I've used and tested every 9mm Bayou bullet Dennis makes. The TC's are more accurate than the round nose. Tested many powder combinations with them too. You can search for my spreadsheet on this site, I'm very detailed in my testing and use a ransom rest if I have inserts for them. As far as diameter, most are .356, but you can order what you need to make your gun accurate, example is my 929. I couldn't get good accuracy until I went to a heavier bullet 160 gr, and the tried .356, .357, .358. The .358 shot the best in my gun. I also got some Brazo's bullets but haven't did a big test yet, the seem to shoot just as good. I use Bayou mainly because they are local to me. I've tried others over the years but love my Bayou's. The most accurate one was the 124 TC but since he quit making them due to mold issues, I use the 120 gr which are just about as accurate. I load for accuracy then power factor. I have a load with the 105's that put 10 shots in a little over an inch at 25 yds.
  3. Is this for USPSA/IDPA or steel? 4.8-5.0 N330 at an OAL of 1.080 is one of my most accurate 124 JHP load. 4.0 of Tightgroup is second.
  4. As said earlier PD load to 1.100, but in my testing I got better accuracy at 1.080". I have shot at that length for years and this is my goto bullet. Works in all my guns from 1911's to short chambered CZ's. Do a search for my name and you should see a spreadsheet with all my loadings.
  5. I do the same except I just shake the bag around for a few seconds to get lube on all the cases and throw them in the feeder.
  6. Do you have any accuracy data to go with what you tested? Does it shoot a 2" group or 6" group? that is important too.
  7. I have 10 lbs of Prima V I need to get rid of, was going to work a load up with it next.
  8. I tried Sport Pistol in my Edge CRP and wasn't impressed. Bullet was 180 Brazos Hi Tek coated @1.185" . I plan to go back to tightgroup, and may work up some loads with Vectan Prima V. 4.4 gr 856 fps, 124 E.S., 31 S.D. accuracy at 25 yards average of 3 five shot groups 3.01" 4.6 gr 878 fps, 83 E.S., 24 S.D. accuracy at 25 yards average of 3 five shot groups 3.57" 4.8 gr 912 fps, 141 E.S., 33 S.D. accuracy at 25 yards average of 3 five shot groups 3.58"
  9. Haven't loaded the ones I got yet, but I plan to test them in my Edge using my Ransom Rest and Sport Pistol powder and do a battery of test. I'm more interested in accuracy at 1.180 and PF between 169-172. I do have excellent minor load using Tightgroup and loaded to 1.135.
  10. My usual mailman knows I get bullets and will put them by the door, but I've caught several especially women put a note on my door saying no one was home so I have to pick the item up at the post office. I'm usually in the computer room watching them and when they come around the other side of the street I bust them. I've called and complained to the post master and he says they are supposed to handle up to 50 pounds. The last time that happened the postmaster made the woman come and apologize. She claimed she just missed it but I knew that was a lie.
  11. For open 9mm stick with jacketed bullets because cleaning the comp is a lot of work. 124 gr Bullets is what I prefer with CFE or Autocomp. For practice you can shoot coated Bullets but you have to spray the comp with a case lube every so often to keep stuff from sticking to the comp.
  12. My load is similar to yours, I use 3.2 gr SP with 145 Rn Bayou bullet at 1.135. Todays chrono with TSO was 902 FPS grouped 10 shots in 1.94" at 25 yds in ransom rest.
  13. Received my order from Brazo's last week, bullets look great. Like the sealed bags they came in, but they need to put a little more packaging tape around the boxes. One of my boxes was busted open on one side when the post office delivered them. I loaded the 150 SWC's up tested them with sport pistol today. 3.2 gr of Sport Pistol at 1.140 shot best. 2.13" at 25 yds in TSO from Ransom Rest. 899 avg FPS 138.4 PF. I want to test with Tightgroup next. Nice clean holes and worked in all my 9mm's at that length.
  14. I agree, knock the ring out and now you have an quick adjustable taper crimp die.
  15. If the factory crimp die by Lee has the carbide ring in the bottom, it will swage the coated and plain lead bullets down and cause accuracy problems. Use a taper crimp die and set it to .378 and that will work great for any 9mm whether its coated, plated, plain lead, or Jacketed.
  16. I think I prefer 135 gr bullets for CO, good compromise between the snap of 124's and push of 147's. At least in my guns they feel better. Shoot for a power factor of 130-132 with Sport pistol, Tightgroup, or AA2 if you looking for better accuracy. The Bayou 135 coated round nose I use I've tested likes an OAL of 1.135". Work up a load with the powder you prefer.
  17. I did some ransom rest testing with my CZ TSO today with 145 Bayou Rn with Solo 1000 powder. I did some testing on the 13th also, with several loads and a few pistols too. Today I found the loads I previously tested were about 60-80 FPS faster, but I had the chrono at 2' instead of my normal 10' due to the range being busy and I didn't want to wait for it to go cold to set the chrono out farther. I was disappointed in how the Solo 1000 (Accurate brand I've had since 2010 laying around) performed with the 145 coated bullets, Sport pistol was better. I have to say today experiment had more to do with testing different OAL's instead of different powder charges. Sweet spot for this bullet seems to be 1.130"-1.135". This excel xlsx file is in zip format because it too large to upload to BE so you have to unzip it. Darrell's Load Data rev 041919.zip
  18. Check my spreadsheet, it may save you some time with components.
  19. I'm patient, I know the rush of orders for a new company can be overwhelming. Looking forward to trying them out. Bayou is local to me and I'm friends with the owner, but I like to support our sport and spread the wealth.
  20. I place an order with them on 3/26 and according to the website it's processing still. Guess I'll email him and see what the holdup is.
  21. I updated it today with new data for TSO and Springfield AO Elite and added a Canik TP9 sFX page.
  22. Had my first squib 2 weeks ago, I been reloading since 1972, but I installed a bullet feeder and while getting it adjusted properly I must have advanced the shell plate and not caught it. Luckily I know what to watch for when shooting, and now I'm making sure to look at the powder before I go to the bullet feeding stage.
  23. My minor .40 load is a 180 gr Zero JHP with 3.5 gr of tight group at 1.135" and 180 gr Hi-Tek coated with 3.2 Tightgroup at 1.135. They have a power factor of 135 and the JHP's shoot a 1" 5 shot group at 25 yds out of my Brazo's .40.
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