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  1. Shadow Systems MR918 is their factory produced Glock 19 ish pistol. Legal in SSP? I think it would be just checking.
  2. dmedley

    Carry optics?

    Thanks for the replies. I did not know it was an option in IDPA until this morning.
  3. dmedley

    Carry optics?

    I am really wanting to shoot local IDPA match, but also really wanting to shoot carry optics. I noticed provisional rules for carry optics on IDPA website. Is this something that will take off in IDPA as it has USPSA?
  4. Dead Zero Shooting Park is a new range in Southeastern Tennessee located approximately 45 minutes Northwest of Chattanooga. They are currently hosting Steel, IDPA and 3 gun monthly matches. They want to host a monthly USPSA match, but need a match director. Unfortunately I don't have the experience that I feel is necessary for this position. Check them out at deadzeroshooting.com. It is a new shooting facility that is top notch and being done right. Thanks.
  5. Because front sight focus is the only way to consistently hit the threat. Your Will do what you train to do.
  6. Make sure extractor has tension on it. Not chipped etc
  7. Thanks. It will be my actual duty belt trying to get away from gaming.
  8. I am a leo and uspsa competitor I wou like to start shooting some idpa matches and would like to use my duty gear. Holster is a blackhawk level 3 on a bianchi belt complete with cuffs and baton etc. Would this be legal?
  9. I have shot both S-I and glock platforms and finished in the same place overall in matches. I am an leo and and I think that switching back and forth between platforms was not a good thing at least not for me. That being said I now shoot a glock for competion with the only difference between my duty guns and comp guns being more skid tape on comp guns. My comp gun is actually a gen 2 g22 former detroit pd trade in gun and is probably an antique. I am as competitive with it as I would be anything else. The comment was made at my last local match that I was shooting a "fifty dollar gun" maybe so, but it works for me. It is funny , but I have found that my performance at matches is much more related to how much time I am putting into dryfire parctice than anything else. Bottom line is shoot what you like and practice with it alot.
  10. You are on the right track. I would change the sights first and then look at a magwell or a freelance seattle slug. I have used both and find that the slug is just as effective as a full magwell and I noticed that they had some with blemished finish on their website for $19.99. You can add more weight with a full magwell but mags without an extension will be a pain to use. May want to look a tungsten guide rod as well.
  11. dmedley

    Problem with new G35?

    Well I agree with everyone else on this in that it sucks and that you should not have to replace recoil spring assembly in new gun, but I would replace with a jager products assembly and be done with it. I don't know what Glock was thinking when they did this!
  12. I think that this is really one of those personal preference things and the only way you know what works best for you is to try different combinations. I have found that I like the notch and front sight to be the same size with the front looking somewhat thinner due to sight radius.
  13. Wow thought it was just me. I recently went to the wider is better rear notch and my ability to shoot groups disappeared. For a while I thought I had just lost any skill I had ever had with pistol. Then I shot new issued duty weapon before changing sights and even with crappy factory sights I could shoot groups again. I was relieved and now have heinies original sights on pistol and don't completely suck anymore.
  14. Thanks I think I will use that as starting point.
  15. Seriously considering chickening out and using powder with published data. Kabooming the departments pistol would be frowned upon.
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