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  1. Still in stock an hour after the first post, wow. Grabbed a few for myself.
  2. From my reading it was variations between their results and published data. But not knowing those those who wrote it, who knows honestly.
  3. Thanks for that information. CZ’s will be primarily what I’m loading for. Along with a few Sig’s and a highly worked over Kimber.
  4. Where are you at charge range, with 124 grain? From what I’m seeing 3.9 to 4.4 grains looks like my ladder.
  5. Darrell, your endorsement of it is the primary reason I’m looking to try Ba9.5 in the first place. Thanks for sharing your load data and knowledge to us still looking to learn, it is appreciated.
  6. I snagged the one in 357 magnum from him yesterday after work. Yes not the preferred conversion. But it beats waiting indefinitely.
  7. Some minor variations between lots would be no problems. A couple of these guys were talking major differences. Around 150-175 FPS from what published data suggests they would be at. Of course that is giving the benefit of the doubt they were using actual data.
  8. For those that use Vectan, in particular the ones that have been using it for sometime. How are they for consistency between lots? I’ve read some older posts on other forums guys claiming they’re not getting close to published velocities out of them. I’m wondering whether to chalk this up to inexperienced loaders, lot inconsistency, or them using incorrect data. For my use in particular Ba9.5 and Ba9 would be pretty serviceable if they’re somewhat consistent between different lots.
  9. Keep this updated with what you learn from Dillon. And what they do in regards to replacement parts. I just got home from picking an 1100 up a few minutes ago. I’m interested to see how this unfolds.
  10. Turns out the no conversion option became a moot point. Bobcat called today. Had a few units come in that weren’t spoken for yet and would I like to adopt one? Absolutely, so a short ride up to Indiana after work and my wait for an RL1100 is over. 3 weeks to the day. Setup begins tomorrow.
  11. Ordered through Bobcat Armament on Black Friday. He’s been seeing them on a somewhat regular basis.
  12. Just ordered an 1100 myself last weekend. Went with the no caliber small primer option in hopes it may appear sometime before next April. We shall see.
  13. I just ordered one directly from CNC Shooter last weekend. Got it Wednesday. I don’t know about now, but he had some in stock then.
  14. There’s no way to positively identify the powder used, so there’s no real good methodology to start load development from with an unknown powder.
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