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  1. In my opinion, if you feel like there’s enough lube to remove after loading, then you used too much to begin with. Think very very light dusting. Not a drowning event.
  2. Probably just enough pressure difference between the two to not get a decent case seal on that stepped Walther chamber. I see the same mess with an HK at lower PF loads with ASP. Sport Pistol is relatively clean at 130 or so PF for me though. Not N320 or N330 clean, but clean enough.
  3. If I had to pick 1 powder to load 9mm, and N330 was unavailable it’d be WSF. Power Pistol and 330 are so close it’s not funny, other than muzzle flash. N340 and WSF mirror each other performance wise. Reason I’d take WSF is there’s not enough difference to justify the premium price. Both clean, accurate, low flash. Different price points. WAC/CFEP, 6 of one half dozen another. Your research is accurate. Dirty on the low end, clean up nicely at mid range plus. Not obnoxiously flashy on the high end. I’ve not loaded BE86 but have a friend that does. He gets some nice loads w
  4. If I had to pick one single powder to reload 9mm with, it would be N330. To me it has no holes in it’s performance. It can get sooty at very low charge weights, every powder will do that. It will do minor to +P very well, accurately, cleanly, and none of the associated flash of Power Pistol. Simply it will do mild to hot as well as anything I’ve found to charge a 9mm case with. You wouldn’t make major PF with it, but that’s not a goal. As stated it’s only drawbacks have been cost and availability. It used to be a favored powder years ago, and Vhit changed importers to the
  5. Vhit N330, N340, and WSF would be about ideal for what you’re trying to do. They check all your wishes for what you’re looking for in a powder. Accurate at your approximate PF, clean burning, very low muzzle flash, and I highly doubt you could tell a difference in recoil between the 3 of them. The obvious still applies, Vihtavuori powder is higher cost than WSF. If you decide to run Vhit, buy ahead of your needs. It’s imported so availability can be an issue even in the best of times.
  6. Based on the series of pictures, I’d say that’s a 2 part problem. Out of battery and double charged. Per Hodgdon 3.2 gr is a start charge on a 147xtp at COAL of 1.1 with at 22,500 cup pressure. Based on how that case is blown out and bulged just at/above the case web, that’s an extreme pressure event that happened. The scorched carbon in the primer pocket and where the case head fractured tells you it was way hotter than a “book” load.
  7. I doubt you will find Sport Pistol on any burn rate charts. As a point of reference, I had described this product as an accurate metering, small diameter version of American Select(R), which has been a favorite of mine in light centerfire pistol target type applications for years. (It doesn't meter all that well though.) This powder is absolutely not American Select though, so make no mistake about that. The chemistry and geometry are different, but I just used that as an example that made sense to me. The third slide of the attached file shows how the P/V characteristics of Sport Pistol are
  8. Yes, per an Alliant Powder rep on another “Highly” rated forum he stated it has a similar burn rate, functionally overlapping with American Select. But also made sure to state they were two completely different powders.
  9. Anyone other than Country Attic carrying Sport Pistol close to Cinci? Fin Feather and Fur up in Ashland carries it but it’s a hike. Attic had an 8lb’er last time I was up there, but I wasn’t ready to commit 8 pounds worth at the time. I’m working a load up for a comp’d P30L over 115 HAP’s, if I can get it to function %100 without going way over book I’ll start buying it keg at a time.
  10. I know I’m digging this post out of the grave. But Sportsman’s Warehouse bought out the Field & Stream from Dick’s in Crescent Springs. Hopefully we’ll have another option here south of the river very soon.
  11. I got one of the TNT dies from Mighty Armory a few weeks ago. Thus far I am more than impressed with it. I ran off the first 2 hundred dry tumbled CC/Walnut with Nufinish in the mix. It ran a bit better than my Hornady sizing die, bone dry. Very close to my Redding, very close second. Then I tried just a single spray of lanolin/alcohol lube over 350-400 cases, tossed to coat, then dried. Wow, what a difference. The die ran as smooth as any I’ve ever tried. No rejects on the case gauge, from completely unsorted range brass. Finished cartridges shot well, good consistency, chr
  12. Any help is appreciated, I’m probably going to load a few with N330, N340, WSF and WAC aiming to be around 140 PF. See if that gives reliable extraction first. If so narrow it down on recoil impulse after that. I’d like to get there with N330 if possible as I’ve got about 11 pounds of it. Although WAC would probably give the most gas out of the bunch.
  13. That’s partly why I was just going to jump it towards 140PF just to see how it reacts. And if it’s extracting %100 reliably
  14. Good to know, I’m fairly certain I’m not capable of bullseye accuracy any more so that’s a good thing. I’m not looking for anything close to major PF so warm minor is probably tops for me. Something in the vicinity of 135-140 PF I’m guessing is where I’ll end up. The HK P30L has a compensator on it, and at 125 PF, it’s virtually a single shot still. At 130PF it’s about 60% ejection. I figure to bypass 135PF testing in lieu of going straight towards 140 and see where I’m at. It’s still relatively new so springs are a bit taut yet.
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