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  1. What instructions?!?!? What are you guys talking about? Ugh nevermind. How do I delete this post....
  2. Like I said in my original post - I didn't want to talk about advantages or disadvantages. I also do not think opinions are helpful here since we are getting off topic a bit. I just wanted to know if it was legal or not and what rule covers it
  3. A lot of good comments here but nothing rules based, which is kind of why I joined. THINKING that it isn't legal doesn't help anyone. KNOWING it isn't legal based on facts and USPSA rules do help! Also TrackCage asked how it's going to help? Well, 2 hands are always better than one for stability the closer the gun. Putting your weak hand on your chest can't "stabilize" anything. Placing your hand on your chest keeps you from oscillating? Huh? Just seems weird to me.
  4. As someone who is a somewhat new (D Class Lim) shooter, I need some clarification on what I can do with my other hand/arm while shooting one-handed. Rule 10.2.8 says "However, the competitor will be issued one procedural penalty per shot fired while: Using the other hand to support the handgun, wrist or shooting arm while firing shots." As you can see in the pic, my strong hand is above my weak hand's wrist so my "hand" is not the part of the body that is doing the supporting. Is this legal? Whether it provides an advantage is not the question - just to keep this forum from going
  5. I'm the friend that Nelson1each was talking about. He showed me this forum website, so now i'm a member! You can purchase a Thug Plug at glockstore.com. I'm not sure where I bought the one pictured. I tried to do a google search but couldn't find one. I remember that that they came in 2 different weights.
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