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  1. Definitely will do a lot of movement. For me, it’s the most important reason to dryfire. I can burn 600 to 800 calories in one long session. And if you have a challenging set of timed drills it’s a lot of fun. Why spend all your time in a gym when you can be doing something you love. I’ve slacked off for the last year or two due to a new job, but before that I was in the best shape of my life. To those out there that could use a little more exercise... Take some of that money you’re not spending on ammo and buy a Polar H10 heart rate monitor and practice some dryfire with movement. I
  2. Thanks for all your suggestions. I have my first 2/3 gun match coming up in about 3 weeks. I'm looking for a holster for a Shadow 2, but it doesn't appear that the Safariland GLS will fit my pistol. Am I missing something? Thanks
  3. OK. Thanks for the tip on the holster. I searched for an hour last night and didn't find squat...
  4. Ok. That settles it. I’ll just practice dumping my mag and racking the slide on my last shot. I can do that fast enough. Now, off to find a retention holster. And regarding the mag pouch setup, it took me a couple of tries to picture it, you have a fairly straight forward setup similar to USPSA, with only 3 pistol pouches and one rifle. And the rifle is in the middle of your back with the bullets pointing towards your left rear pocket... sort of... And yes, I shoot production.
  5. Been shooting USPSA for about 8 years and want to get into 2/3 Gun. I want to work on shotgun, but from what I've read it sounds like I should hold off on that for a while. I don't currently have a suitable shotgun anyway... I've got a million questions, but what I want to know is what pistol I should focus on. I've got an XDm that's got 70,000 rounds on it and will need an overhaul. I've got a SP01 Accu-Shadow that's got quite a few miles on it but is still in pretty good shape. And I've got an Accu-Shadow 2 that's pretty fresh. My SP01 has the larger thumb safety while the Shadow 2 has th
  6. This really helps. I’ve got a few questions about gear, but I think I’ll start another post. I’m about to get my reloader setup to handle 223, but now we’re in another ammo apocalypse... perfect timing. .... Thanks again.
  7. Wow. Tons of great information... Don't know if you wrote all this today or maybe copied it from another post. Either way I really appreciate it. I have seen the video on approach shooting and want to give it a try in live fire. You may laugh, but part of the reason I'm getting into rifle is because a few years ago I won a Red Rider BB gun in a white elephant gift exchange. I set up a couple of pie tins at 25yds and attached a custom cardboard rear sight and I shoot that thing two or three times a day. lol. I just watched that video again and realized I've been using the approa
  8. Been shooting USPSA for 8 years and I'm starting to dabble in Multigun. I've always enjoyed my pistol dryfire and would like to incorporate my rifle. Are there any books or videos dedicated to this? I've always used Ben Stoeger's books for pistol... I've also got Jerry Miculek's DVD, which is very good, but I'm looking for something with more information on dryfire. Thanks
  9. I totally missed the “should not must” comment. That clears up the issue for me. Thanks for your patience.
  10. Thanks for all the info. The rule I quoted about “ready condition with the safety on” in my original post was from the 3 Gun Nation Multi-Gun rule book. DirkD’s quote is from the USPSA Rifle, Shotgun, Multi-Gun rules. “8.5.1 Except when the competitor is actually aiming or shooting at targets all movement (see Glossary, App. A3) must be accomplished with the fingers visibly outside the trigger guard and the safety should be engaged. The firearm must be pointed in a safe direction.” That’s exactly what I was looking for. Apparently, I don’t even know what sport I’m practicing for, lo
  11. Safety is supposed to be on after make ready and can come off after the start signal.
  12. I didn’t know if it was necessary to put on the safety during mag changes or when moving to a new position. It sounds like it’s similar to a 1911 in USPSA. Thanks.
  13. Had the same issue with 9mm. As mentioned above, I started beveling the pin and the problem went away. Thanks to this forum... it really made things run a lot smoother.
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