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  1. Our matches, like most I expect, are put together by volunteers and the email chain gets out of control pretty quick. My church uses some kind of software that allows them to builds tasks and sends out an email asking people to sign up for the different positions. This allows everyone to see who's signed up for what real-time. Has anyone used anything like this at their club? It would be cool if this was built into Practiscore... Thanks
  2. Thanks for the reply Andreas... I have tried it both ways and it seems faster and more fluid to start with the hands and arms relaxed, but the consistency is not there yet. I'm still working through it so perhaps it will come with time. What do you think is faster and more consistent? For me to control the gun fast enough to maintain accuracy at speed I have to be shooting with intensity, meaning my hands are placed where I want them and everything is tight, grip, wrists, and elbows. If I continue down this path, I'll have to figure out a way to learn to run the first 80% of t
  3. Just found a YouTube video on the Dry Fire Timer app and then bought it. It’s pretty awesome. Thanks for the tip.
  4. That “Dry Fire Timer” app looks pretty good. The “Par Timer” app doesn’t have an adjustable make ready time causing me to rush. It also doesn’t have the ability to repeat. This app appears to be much better. I’ll have to give it a try.
  5. A long time ago I went through period of exploring grip techniques and found it was good to write notes after live fire so I'd be able to start at the same place next time. It really seemed to help. The other day I decided to do the same for the draw stroke. For what it's worth, here's what I came up with. And no, I"m not completely nuts..... Lawton's draw as of 8/1/2018... Evolving 1. During makeready position web of strong hand firmly into beaver tail, then down and back up a few times to confirm the movement. 2. Start with shoulders, arms, and hands relaxe
  6. It's been a while since I posted. I don't know why anyone would want to read this stuff, but here goes... I saw a video of Stoeger shooting a classifier and noticed him wiggling his fingers just before the buzzer goes off. I assume it's a way for him to mentally check to make sure he's not tense. This is opposite of my usual start position. Right or wrong, I want to move quickly and end the draw with hands, wrists and elbows tense, so I tend to start with tension. So as an experiment I ran a bunch of draws with hands "relaxed" at sides. This definitely seems to add speed and mak
  7. I’ve been using my CED 7000 timer for dryfire for years, but I recently got a iPhone app called “Par Timer”. It’s only about $3.00 and allows me to use my Bluetooth earbuds so I don’t drive my family nuts with the relentless beeping. Also, I may try to use it to help me prep for classifiers during a match. I tend to shoot them too slow or too fast, so I’ll calculate the time I know I’ll need and go to a safe area and run it a few times to get a feel for the speed needed to reach my goal. With the earbuds I’ll be able to run the timer as many times as I want and nobody will ever hear anythin
  8. I second the lights and MrBulletFeeder. The feeder was an expensive Christmas present, but’s man it really makes a huge difference. Now I prop up my IPad behind the reloader and watch/listen to shooting shows on YouTube. I can pump out a thousand rounds in a couple of hours. The lights are a big help too.
  9. I used Talon sandpaper grip tape for many years and they work great. They would always slip a little, so I’d have to add a few drops of super glue as needed. I don’t care if the glue is unsightly. I’d beat my gun with a rock if I thought it’d make me shoot better. I ran the grip tape on my Shadow with the standard rubber grips underneath, and then did the same thing with my Shadow 2. Eventually I noticed I was having a hard time slamming in the mags and reinstalled the original aluminum grips. After this the mags slipped right in every time. I found the mags were being slowed down from t
  10. I’ve been using sprays to hose down my pistols for years now, and while they do work great, it’s expensive. Im thinking of buying a refillable aerosol sprayer and a gallon of CRC brake cleaner. This sprayer is $20 and the brake cleaner is $21. Anyone got a better idea?
  11. I think I see. Is it PractiScore Competitor? I tried that app a while back and, for some reason, it wouldn’t allow me to pull up a match, but now it’s working. I assume that if you’re looking at a match with a multi-string classifier it will show you the time on each string.
  12. Wow. That’s awesome! Which PractiScore app are you referring to, and how does it work?
  13. Thanks rowdyb. I use Stoegers dryfire book, and I loaned out his live fire book. Ive been working through his dryfire books for years now. I did work through his first live fire book and found it to be a big help. It forces you to work on a lot of skills that aren’t very fun, like shooting difficult targets around barriers and such. Maybe I’ll try Anderson’s book. Ive tried many different grips in the past. The Vogel grip is my all time favorite. Wrists twisting upward and creating all that tension really works wonders. The same is true for tightening the heels of my hands
  14. I think you’re right. MemphisMechanic said the same thing the other day and I tried it during dryfire and it does make a difference. I saw a post a long time ago about how to stop faster on targets during transitions. One guy said to try driving the gun primarily with the weak hand instead of equally with both hands. I tried it back then and noticed an improvement in transitions, but I never dedicated any time to train on this. The other day I noticed a similar affect when I tried increasing weak hand pressure so maybe this will be a big help overall. During the draw I think
  15. I ran an 11lb hammer spring in my old SP01 Shadow for a couple of years but stayed with the 13lb when I got my Shadow 2. I can prep my trigger and shoot groups better with the 13lb spring. I just switched back to the 11lb spring and the DA first pull is much better. This may make more sense for shooting classifiers, because there’s not a lot of time for prepping the trigger anyway. I get about a 3lb SA pull with the 13lb spring and about 2lb with the 11lb spring. It is very light. I’ve never had a problem with keeping my finger out of the trigger between shooting positions, but every once i
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