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  1. Updated yesterday, added Ed Brown M&P data. Brazos bullets also. Darrell's Load Data rev 050621.xlsx
  2. The DR920 with the flat backstrap points good for me, for carry optic I can use my DR, P320 x5, or my Ed Brown M&P. The DR is more accurate than the other two. In carry optics during the match I don't think the accuracy difference matters that much it's more what trigger you prefer. I prefer my M&P trigger but can shoot the DR just as well.
  3. I do almost the same. I have an OAL tester I made with Hornady OAL tool, I back off .015 and start from there. I look at max charge and subtract 10% and start there in .2 gr. My crimp is set at .378-.379. Once I chrono and accuracy test with my ransom rest, I take the most accurate one and start decreasing my OAL by .010, load 10 each at that powder charge and see if standard deviation and accuracy improves. ( i.e. Precision Delta loads their 124 JHP at 1.100, I found that that bullet is more accurate at 1.085 and that's what I use. Go look at my spreadsheet, I have OAL for different bullets
  4. I took cases for 9mm, .40, and .45 and drilled and tapped them to use the Hornady OAL tester. Works great the way I do it. I use my CZ barrels to test with because they have the shortest lead of all my guns, if my load is accurate in the CZ's they are accurate in the others. Once I find the OAL to rifling I back of .015 or so depending on bullet ogive and magazine and work up my charge in .2gr increments. Once I find the most accurate load I start working the OAL down in .010" increments to see if accuracy improves. That's how I came up with my accuracy loads. For matches I load to a 130-135 p
  5. The Zero 147 JHP at 1.100 (3.2 gr Tightgroup) will work great in your CZ's, the Acme will have to be plunk tested. My Bayou/Brazos 147 TC's are loaded to 1.130. I shot the Nationals with a CZ Shadow years ago when only three of us used CZ's. Now to be competitive in Production the CZ platform dominates. I have the Accu-Shadow for production and use a TS orange for local PPC matches. This year I'm dedicating myself to Carry Optics Division and shooting a P320 X5 Legion, or a Shadow Systems DR920. I currently shoot the DR920 better. Good luck to you. Check out my spreadsheet on this forum and it
  6. Just heard today that Graf's won't be the US distributor for Vectan Powders anymore. Hoping someone else decides to be a distributor because I love BA 9 1/2. I was told if you want to be a distributor your are required to buy a minimum of 35K pounds,
  7. I have both the DR920 and the MR920. Both guns reliable and accurate. Took about 200 rounds to break them in and during that time I had no failures. Have a Holosun 507C on the DR.
  8. I have the DR920 and the MR920, both guns are super accurate and will shoot clover leafs all day long at 15 yds. Took about 200 rounds to break the gun and trigger in and I use a firm grip, not super tight. These guns are more accurate than my Ed Brown Fueled M&P.
  9. So y'all don't shoot head shots at 35 yds or 50 yds body? (compared to the 50-yard free-style in Area 4 standards). I had this discussion with others that said the same as you but if I have to make a head shot I'd rather have a load that shoots 1.5 inch group than 4 or 5 inch group. Cut out two circles 1.5 and 4 inch and move that around the A zone in the head and see what I mean. But then again everybody is different. We shoot a lot of head shots here.
  10. Try 3.3 Sport Pistol with the 147's, won't be as snappy as the 124's. only other powder I can think of that may feel softer with 124's would be Solo 1000 but if power factor is a concern it may not be for you PF will be around 125 or less.
  11. You will get an increase in velocity, the accuracy will be great too.
  12. I had great results with DG bullets, currently working through Brazos 115 coated super accurate. Like I said I bell all my 9mm to .390 now and my crimp is set at .378. I've crimped down to .375 with now issues, the issue I believe was scraping of coating and in some cases lead which threw the accuracy way off. Same thing happened with .45 coated bullets. The other reason I don't think a tighter crimp hurts coated bullets is because I load .38 148gr wadcutters below the case and roll crimp over it and it doesn't hurt although if I taper crimp the wadcutters I'll get slightly better accuracy. Ne
  13. Might I suggest that you add what kind of accuracy you are getting. Power factor and velocity are fine but not if you shooting 4-6" groups. You can bench them at 15-25 yards if you don't have a ransom rest and do either 3-5 shot avg or a 10 shot group and that will tell you if the load is good enough. 4.3 of 231 has always been an accurate load with my PD 124 JHP's and I use 4.0 with coated.
  14. I'm also going to recommend Bayou sample pack and Dennis may be able to ship them quicker since they have ramped up production. I use .358 in my 929 revolver, that's what it took to get the accuracy from 4" down to 1.5". I tied lots of coated bullets DG, Brazos, Acme, and Bayou's and since Bayou is local to me I run them. The only other thing I'll recommend for coated bullet accuracy is to make sure you bell the mouth of the case more. Me personally I bell to .390 and crimp .378-.379. If you look at my spreadsheet and see groups over 4 inches and see same loads at 1-2 inches that is because I
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