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  1. The M9A3 slide is just a Vertec slide. I just got a Vertec slide back from Langdon Tactical, having been modified with a low red dot mount, and they installed tall iron sights on it. Go talk to Ernest Langdon about what he can do for you.
  2. Actually there is: buy a spare Vertec slide and send it to Langdon for the red dot cut. I have spare slides for several of my 92 pistols, most frequently a G, but also Vertec so I can have different sights. They've always worked 100%. While you're at it, get a TJIAB for it.
  3. Maybe you can get a black front sight here: https://dawsonprecision.com/beretta-92a1-black-front-sights/
  4. Maybe a bushing-type size die, without the bushing and decapping stem, would get the job done.
  5. I have some .223 brass which is a great deal heavier than what one typically sees, and that means lesser internal capacity. . When I first got an AR about 1976, the only .223 ammo I could find was some strange white boxed Norma. It was the dirtiest burning .223 I've ever encountered, plus having the heaviest cases. There's one batch of new Scandahoovian brass I got recently which is almost as heavy.
  6. Both issues I have heard regarding dry firing the B92 have been mentioned above, but need slightly more development. Early B92 trigger return springs broke a lot. Beretta and Wilson Combat have come up with better trigger return springs, and nobody seems to be breaking them anymore. Wolff Springs quite awhile ago came up with a module to replace the trigger return spring for the Border Patrol. Wilson Combat also resells the same module. The module is much more expensive than an upgraded spring, but it is a lot easier to install than the upgraded spring. Some people complain about the
  7. The gas is getting around the primers. One sees this more often with rifles, where the primer pocket has expanded due to soft brass or hot loads, and the brass should have been retired earlier.
  8. How hard it is to conceal depends largely on your body type, where you carry and what clothes you wear. The 92 Compact has a slightly shorter barrel/slide, and a shorter grip frame. If you carry at 4:00, the shorter barrel/slide helps some people in that when they sit, the muzzle isn't contacting the chair, pressing the gun up out of the holster. If you appendix carry, it will poke you less in front. A shorter grip frame causes the pistol to stick out a bit less, being less likely to show a tell tale bulge outside your clothing. A thinner pistol would also create less of a bulge, but that
  9. That powder was originally made in Israel, then the Czech Republic, then elsewhere. Each maker made a powder that looked different.
  10. I have both the Nelson and the Marvel #1. I have not shot them that much. Both are more accurate than I am. The Nelson is on a dedicated KC lower, the Marvel is on the 1918 Colt my father brought back from WWII. I have occasional reliability issues with both, with all magazines tried. I use Nelson and GSG magazines for the Nelson, and both metal and plastic Marvel magazines. I am using mostly CCI SV. My Undergrad degree is in Metallurgical Engineering, and for long life with cyclical loading you want a steel slide. The only conversions I am aware of that have steel slides are th
  11. Apparently, ToolTech is doing a lot of things with Beretta sights. I don't know which Beretta your friend had, but here's one of their offerings for the 92FS: http://tooltechgunsight.com/product/beretta-92fs/
  12. A long running discussion I have seen about compensators on Berettas is this: https://berettaforum.net/vb/showthread.php?t=94025 I have also seen pictures of Open class Berettas, made from 92X performance pistols, but they are not just a screw on proposition.
  13. They were made in Russia, by Murom. Sanctions caused them to no longer be importable. My experience with them has been excellent, but that is mostly with rifle primers.
  14. I have a Browning High Power that has a tight chamber, and loose groove diameter. If I use Lead bullets large enough to fit the groove diameter, a cartridge loaded with such a bullet will usually not chamber freely. You may have that situation.
  15. There are far less holsters available that accommodate the rail. I am using two holsters for Berettas with the rail. A Ted Blocker IWB and a DeSantis pancake, both with a thumb-break, because I have had two instances of pistols jacking themselves out without a thumb-break. https://www.desantisholster.com/search.php?search_query="P-002BAA6Z0"+"P-001BAB2Z0" https://www.tedblockerholsters.com/MOD12-IWB-Concealment-Holster_p_34.html Here's a thread from the Pistol Forum where I got other suggestions for holsters for that frame, some made with-or-without the thumb-break:
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