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  1. My 2 cents is to recommend getting a simple chronograph up front here as you start reloading and capture your velocities (at 10') as you're shooting your 10-shot groups at 25 yds for accuracy. You can buy one for ~$100+ and that is just a drop in the bucket of what you'll end up spending in the long run. Capture all your data in a spreadsheet. You WILL find some of the information useful later on in time if you have it recorded for reference.
  2. https://ads.midwayusa.com/product/1015086064?pid=852429&utm_medium=shopping&utm_source=bing&utm_campaign=Shooting+-+Chronographs%2C+Wind+Meters+%26+Timers&utm_content=852429&cm_mmc=pf_ci_bing-_-Shooting+-+Chronographs%2C+Wind+Meters+%26+Timers-_-Competition+Electronics-_-852429&msclkid=3ff4b729af6912308b48eae6cb36f482&utm_term=1101131645212
  3. I have 9mm carbide dies and didn't use case lube for a long time. It's not required. I finally tried some Hornady One-Shot and now the resizing is like butter. It is really very, very effortless. And, unlike a lot of other case lubes, the One-Shot doesn't leave a residue you have to remove if you apply it like this...... Spray some of it in a 1-gallon freezer bag and allow it to dry, just takes a couple minutes. Then add your brass, seal the bag, shake & work the brass around in the bag. Now reload.
  4. I chroned Magtech 124 gr. 10-shot average was 1110 fps via a 4.5" barrel. PF=137.6. 76 deg F. I was chroned with it at an Area 4 match and PF was 136.8. Competed with it just fine until I started reloading. And, I used to buy cases & cases of ammo from the same vendor you mention, SGAmmo.com. A friend I compete with still uses Magtech and Fiocchi 124gr via a Shadow 2 and has no issues. If you keep the brass for eventual reloading the Magtech stuff is slightly thicker. Not a huge issue until you start setting 147 gr projectile deep.
  5. BJB

    Tuning the P09 for USPSA

    #15 should be best if your're shooting about 130 PF or so.
  6. Sport Pistol charge weights are fairly equivalent to N320. Sport Pistol is not as clean as N320, but it's not bad.
  7. I've been doing these Run & Gun matches for about 3 years (in addition to USPSA) and in that time I've seen them grow in popularity and the level of competition. They're not replacing anything, just filling a niche which apparently is present for certain types of personalities. Several of my USPSA buddies now do a few of these a year too. They can be brutal for the individual who pushes themselves, which is the fun and challenge of it. The video posted above is only one stage of several you shoot along the course. That stage may be 1/2 mile into the event or 5 miles into the event, and you have to run through that terrain from stage to stage carrying ALL of your gear and navigating obstacles along the way........and the clock is running the entire time. The Rockcastle one @ClangClang mentioned is run by a guy that is a member here. I believe he was doing the Pawnee event and decided to start his own out east and has had good success. The guys that run Lead Farm 3-Gun (Tooth & Nail Armory) up in Missouri have started one and it is also challenging. They are good 3-Gun shooters and are also members here. I know of several members here who do the Pawnee event (one in January & one in July) to supplement their other competition shooting interests. There are several down in Texas that are a good tough challenge, Waco, Pecos, etc. People come from all over the States to try these things. I have no idea if this type of competition is available for @anonymouscuban out in California or anywhere out west, but if you're really looking for something very physically challenging combined with shooting then investigate one of these, train for it, and give it a go.
  8. https://www.okrunngun.com/about Give "Run & Gun" type competitions a look. A few of these a year can supplement your USPSA competitions. They are certainly physical.
  9. What you're suggesting should be fine provided they plunk. The Gen 5 has a shorter leade than the Gen 4 or 3. Although I don't run a Glock, I've loaded those 147 gr Ibejiheads sized 0.356" at 1.125"-1.130" with 3.1 gr Titegroup and it gives me 131-132 PF thru a 4.5" barrel and about a 3" x 3" 10-shot group at 25 yds. This was in 75-80 degree weather so if it's colder you'll lose some velocity with Titegroup. You can order Ibejiheads in different sizes. I crimp around 0.379" and call it good for all sizes.
  10. Unless after having it reamed you increase the cartridge OAL a lot but keep the charge weight the same, then yes, slight decrease in velocity.
  11. You said it was a local match. As such I would have told him he forgot to grab his mags and not thought a thing about coaching.....because it's a local. I've RO'ed shooters that have done similar and as they came to shoot I reminded them to get their mags first. No big deal. Some rule Nazis might play it different but I don't get with that. Only thing I would have worried about is him all of a sudden trying to leave the start position to run and grab his mags with a hot gun on his hip. Another shooter could have handed him his mags. He would have to unload & show clear before he could have retrieved the mags himself. At a Level II or above you have to keep mum and not interfere.
  12. Not to a point. Just file around the edges so the tip is rounded instead of flat.
  13. Hey J.B., I'll check with Brad who shoots with us down here at OFGC. He uses that stuff in his CZs and has some Gen 5s so maybe he can give an answer. Grab that stuff and maybe you can make a deal with him to off load it.....
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