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  1. https://forums.brianenos.com/topic/274509-new-aluminum-cases/?do=findComment&comment=3058053
  2. First thing to check would be to see if her off hand is engaging the slide stop due to her grip. When she shoots it again watch from the left side. The grip safety should have nothing to do with the slide locking open.
  3. Are you referring to Precision Bullets out of Kemp, TX? I use those and like them. Have loaded 10s of thousands. They're a good bullet but nothing really spectacularly different than other coated bullets. The main difference is that the bullets are swaged, not cast lead. This allows all the bullets to be punched/sized out of one single mold in a press, whereas cast lead uses multiple molds. The base of the bullet is concave. As to the PolyLube coating, I can't tell much difference as compared to normal Hi-Tek coating. There is some smoke when firing but not much. I use Sport Pistol and
  4. Blue Dot will easily make PF. It might not be the best for USPSA but it can produce high velocities. You'll have some recoil & a big flash. http://www.natoreloading.com/bluedot/
  5. With accuracy as the goal, I usually have the best results with a jacketed bullet, especially JHP. Jacketed is usually a little better than coated & both are better than plated for me. You tried the 115 gr HAP with just 3.3 gr of N320 under it. That's not much, might not have the best burn or pressure at that low charge weight. Put north of 4 grs under that HAP and see what you get.....more like 4.3 to 4.5 gr Speed'em up and you'll likely see better accuracy. My USPSA load is 136-138 PF (depending on which gun it's run thru) because that's where I see that accuracy I
  6. Definitely get there the day ahead to walk stages, in particular the stages you'll shoot day 1. You can also register and get all that stuff out of the way, including having to complete your equipment survey if you haven't already taken care of that. On day 1 of shooting all you need to concentrate on is shooting. When you're done shooting day 1 you can walk stages again as there is some dead time between AM & PM squads. You don't chrono early, it'll will be worked into the match. They'll get 8 rounds from you before your first stage on day 1 and put'em in a baggie wit
  7. Get a gallon plastic bag. Give the inside a 2-3 second spray of One-Shot (or your equivalent) & let dry. Dump in your bin of ready brass. Seal the bag and shake around & knead the bag for a minute so all brass is covered with lube. This way will get the brass lubed without any excessive lube to deal with. And, a can will last a very long time. As @RudyVey& @Boomstick303 mention, it'll make the reloading process much easier & better for your machine; more consistent OAL, belling, primer seating, etc.
  8. Might look at getting the same style grip but made from G10. For instance, LOK Palm Swell Bogies. G10 is half the weight of aluminum.
  9. For the described use, just get a cheap Frankford Arsenal digital scale or one like it. https://www.amazon.com/Frankford-Arsenal-Digital-Reloading-Display/dp/B07Z8FY7QC $33. No need for anything extravagant. Measure 10 throws to get a good average.
  10. It states "8:00 est"......to me that's morning......otherwise it would say 20:00 est. Doesn't matter though if it's AM or PM. There are lots of spots available. You should be able to get in.
  11. Open registration starts in the morning. Lots of spots still available.
  12. @jjoren, If seeing powder inside the case clearly is an issue and your main concern then the product linked below is something to consider. Maybe it can aid you with your visions problems & maybe it can't. I have one on my 550 and it provides a lot of light to the shell plate. I can easily see small charges in 9mm cases and .380 cases. Inline Fabrication / "Skylight" LED lighting Kit for the Dillon RL 550 B and C ($34) https://inlinefabrication.com/collections/lighting/products/skylighttm-led-lighting-kit-for-the-dillon-550
  13. Lotta good powders for 9mm. Vihtavuori N320 & Alliant Sport Pistol come to mind first. If you're happy with 3.1 gr Titegroup then you need about 3.25-3.3 gr of these to reach the same velocity. Both powders are less dense than Titegroup, having more loft, means they fill the case more.
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