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  1. 3.45 gr Titegroup under 135 gr Blue @ 1.125" gave me 135 PF at Area 4 last September in a Stock 2 (1002fps).
  2. Results are the same really.....mirror finish.
  3. Ignore the "look". It doesn't matter. The under-sizing of the brass does a great job of preventing bullet setback. Taper crimping doesn't hold the bullet, just removes the bell.
  4. For DA Production pistol, hammer fully down & safety doesn't have to be on. (If equipped with a de-cocker then decock and holster for the start.) If the DA gun with a safety were to be used in Limited then hammer cocked & safety on.
  5. That is from use of an under-sizing die and then the fact that a longer 147 gr often has to be seated deeper into the case getting down to where the brass of the case starts to thicken, which is about .3" or so I think. It's all a-ok.
  6. Ghost 360. They come with both bullets forward and bullets out. Adjustable for different mags via grub screw & different leaf springs. Cant is adjustable. Affordable.
  7. Isn't the HAP base flat & flush?
  8. There is a fair amount of data here on Enos already about Sport Pistol 9mm loads and quite a few of us use it. No need to reinvent the wheel... A few examples: https://forums.brianenos.com/topic/258329-sport-pistol-powder/?tab=comments#comment-2782534 https://forums.brianenos.com/topic/252179-alliant-sport-pistol-load-data/?tab=comments#comment-2806314 https://forums.brianenos.com/topic/275648-sport-pistol-and-titegroup/?tab=comments#comment-3076770
  9. It's a volley gun. They all go off at the same time. It was an anti-personnel weapon serving much the same purpose as canister shot out of a cannon against massed troops, but not as effective and much more complicated.
  10. BJB

    Not Bad

    Creedmore / Creedmoor
  11. Check sgammo.com. They usually have good deals on bulk ammo of all calibers.
  12. .....On display at the National Museum in Krakow, Poland......
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