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  1. Also what about the MBX mags? I have one for my RIA double stack and Iam not impressed with it.
  2. Which mags do you guys prefer the K10 or K40?
  3. I got my first Tanfoglio a Limited Custom .40 and have a question about mags and ammo. The one mag that came with the gun says K40, how long can I load these mags? Can I use a fast power and 200 grain bullets? Sorry for the simple questions just trying to learn about this Tanfoglio.
  4. Thanks guys this is my first Poly barrel gun so I had to ask.
  5. I was just curious if there was a problem with coated bullets and a Polygonal barrel.
  6. Can you use Federal Syntech ammo through a polygonal Limited Custom barrel? Just bought my first Tanfoglio using it for Limited Division and wanted to try the Syntech ammo.
  7. Well I installed the Dawson Posi Lock mag release and it fixed the over insertion issue but now the mags won’t drop free and instead of the mag release being flush on the right side now it’s sunken in with the Dawson. Kind of lost on what to do now besides just take it to a gunsmith.
  8. Well I ordered the HC version. I couldn’t get over the Blue color.
  9. I have the MBX Para Mag, I will try the posi lock and see what happens. Thanks
  10. They have Black in the Limited Custom Extreme which is out of my price range at the moment. The Limited is HC and the Limited Custom is Blue.
  11. Going to pick up a Limited or Limited Custom(Blue) is there any difference between the two besides the slide cuts and the finish? I love the slide cuts but hate the blue finish on the Custom.
  12. And I don’t think they understand is if Iam doing reload drills the feed lips are going to be banging the ejector everytime. I didn’t have this issue with my STI Edge and STI mags there is definitely something not right here.
  13. With a empty mag it rattles around in the gun, when loaded it doesn’t rattle around but still can be pushed upwards and the rounds nose dive most of the time.
  14. The RI mag catch is not designed to stop the mag same as 99% of all 2011 guns Dawson made a positive mag catch for STI plastic grip but not sure if any available for RI that would be your answer if you feel you need a positive catch When mag is loaded and slide forward the mag should inset with enough over travel to allow catch to go in and then the bullets with spring pressure keep the mag low enough normally while reloading and seat the mag on the top of the catch . This is the email i just got from MBX what do you think?
  15. Thanks guys I will call them on Monday.
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