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  1. My production gun is a SP01 and I carry a P01.
  2. I replaced my SP01 guide rod with a CGW rod and 13 lb spring just because I didn’t like how flimsy the factory was but it worked.
  3. Well I ended up buying a CZ P01 since it’s a little slimmer and shorter.
  4. That’s awesome I will order the one of those holsters. Thanks!
  5. Love my M9A3 and have been looking at the 92X Compact for another carry gun to go along side my STI Staccato C. Is the 92 Compact hard to conceal? Thanks
  6. https://cajungunworks.com/product/75060-304ss-precision-recoil-spring-guide-rod-fits-full-size-cz/ I have this one.
  7. I have a M9A3 and thought it would be cool to put a comp and red dot on it for fun. Question is who makes a good screw on comp for my threaded barrel and where can I find a rail mount red dot mount like the new Beretta Open gun?
  8. Iam using a 13# recoil spring with factory ammo.
  9. I ended up getting the CZ Custom aluminum grips. They offer a lot of grip.
  10. I ended up ordering the CZ Custom Mikro Pocket grips.
  11. Iam going to order some thin grips for my SP01 and can’t decide between the CZ thin aluminum vs the Lok Bogies? Which one is thinner? Does the Aluminum grips have enough grip/aggressive? Thanks
  12. Can anyone recommend a good sight pusher? Looking to replace a couple of sights on my 1911’s. Thanks
  13. Just curious why you don’t use a Aftec in your Limited guns?
  14. I have a Rock Island Pro Match Ultra HC .40 and would like to replace the extractor with a better made one. Nothing wrong with the factory one I just want to replace it with a quality one if there is one available?
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