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  1. Iam not going to sell it I keep guns for my collection even if I don’t use them. But I know what you guys mean it’s not ideal but I want to modify it even if it’s just a trigger job and that it does need.
  2. Because Iam going to play with this for awhile then get a custom built.
  3. Can anyone recommend a smith or smiths that will do some work on my Pro Match? The few smiths I talked to only work on there guns at the moment.
  4. I talked to Adam about a trigger job on my Colt Competition and he didn’t want to do it so I had another Smith do it. I will call him again and see if he will be willing to work on my RI
  5. I’ve never owned a Rock Island so hopefully your right, as long as it’s reliable and pretty accurate I will be happy.
  6. When It comes to the Rock Island 2011 type gun does the regular 2011 parts fit like safeties, extractors, sights, triggers and mag releases or are there specific Rock Island parts?
  7. I sure will. Any suggestions on who I should do the work?
  8. Thanks for the advice. I did have plans on doing a trigger job, replacing all the parts you guys mentioned, tri topping and slide lightening with some MBX mags.
  9. Well I ordered the RIA Pro Match since a local shop was able to get one at a decent price so I will see what it’s all about when it comes in.
  10. Looking to get a cheap Limited gun for the time being should I get the RIA Pro Match Ultra HC or Para Pro Custom? I know there no STI but just want something to play with right now in Limited, coming from Single Stack and tired of all the reloads lol. Thanks
  11. Looking to get a new carry gun and narrowed it down to the Dan Wesson ECO 9MM or STI Staccato C. Just wanted to see what you guys think that have shot or own either, I watched a review video about the STI Staccato C and they had a failure to go into battery and some failures to lock back on the last round but they don’t mention it but corrected it quickly and acted like it didn’t happen and then continued on like everything is fine so that had me concerned for a pistol of that price. Skip to 9:30 to see it not go into battery.
  12. I checked them out also no luck.
  13. I’ve never owned a DW but have my eye on the ECO for a carry gun.
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