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  1. I decided to shoot my EDC as my primary IDPA gun. It's a P-10F, which is great out of the box for SSP, but I wanted to make some modifications to it. The mods will push me into ESP which I shoot now anyway. I'm set on everything I want to do to it except for the trigger. My choices are the HBI Theta Trigger Kit or the Killer Innovations Velocity Trigger. Aesthetically I like the Velocity Trigger, and if I choose it I'll use the HBI Reduced Weight Striker Spring. I hear that the Theta trigger is good at preventing the little over travel that the P-10F has. I've heard zero about the Velocity trigger in that regard. Has anyone here shot both???
  2. UPDATE: A couple of updates actually. First, the Sellier & Bellot primers are all good! It was a small string on unfortunate events that was causing the issue. I started on-press priming about a month ago (on a Lyman All-American 8 Turret Press) with zero issues. The last time I swapped the press on my Ultramount, I also removed my Lyman 9mm shell holder. When I put it back on, I used a Hornady 9mm shell holder. Long story short, the opening on the Lyman shell holders are slightly larger and allow primers to be seated deeper when using their presses. The primers were ever so slightly high. Every gun I ran them through fired every shot EXCEPT my STI. IMO - this is a design flaw in Lyman's on-press priming system, but I'm still going to install an extended firing pin. At any rate, I said forget it and went back to using my Lee Auto-Prime tool. Since then I've gone back to having zero primer issues across all firearms. Second, I was finally able to chrono my loads. As you can see from the photos below, My STI DVC Limited preferred 3.3 gr of N320 (right) wile my CZ P-10F preferred 3.2 gr in order to make 130 PF (left). 3.1 gr was under 125 PF for my STI and just barely made it for the CZ. That said, I'm going to load both at 3.3 gr they seemed to like that load accuracy wise. I wasn't shooting for groups at all, but I included a photo of the target (15 yards). NOTE: The chrono didn't pick up one of the shots on both of these strings:
  3. Ah, thanks for the clarification on parallel vs sloped adjustable combs! That makes perfect sense now. As far as replacing the front bead with the smaller middle bead, I noticed that on a couple of the guns I fired. Others had both or just the front original bead. Not sure which of the three I like yet, but my new gun only has a front bead so I guess it will be a non issue initially. Thanks again!
  4. Thank you for the outstanding advice! Yes, the instructor I'm meeting is NSCA certified. Also, a larger pattern above kinda makes sense to me as well. Like you said though, I'm sure that will be something that I'll decide for myself in the coming weeks. I'll report back with an update!
  5. Coincidentally, I also had an 18" semi-auto that I brought (Mossberg 930 SPX), but I wound up not using it as I wanted to test as many different over/unders as I could. This Sunday I'll compare/contrast. I know the recoil of the semi-auto will be lighter, though I'm not really recoil sensitive anyway. I think the biggest benefit will be in tracking. The 32" barrels should be easier to track clays on longer shots. Hopefully I don't figure out that I spent a good chunk of cash for nothing!
  6. Thanks! I did always love the "classic" or regal look of them. Honestly though, I never thought I'd have a serious interest until I actually shot it a couple of weeks back. What I envisioned it being was something similar to skeet (which I liked as well), but sporting clays is a different animal. My shotgun should be here this week sometime. I plan to hit the range when it comes in, I'll report back!
  7. I pulled the trigger on the Rizzini, mostly for the same reason Wild Gene listed below in the very first sentence... As you stated in your first sentence, my thinking is also that this will not be my last shotgun. That being the case, I figured if I can get the Rizzini at an outstanding price (cheaper than a new Silver Pigeon by a few hundred dollars) and can make it fit me well enough, It will be more that adequate until I gain a lot more experience shooting clays and make a much more informed decision before dropping serious coin on a better shotgun. That said, I believe it checks all of the boxes you suggested as far as features (sporting model, 5 choke tubes, 32" barrel), except for two. The Rizzini I ordered I believe is considered a "raised" rib (picture below). Maybe that is considered a "medium" rib, but I took "medium" to mean what I thought was "stepped". Apologies for the ignorance, I'm still learning over/under terminology. It also has an adjustable comb, but I believe it's parallel rather than a monte carlo stock. I have lessons lined up already!
  8. I shot sporting clays for the first time this past weekend and absolutely loved it. Enough where I'm shopping for a good entry level over/under shotgun. I was pretty set on the Beretta 686 Silver Pigeon, but as luck would have it, I have an opportunity to purchase a brand new Rizzini BR110 Sporter X w/Adjustable Comb at a once in a lifetime price. Does anyone here have any first hand experience with the Rizzini???
  9. None of us realized it wasn't staked properly at the time. It wasn't until I reviewed the video later that day!
  10. Yes. The pencil came out every time, but not as vigorously as another 1911 I tested with. I may adjust my trigger and see if I receive better results. Nope, everything is stock. I may install a lighter firing pin spring.
  11. I found this after it happened. I don't remember the exact penalty he called at the time, but this sounds similar:
  12. To be 100% honest, I was just upset that I fell! At the time I also wasn't sure what the rules were regarding that exactly, so I took what the RO said at face value. My ultimate takeaway, don't fall!!!
  13. The second I fell he yelled stop, so I couldn't continue. I was able to get a reshoot, but I did pick up a penalty. I forget exactly what it was, but something to the effect of "user induced equipment failure". None of us realized it wasn't staked down until later. We were able to get everything set back up fairly quickly thankfully.
  14. GREAT JOB keeping it pointed down range!!! That concrete looks like it was itching to make someone fall!
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