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  1. Thanks! It feels much better increasing the elbow bend and a bit with how much I am blading. Now I am eager to confirm in live fire. Thanks again.
  2. Thanks for posting Charlie. I have been working on this per your suggestion for a while now and it absolutely works. With that said, I am struggling to maintain a “straight” up and down grip on my weak hand side. I can do it, it’s just my elbow has a greater tendency to not want to stay in. Any tips? Or do I just need to practice this more? Of course being mindful of position and not just slinging lead down range. Thanks!
  3. Exactly. I get and 100% stand behind the MD’s canceling matches.
  4. I would agree. Gun stores are open in most states as “essential retail” and some of those have ranges. So you can go to a stuffy indoor range but not an outdoor range with constant fresh air. I get match cancellations but I don’t understand why outdoor ranges need to be shutdown. Especially since most states allow you to exercise during the stay in place orders... I mean I am out of breath after some of our field stages. It’s exercise officer!
  5. Plus 1. This approach has served me well while shooting limited recently too.
  6. Definitely plus 1 to this post. Especially the working through the less than optimal scenarios.
  7. One area I seem to do better with by shooting with GM’s/better shooters is bringing more intensity to the line with me. It’s not shooting faster... it’s making sure I am not wasting time when not performing the shooting in a course. Movement and even starts. I don’t try to shoot another persons speed but I will be reminded that a particular movement/position can be done better/cleaner shooting with the big guys. There are a couple guys that I know I can regularly be within a couple seconds of over a field course. I found I am much more likely to consistently perform at that level when sh
  8. +1 to the Steve Anderson description. He separates things in a very easy way to apply to your practices. Biggest thing is call your shots.
  9. This! This is all that needs to be done for the post that started this thread. The rest is rules dialogue about start position. There are plenty of great posts by folks more seasoned than me so they can continue to debate that.
  10. Much that needed to be said already has. One thing I will note is not everyone learns things or processes the same way. What works for some or even most likely won’t work for all. To me there are a couple things here... 1. Figure out how you learn best. Are you visual, auditory, do you need to apply a move or tactic yourself to really get it? You will see any difference in opinion on these responses can likely be attributed to the fact that not everyone learns the same. 2. Understand that while your strength in learning may be visual for example, you still need to understand
  11. My 2 were 240. Not sure I have heard of other heights for them coming stock. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Thanks Cha-Lee! This is a very helpful review. I have been using the standard "grippers" and while grip strength has improved I'm still battling forearm fatigue with symptoms of tendonitis after long sessions. I might have to give this a shot...
  13. Plus 1 for the Henning Group grips. They are aggressive and the contour fits great like sdm702 says. Keep in mind that they were designed by a top level GM shooter who uses them regularly on his own shadow 2. I personally have tried all of the thin grips and thin with grip tape, as well as the bogies and scales. I know a few other folks who shoot the shadow 2 and the shadow 1 and when it comes right down to it I think it has more to do with your own personal hand size and style that you like for how you want the grip to feel. That said, to date, these are the best that cross all of my box
  14. Great input in this thread. Is there a way to follow a thread for new replies and to keep in a place to reference other than replying to it and getting notifications of further responses? Posting something relevant too :)... Brief story on something that just happened to me that provided an "aha moment" and an immediate "that Enos guy is a freaking wizard!" thought. I was shooting a practice session where we blacked out all of the target except the lower A zone on 4 targets and shot 4 per (oddly, not a target set up I've shot much at all). Initially running t
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