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  1. So getting the barrel scoped by a friend here soon and I’ll report back. I bought it for a similar reason, it’s super accurate and light so let’s give it a try. May not be the best choice on a budget for hard 3gun use
  2. I had reached out to CS at Proof and they were very responsive but ultimately since it started out shooting well they ruled out a barrel issue. I’m not knocking their CS or quality, I have other barrels from them that are incredible on my bolt guns and know others who had good experience on ARs but don’t run them as hard as a 3 gun rifle. gas block, barrel nut, and muzzle break were all inspected for torque and leakage so I’m at a loss.
  3. Hi guys, wondering if anyone else out there running a Proof CF barrel for 3 gun has had durability issues or concerns. My build is off a 16” intermediate gas length 223 wylde. It shot the lights out when I initially got it and for the first few matches. Easily a 3/4 MOA barrel with 77SMK but now won’t hold a group under 2 MOA. I’ve put less than 6-700 rounds through it in the 3 months I’ve had it over 6 3gun matches and practice time. I’ve done copper stripping and carbon cleaning several times at this point with no improvement. Rest of the build is on a Wilson Combat matc
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