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  1. I already signed up, but just looked a minute ago and it shows 38 spots left!!!! over 2 1/2 hours after it opened.
  2. I will take the Elf trigger, Send me your PP info


    Thanks Russ

    1. torrpd


      PS. is it 160 or 165? Title says 160 then 165 in add

  3. Any update on the rules? Gear wise, mainly for Patrol division, (semi or pump shotguns) we use semi auto Benelli's, optics (magnified or non-magnified) etc.... thanks
  4. I am putting together a rifle for 3 gun. I was wondering what is the best all around trigger people are using.out there, two stage, single stage, complete drop in etc. Thanks for the input.
  5. Anybody out there who has their frame drilled for the spring loaded saftey that could post a pic.
  6. I read that thread, but where do you drill the frame?
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