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  1. DBake


    thank you, I was wondering what the tactical word was for those kinda of barrels.
  2. DBake


    Hello, I am looking to get start in limited/limited 10 shooting. I was looking at getting either a STI or SVI 40S&W get in. My question is about the SVI Schuemann barrels with the holes in the top such as "Hycomp", "Tribrid II", "Hybricomp", "Hybrid". Are these barrels legal in IPSCs and USPSA limited and limited 10? Also, if they are legal what advangteds do they have over the not holed barrels? Last question, are 6" guns legal for limited / limited 10? DBake
  3. Hey Guys, looking to get into the sport would like to see your shooters for limited or limited ten. DBake
  4. What manufactors still making .38 supers? I am looking to get this cal for IDPA in the esp. DBake
  5. IS the Production Divions 9mm only? DBake
  6. Hello, As you will see I am new to shooting in general. I have not shoot very much at all. I was looking at the IDPA rules, and I suppose they are almost the same to USPSA, I see that in the each division their is a certain number rounds aloud in the magazine for example; The ESP class has a maximum number of 10 rounds. My question is does that include a round in the chamber or excluded a round in the chamber? DBake
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