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  1. Can we check in on Thursday? Have have not received a schedule of events.
  2. Just ordered a pair of pro ear Slim golds electronic muffs from OpticsPlanet for $202 shipped ?
  3. First I clean with compressed air followed with white vinegar and Qtip then wipe with micro cloth.
  4. Is there an update on the waiting list, last I heard I was 32nd. Thanks Phil
  5. If California fell into the ocean Arizona would be the west coast. Open 29+1 here. Lol
  6. Use a 223 shell plate. Supers will not fit in them, just remove the supers or 9mm at 1st station.
  7. Why did I get 2 pin numbers ? Are both #'s good or do I have to guess when it comes to Squading?
  8. I use a 223 shell plate for Super comp. 9mm and supers will not feed into a 223 shell plate.
  9. hellscomin


    What is the difference between Extreme shooters grips and Phoenix Trinity grips. One is polymer and the other is metal and there is quite a difference in price! I'm looking for smaller grips for my sti.
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