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  1. I love SS and have been using a Wilson in .45 auto for the last 10 years. I’ve got Tim Graves making me a full house custom in .45 currently. I really don’t have any interest in shooting SS minor in matches, it’s basically production at that point, but with a more awesomer blaster. I’ll probably end up with a 1911 in 9mm at some point (my Agency is going to 9mm so there should be some training ammo available), it makes sense to have one around.
  2. TCB

    Dad Joke Thread

    Why don’t you see any elephants hiding in trees? They’re really good at it.
  3. TCB

    Dad Joke Thread

    Q: How many Single Stack Shooters does it take to change a lightbulb? A: 4, one to change it and 3 to stand around and tell everyone who will listen that the original one was better.
  4. I’ve been using a CQB in SS for 10 years...all I added was adjustable sights and a mag well. They are great guns.
  5. I’m having a gun built on a Jem frame like this currently after shooting one done the same way that a buddy owns. It’s very nice, tracks more like a Limited gun than a regular 1911.
  6. If you find grips you like that put you over weight just dremmel out the back...I had to on a set of VZs to get under.
  7. I got an ELS system a year or so ago for SS and LTD and now am getting into some 3 gun. It. Is. Awsome.
  8. TCB

    45 mags

    Try a Wilson ETM as well...they are built with a slightly longer tube that helps with seating on a full mag. I switched to them from 47D’s a year or so ago and they have functioned excellently.
  9. I thought the only reason to have it disabled in Ltd was to maximize the rounds on your magazine...if I could still get 20 in there and have the slide hold open I’d prefer it, I’ve been a SS guy most of my time shooting though so that may play a part in my thinking.
  10. TCB


    I’ll secong the PIG gloves. I wear Mechanix at work but the PIG Alpha touch are amazing to shoot in, just wish they would last as long as the Mechanix and were not as expensive. The Magpul gloves are pretty good too but hard to get on / off quickly.
  11. I just went through a bad case of this...ended up with a cortisone shot from my Md. that cleared it up after a week or so.
  12. Progrip has been working great for me...I have smallish hands so anything helps!
  13. Are magnets legal in USPSA SS? I’ve been using a Safariland ELS belt with 5 Safariland pouches and a Bladetech holster on a BOSS hanger. I’ve never needed more than the 5 on the belt + 1 in the gun at a match but a 6th one couldn’t hurt...that 6th mag would be pretty far back if you needed it.
  14. TCB

    Range Bag

    The Shooters Connection bag is the heat. The only issue I’ve had with it is one of the buckles on the strap broke. I was carrying well over 40 lbs of gear in it at the time...the other one has held fine and a caribeaner I had laying around was an easy fix for the broken side.
  15. Buying Chinese knock offs makes John Moses Browning cry...and that’s just mean.
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