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  1. Check out the Badrock 1995.00 and ready to rock. https://badrockrifles.com/
  2. I dont know why the shipping is so much as the label on the box I got said 7lbs which with UPS rates should only be 9.00 or so
  3. I just got mine yesterday and its a really nice bag but the proof will be at Saturdays NRL22 match with all the weird positions
  4. I have been using this one for the NRL22 matches and its been awesome! https://www.shortactionprecision.com/collections/bags/products/sap-solo-sack
  5. 4.4gr of HP38 with a Precsion Delta 124gr JHP is the bomb for the Sig with a 16" or the 14.5. Keeps that dot bounce to a minimum!
  6. I just got a Quentin Defense 9mm Upper /Lower set and you don't need an add on mag well as there lightweight combo has one built right into the lower and it loads like butter!
  7. Ya but its the only one that can be adjusted for that perfect height!
  8. https://www.elevatedtech.com/shop/ Nice mount for those who cant get the just right height for the MRO
  9. Thanks Eric I will give Robin a call! 50-55 will work and hopefully they are aluminum!
  10. Ya your right Tim I would be screwing up just like you would if I put a mag on my truck hood and just drove around waiting until your plastic fantastic mag well melted to the hood! But the fact is on a 100 to 110 degree day in AZ the interior temps reach over 150F sometimes. When I store my gun in the gun bag in the back seat of my truck and stop on the way home from work to practice or do what ever with the gun I expect the plastic parts to be intact and not be so soft that they fall off the gun when removing from the soft case in the back seat of my truck. At this they wont stay on the gun any more as its so deformed at this point that it goes into the garbage can. I never had a Magpul plastic part deform as its in the same bag on the gun with your magwell etc... Quality parts are tested to work in all environments not just in 80 degree heat and lower. BTW I have been shooting bottom feed shotguns for years with 2 Plastic mags coupled together with a Aluminum Coupler and never had a issue with the sun or with dropping it on the ground during reloads So I guess the MBX extensions really are overkill too as Aluminum to plastic is overkill. I wish MBX made a extension for the MPX mags as there stuff has proven to be a winner so far with the Glock mags.
  11. Tim your plastic stuff does not work in the Arizona Summers. I have had the PCC mag wells fail and melt together when left in the truck on a 100 degree day
  12. MikieM yes I am looking for a Aluminum Mag Splice not a side x side coupler. USPSA legal device!
  13. Anybody seen any mag couplers for the MPX 30rd mags? I know Taccom has his best on the planet unit but I was looking for other options mainly made out of Aluminum! NO SIDE x SIDE please Thanks
  14. I installed one of these the other day and was not that impressed. The cool factor is how cool it looks but in reality its a stainless barrel with a carbon fiber shroud around it. Seems a bit overpriced for what you get. I am sure you're paying for the carbon fiber cover with holes in it. Didn't get a chance to shoot it for accuracy yet but will and post results. BTW it was chambered properly which was one of the first ones I have seen other than a JP that I didnt have to throat.
  15. Here is a great option also. I love mine but do overload it once in a while http://www.lapolicegear.com/jtech-modular-rifle-bag.html
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