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  1. I ended up reaching out to Springer Precision, they were prompt to respond, and sent me out a replacement no questions asked. The new one seems good to go for now, I have a match Wednesday to put it to the test. The one I took off, that came loose, looked like there was no thread locker on the threads, so maybe they just missed it on one piece or something...
  2. So I went with the extended paddle release for my Legion, and found out a few things. First, when swapping releases, the key to removal I found is not to use too large of a tool, it must be considerably smaller than the size of the hole, so that you can depress the detent, then pivot your tool slightly to make the detent start coming out of the release. At my first match with the gun and the new release, I found it made weak hand only shooting kind of strange, the paddle was right against the webbing of my weak hand , it didn't release unwantedly, but it made it very challenging to get a good high grip for weak hand only. Lastly, by the end of the match, (4 stages) I noticed the paddle had become loose from the release button itself! The paddle is advertised as being permanently attached, so I will have to contact Springer Precision and see what they want me to do. I'm wondering if given the chance, if I should just switch back over to the standard extended version in place of the one with the paddle...
  3. I have pretty medium size hands. I checked all of my other competition guns and I have to do the little flip to rotate the gun a bit to reach the release, and it hasn't held me back much. I would still think having a little less of a reach wouldn't hurt, so I may give the one with the paddle a try if it really is production / carry optics legal. Can someone point me to documented proof of this in case I am challenged at a match, I didn't see it in the production annex section. As for table starts I was trained years ago, to first get your weak hand finger tips under the rear of the slide to start lifting it up, so you can get a good grip on the gun with your strong hand. This should logically eliminate the problem of the magazine being released at the same time...
  4. What should I consider when deciding weather to get the regular extended mag release, or the special one with the paddle. They are about the same price if you go with the steel extended release. Do they both equally increase the likelihood of a mag being released during a table start? Any other notable differences?
  5. I have been searching for two days but have found no clear answer.... Is this new paddle style mag release legal for Production (Carry Optics)??? Is the plain strait extended one they also make legal?
  6. I read somewhere that it was to break up the gun visually and make the bore axis appear lower... Could be wrong though...
  7. I had accidentally started a different topic, but I figured I would show off my handiwork here too, in case it gives anyone any good ideas. I think it feels completely better than before!
  8. In case anyone cares, my modification removed 0.14 oz from my tungsten grip module.
  9. EngineerEli

    P320 X5 Thread

    I got my barrel replaced with a non LCI one. It was pretty simple. Took exactly one week from the time it was shipped out to when it was recieved back. I was warned if you handled the shipping yourself, you had to be there to sign for it on return. It could not be redirected to a hub, or rescheduled to a weekend, so I just let my FFL handle the shipping and receiving. He does a lot of transfers for me, so he did it no charge! I was given no specific instructions over the phone, so I sent the whole gun with DPP mounted and one magazine in the factory case, no complaints that I was aware of. First hundred rounds and the optic looks clean. I feel like the new barrel fits a little tighter, may just be in my head though... Side note, sounds like the process all goes much smoother and quickly, if you just call Sig CS, instead of trying to do it via email.
  10. Pic of my "milling" set up. X-Y vise, and a cheap craftsman drill press. Actually worked quite well for this.
  11. Pic of half way after "milling". Then, the final product!
  12. I worked up the nerve to make these modifications on my Legion Tungsten grip. I think the results came out really well, photos to follow...
  13. I was talking about the polymer mag well in the grip not the detachable one. Notice the different curvature of the rear of the grip near the bottom too.
  14. Looks like I kind of reinvented the wheel a little bit, but I did execute the modification a little different that the others on your topic. Also, it has been verified it is acceptable for carry optics, but if I took the optic off and wanted to go back to production, would it still be allowed? Side note, does anyone know the optimal FPS / IPS cutting speed for polymer, or the tungsten polymer? I am actually using an end mill on my drill press with an X Y vise, not sure if I was cutting at the right speed...
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