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  1. I ended up giving this one a try, and it actually fits perfectly! Not sure if that is a part that can still be purchased or if that number on the sticker is the actual part number. But the actual part in this photo, does fit in and function well in my Jericho 941.
  2. Update! I ended up giving the double sided EAA safety a try that Kneelingatlas offered up, it seemed to be the only one who's measurements checked out. Ended up fitting perfectly. I though I may have had to fit the sear spring leg retaining slot in the safety shaft, but it seemed to fit just right. I of course had to stone the sear safety lobe a little but that is expected. I'll try to post some photos when I get a chance. @kneelingatlas Thanks for helping me out with this safety!
  3. The parts we are looking for, do not have the small round captured detent as you show. It has a bore for a spring, and a little round nub for the 'tombstone' piece to press against.
  4. I posted some additional measurements in my other topic. Determined the current polymer one is too wide. The one kneelingatlas had looks like it should fit, so I'm going to give that one a try. I'll report back results.
  5. So I have a few findings to report. Another member here did me the favor of measure the width of his polymer frame and it is 1.105". Unfortunately this doesn't match my 941. The measurements I took off it this morning on my Jericho are; Frame width: 1.008" Safety Shaft dia: 0.157" Safety 'Hub' dia: 0.313" I'm also being told that the much older Tanfoglio steel framed safeties are compatible. Frame width is 0.998 and shaft dia is 0.156". Also looks like there is the possibility for the pre B CZ 75 safeties (single sided) at least to be compatible... http://apexgunsmithing.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/DSC02945.jpg http://apexgunsmithing.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/DSC02946-768x431.jpg
  6. I felt bad taking over someone else's topic, so I created my own...
  7. I picked up one of the recent surplus Jericho 941F (Frame Safety full size 4.5 barrel) with HC finish. I have been watching for one of these for a while and when these showed up, and with the cool star emblem on engraved on the frame, I decided to pull the trigger. What can I say, these pistols are just plain cool, and supposedly shoot fantastic. I plan on just using this as a range gun, maybe a HD pistol if it proves to be reliable, which it should. I have been experimenting with compatibility and have posted a bit on someone else's topic, but I decided I would create my own. My preliminary research showed that these pistols are basically the same internally as older Tanfoglio witness pistols all except for the grips, and the hammer strut/spring which are the longer CZ design. So far I have successfully converted it from SA as it was purchased, and designated by the Israeli police force, to DA/SA. I was able to swap out the stock safety and add in the disconnector I had lying around from my Stock 2. It does function, but the hammer does not come all the way back in DA so a live fire test at the range will verify if it works acceptably or if it will need some more experimentation. The next thing I want to try, is to find a replacement safety lever, with a thumb ledge that is parallel to the barrel as all my other Tanfoglios are. I saw some 941s posted on GB that had these type of safeties so I know it is possible. I don't like the upward angled safety. These guns use the little tombstone shaped steel plate that nests into a pocket in the frame. It sounds like it MAY be compatible with very old Tanfoglio safeties, or possibly the polymer Tanfoglios even manufactured today. I am still trying to verify this and have not yet ordered any parts. If anyone can verify any of my suspicions about these safeties, please post here.
  8. I did find this which seems like my best bet yet. Would you be able to measure the width of your frame where the safety crosses through? https://eaacorp.com/store/shop-full-width/parts/safety/polymer-ambi-safety-102085/
  9. I'd be very surprised if the split type would work. I was expecting a pinned right side safety. Or, honestly I don't even need ambi, just a left side safety would be fine for me. They key is the inside surface of the left hand safety paddle. Does it have the stubby little cylinder for the detent plate like in the photos above?
  10. I'm looking for a complete safety lever. But now I wonder of the omega safety could work? Definitely not what is shown in my photos tough...
  11. I ride the safety on almost all my guns, so I would like to have the functional safety there with a ledge I can rest my thumb on. I also would prefer to not cut on any of the original parts in case I want to put it all back to stock one day. It's sort of both a fun collector item for me, but also a range toy, maybe HD gun. This is what the Jericho 941 Safety looks like. My previous pictures prove it is possible, just have to figure out which part...
  12. I know I'm bringing this back from the dead, but did you by chance find these parts, or a complete replacement safety? I just picked up a old surplus Jericho 941, and I want to swap out the safety to something where the tab is parallel with the barrel instead of angled up, it throws off my grip. I have found that the safety looks in my gun looks just like the one in your photo with the little spring and steel tab/detent thingy. I know it is possible because I noticed these Jericho 941's for sale on GB...
  13. Its becoming apparent that no one really cares about this, but I don't care, LOL. I realized that once changing over to the larger spring either actual Beretta or in my case Tanfoglio (EAA) there is no reason not to just use the plain old steel option guide rod for the 92. I picked up a cheap one for $10 off eBay, and reduced the head diameter so it would fit into the 92FSR frame. I found that the end still stuck out the end of the slide a little more than I liked so I shortened it from the head end to maintain the black finish on the end and to increase the the effective locked breech spring length, it took the removal of about 1mm of thickness. I also ended up trimming off 1.5 coils from the Tanfoglio (EAA) spring I mentioned above and the gun seems to lock back on empty reliably with the CCI Quiet-22 Semi-Auto ammo I've been using, its pretty weak stuff. It fits perfect, cycles great, adds a little weight, and I'm happy. I'll probably keep it like this going foreword.
  14. Another interesting development, I've found that an Wolf 8 lb recoil spring from a Tanfoglio / EAA Stock II (Full Size, not long slide) fits and cycles very similarly to the original one. It gives the same occasional failure to lock back but never has FTE's with the relatively weak CCI Quiet SA ammo I'm using, it may also break in... The cut down because of the thick wire, and reduced number of coils had a very steep tension curve, but this new 8 lb one, is much more linear. I do disclose that other recoil springs from the same gun, with higher weight ratings, fit too tightly on the guide rod, so I can't make any guarantees...
  15. Well it can be made to fit... Turns out the guide rod is aluminum. They do advertise it as 'metal'. The cup at the end that captures the spring is just retained with a little c shaped clip that goes in a groove on the guide rod, but with the clip in place it would not fit through the hole on my .22 slide, so I'm not using it captured. The dia of the head was too big, so I reduced it a bit so it would fit. The shaft dia is too big for the .22 spring, so I started cutting coils off the one that came with the captured guide rod and was actually able to get it to cycle pretty well! Pics to come...
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