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Found 31 results

  1. How Folks After 10.5 month of waiting my Infinity is finally here. All stainless 5.4" IPSC legal sight tracker in .40. Certainly the finest pistol I have ever handled, exactly what I wanted. But I have one minor dilemma with it. I got the pistol built to be IPSC legal, since shooting some matches in Europe is a long term ambition of mine. In order to fit in the IPSC box, SVI shaves the back of the magwell. The cut that they make looks amazing, but it leaves two somewhat sharp spikes on the back of the grip. Here are the great looking, but sharp spikes in all their glory. I don't think they are an issue for shooting, but I can totally see cutting myself on these sometime. I am thinking of filing them a tad... To those that have SVI pistols built to IPSC specs like this one, what have you done? How does it look? Thank you -Gene
  2. I have read several posts that address SVI's lack of willing to maintain existing firearms. I have been is a two month email discussion with them about that. I have emailed back and forth with Brandon, and can say with confidence that they are willing to maintain "their" product. He has committed to me to re-furbish an older IMM open gun. He has also expressed that they will do gunsmithing type work on "their " guns. That is the secret, and modified firearm, or other brands, they will not work on. They are focused on their product only. They are also only interested in returning a firearm back into competitive service at a "like New" condition. So understand that. The cost to restore an older firearm could be as high as 1/2 the cost of a new, but you will get a "like new" firearm back into action for 1/2 the cost of a new? That might be expensive, but in my opinion a better option for some?? Anyway, thought I would share my experience, because it was better than expected, and hopefully it helps someone looking to restore and older IMM open gun, or any competitive firearm from SVI. Kris
  3. I recently tuned my 140mm 40 mags with Taran Tactical Springs, followers and base pads. The SVI tubes loaded to 21, the STI mags loaded to 20. All worked well. Went to tune 170mm 9mm mags all nothing went right. The small taran tactical follower would allow a round to slip past when attempting to load to capacity?? then it was a mess coming back. I tried the standard follower and they worked, but could not get 30 rounds in any STI Mag. I Switched back to the Grams follower, with Taran Tact. Spring and they worked but could not get more than 28 in an STI tube. I have several SVI tubes with Grams followers that take 30? Has anyone else had any luck with the Taran tactical small follower?
  4. I have had a couple of issues and wanted to see what might be causing it. I bought a preowned SVI, no idea of round count. When I got the gun and was trying to sight in I tried to ground the mag to get a stable rest and the trigger would not pull. If I recall correctly when I raised it up, it still would not fire. remove mag, cycle slide and everything is all good. Note to self, if you rest a mag (at least that one mag) on something it will keep the gun from firing. This past weekend, I was trying some speed draws. On a couple of occasions at the end of the session I drew the gun and had a similar result. This time only mag pressure would be from the draw. I had started with a full mag and this was part of the way thru. I like to get the over travel screw fairly short on the follow thru. I am suspecting that if I opened that up it could resolve the issue. I would appreciate any input that can help resolve my problem.
  5. Has anybody used/ installed the new SVI grip it looks awesome. Looking for reviews and or thoughts
  6. Has any one gotten their hands on the new STI mag tubes and if so what do you think. I want to replace a couple of my older mags and am looking at either these or MBX. I am shooting 38SC in a std SVI plastic Grip.
  7. Has any one gotten their hands on the new STI mag tubes and if so what do you think. I want to replace a couple of my older mags and am looking at either these or MBX. I am shooting 38SC in a std SVI plastic Grip.
  8. I did do a search and found a couple of threads about this, but nothing really directly addressed the issue. I have 3 STI and a boat load of MBX mags and all of them hit the ejector when inserted. Is the solution in the ejector, magazine, mag catch, or a combination of the 3? Thanks. Jeff
  9. Hello, I hope someone can help, as I have a problem with my new SVI in 40 S&W with getting my load right for feeding and ejecting. I'm having the odd hiccup on feeding with my own loads, I'm using 180 grain, poly covered lead heads. 5.2 grains of N340 and a OAL of 1.14. It's not all the time, just some time, and it's either a failure to feed, or a failure to eject. Can anyone spread some light on my my problem? I've tried a few different length, and powder but nothing seemed of completely cured it yet. What does anyone suggest?
  10. Got my CK 9mm major open gun, so the fun is begining. I have my Infinity med flat trigger insert and bow on the way. I had to modify my sti polymer grip quite a bit to fit it properly. This pistol is a steel grip. Has anyone fit this trigger into a CK metal frame? If so, how much filing did it take?
  11. I recently acquired an STI Edge to tide me over until my SVI gets ready and then it will be a backup. I am currently shooting a CZ TS, but wanted a backup that would not require different OAL ammo than primary. I have 5 mags. Do you think that is sufficient for a match and unforeseen circumstances? One possible reason I can think of having more is never having to use a mag I drop later in the match. If you recommend getting more, whose body, guts and pads? There seems to be tons of choices. STI or MBX for the body. TTI, MBX, Grams etc. for the guts and pads. Not having owned a true 2011 before I have no idea about pros and cons of various vendors. Thanks in advance.
  12. I'm not an open guy, but came across this on Gunbroker in case any of you were looking for another game gun. SVI open with J-Point About 19 hours left on it and current bid only has it at $1125 which I thought was nuts for an SVI. Doesn't say what age, breech face, or any of that, and the guy isn't too specific, but at that price I'd almost buy it for myself. No idea what the hell I'd do with it though.
  13. I recently acquired an STI Edge. The factory safety is so narrow that when coupled with my small hands I have to change my grip to de-activate and leaving my thumb on the safety is very difficult as well. I looked at Ed Brown and it is .250" wide, Infinity Wide (not extra wide as that is for RH folks) ambi safety is .300". I have no idea about Double Tap as I could not find measurements at their site or anywhere else that sells their safeties. So, Infinity Wide seems to be the ticket unless someone can point me elsewhere that has an even wider safety. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  14. I recently purchased a STI Eagle 2011. The gun came with a significant amount of holster wear on the bluing. What are your thoughts on the different hard metallic and PVD coating? I am not a fan of Cerakote, especially on 1911 or 2011's. I have been in contact with Calico Coating out of Denver, NC. The have numerous tempting options but I have found special interest in the Titanium Carbo-Nitride (TiCN). It is described as the following: "Calico Titanium Carbo-Nitride (TiCN) has the highest lubricitiy of all the TiN coatings - making it an excellent choice as a dry film lubricate where improved hardness and wear resistance beyond standard Calico TiN is needed. TiCN is normally applied to steels, hardened steel and aluminum materials. TiCN is an excellent coating when working against bronze, brass and plastic, therefore, it a good choice for stamping, punching, and forming." The color is described as bronze. I requested pictures of this coating and will post them. The price on this coating would be $200 for the slide and barrel (as long as we have four getting coated). They offer other coatings such as the popular DLC. I believe I am going to do the small controls in DLC. Do you have any other recommendation for companies? What other coating do you know that will make my gun look like a "shiny penny"?
  15. Looking for some advice as I get closer to completion on pistol. Gonna shoot it for a month or two to make sure there are no hidden issues that need to be addressed before finishing. The slide is Nickel Boron, comp is Titanium. The SVI signature grip is stainless. The STI frame is carbon steel (in the white). I've used Ionbond for several guns with great success. Just would like something other than a black and silver gun. I actually like the way it sits now, but the untreated frame is a no go. The NiB looks good, and is durable, but the slide was very thick. Created some clearance issues when it returned. Contacted Ionbond about other PVD coatings they offer in various colors. Want something more durable than Cerakote. Appreciate any feedback.
  16. Hey all, I recently picked up a used STI Apeiro as a back up to my SV limited gun. I already have SV magazines, but I am not confident they will work well in my Apeiro as it stands. If I drive the mags home, they get stuck and have to be pulled out the bottom of the magwell. Definitely not dropping free. I have done a good amount of research and have found the difference has to do with the wider taper at the top of SV magazines and the way that the underside of the frame (magwell area) is clearanced for the magazine. What I want to know is precisely what surfaces/edges (photos with arrows or circles would be great) need to be modified and how much. Either a specific dimension, or a guideline such as keep going slowly until X happens. What is actually supposed to constrain the upward movement of a magazine when inserting it? Is it this frame surface I need to modify or is it something else? I am comfortable with most gunsmithing practices, but do not have access to a mill or anything. Could this be done with files/sandpaper/a dremel (very carefully)??? Also, should STI magazines still be compatible with the gun after making these modifications? Thanks in advance, Eli
  17. 11 months into the wait. I have nothing else to add, I just wanted express my happiness with another month wait in the books...
  18. *Sorry guys, I mistitled the topic. I'm seeing if my existing DAA Race Master will lock properly with the SV EXTENDED trigger guard, not enhanced. For you guys that may have the EXTENDED trigger guard on their SVI's, which holster do you run for limited? I currently have an old ghost and a daa race master for the 2011. I'm not sure if the geometry of the EXTENDED trigger guard will work. Let me know what you guys are running. I was told to check out a safariland 014 open class holster. thanks!
  19. I know, not another metal grip thread. Just looking for some advice. Do I "need" a metal grip? I'm new to the open game. Bought a nice Bedell gun. I've handled and shot open guns with both the SV Signature grip and the Phoenix Trinity grip. Both were aggressive micro pockets. Had a definite preference for the SV grip. Felt very good in my hands. I believe I have sold a shotgun, so I have a little discretionary income I could just reinvest. Or should I just save the $800+ and spend it on ammo?
  20. General question. I have SV trigger bows in my Open and 1911 pistols, I get a new 1911 trigger bow for the my STI and ordered a new Insert with it, the "Shoe" is not as wide as the Bow tri-glide system of the Bow, but I had to look and all of the others I have are the same size of the bow and match up perfect.... Can someone anyone tell me if there has been some change I cant find on part numbers to get the same size? See Pic.
  21. Well I am officially one month closer to owning my first SVI. It's the little victories...
  22. Hi I'm looking for an 90 degree C-MORE scope mount with SVI bolt pattern (AND SVI screw dimensions), they are using 6-40 and all mounts I seen using 5-40. Mount and screws needed. Anyone know where to find a mount? regards Anders
  23. I have a STI Trojan I bought used last year. It has a pretty heavy trigger pull – seems like a carry gun. I want to lighten it up and switch to the SV trigger. If I purchase this: https://www.speedshooter.com/product_detail.cfm?id=SVITT1911C&n=SVI-Trigger-Base-Titanium-Bow-1911--Color Will that play well with the stock STI parts or should I more parts as well. Thanks!
  24. Sent an email to Beven on a Sat, He called me on Monday to finish out the order for springs I needed for the following weekend... but life is crazy and my bank card was hacked and I just got off with the back to shut it down (damn), Beven took all this is stride and sent the required springs in time with me having to call him back once I have the new card. Top Notch, Great Springs and followers for SV/STI Mags, if you are running one of these guns give these a try and you will never go back, I know I wont.
  25. Hey guys, So I had my SVI re-barreled last winter and I upgraded my 5" sight tracker gun with a 5.4" sight tracker barrel. Slide is still 5", frame is still a butler cut for the 5" slide. I had just kept using my 180 gr bayou load after the change and it has worked out pretty well for me, but I am wondering if a lighter bullet would benefit me at all. I know a lot of people that go up to a 6" barrel tend to choose a load with a 165gr bullet, but what do you do with a 5.4? And does it make a difference that mine is a 5" slide and a hybrid (bull) barrel, as opposed to most 6" guns that have bushing barrels? Thanks for your thoughts, Eli
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