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  1. Yes it’s not raising up high enough. When you rack the slide the hammer hooks sit deeper than if you just cock the hammer with your thumb. The the slide pushes down on the trigger bar, the sear drops down a bit and the hammer hooks get seated deeper
  2. It is identical to pulling the trigger with the safety on. Looking at it again, it looks like the trigger is set to far back and runs out of travel. It isn’t hitting the over travel screw, I took that out
  3. I am fitting a t3 disconnector to a shadow 2. The double action resets and drops the hammer. If I cock the hammer with my thumb the single action works, but if I rack the slide the hammer will not move when I pull the trigger. What part of the disconnector do I need to file to get the hammer to drop, would it be the part I highlighted in red?
  4. You can do the dry fire drill you are already doing along with dry fire bill drills with sight movement being the focus of the drill. You can incorporate any dry fire drill that involves a fast trigger press, just put an emphasis into eliminating sight movement while slapping the trigger. In live fire you can work on the dot drill (two inch dot at 7 yards, 5 second par. Draw and fire six shots). If you want fast splits you are going to have to slap the trigger. Learning how much trigger discipline you need for various target difficulties is what you should focus on in live fire.
  5. I switched from 3m to skate tape because 3m sheds material. Skate tape I better in just about every way and the same price
  6. I use liquid chalk and an antiperspirant lotion. I don’t drench my hands in liquid chalk and my gun stays clean
  7. Ghost, they are cheap and get the job done without any complaints.
  8. Thanks but I ended up going with a kensight.
  9. A fixed rear sounds like a nice option so I don’t have to worry about my sight breaking a second time. Does it still sit low like the adjustable sight?
  10. The rear sight on my shadow target is starting to crack along the front pin. It is the model with a milled rear sight not the shadow target II. Is the tac sport adjustable rear the correct replacement? https://czcustom.com/cz-tactical-sports-adjustable-rear-sight.html I know I could call cz custom, but they aren’t open right now and I would like to order a replacement as soon as possible.
  11. Like other have said you lack grip strength, technique or both. Look at the clip jmtyndall posted. The gun is recoiling and the trigger guard lifted up from your support hand. Both hands need to stay in constant contact with the frame of the gun and move with the gun in recoil. Right now your support hand isn’t doing anything. A video from the other side would be helpful, but I would assume that your strong hand wrist isn't locked. It could be the camera angle but it also looks like your strong hand is too far to the right side of the gun. The joint your strong hand thumb shouldn’t be behind the center of the gun. The recoil need to go into our forearm not the joint of your thumb. Also take a video of your face to see if you are blinking while shooting. You can’t track the sights of your eyes are closed. Watch videos of how top shooters grip the gun and try different techniques. Rob Vogel has a good video on YouTube along with some other shooters. There isn’t going to be a magic fix. It will take time and practice to make small improvements that will eventually add up to being in control of the gun while shooting
  12. Snap your eyes to the next target. If you have to move your head to see the next one then move your head too. Try to relax your shoulders and neck muscles. Having tension where it doesn’t need to be will contribute to over swinging the target.
  13. For solvents I use break cleaner and ballistol. For lube I use slide glide. I also agree that gun solevents and lubes are repackaged oils and solevents you can buy by the gallon at the hardware store.
  14. Like others have mentioned, trying to go fast is when trigger freeze happens. I shoot my fastest splits when I’m focusing on other aspects of shooting than trigger speed. I focus on the sight picture required for the target difficulty, watching the sights as they recoil then driving my vision to the next A zone.
  15. I like jesup skate tape. I tried the 3m tread tape but didn’t like that is sheds material. 3m is also a coarser grit which would chew up my hands when it was new.
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