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  1. I had the same problem and with the 11.5lb spring in a shadow 1. I use mixed range brass and would occasionally have high primers. I upped my quality control but was still concerned with missing one. I ended up sticking to the 13lb mainspring and the light strikes went away. The heavier spring only adds about 1.5lbs to your double action and half that to your single action. A light strike would cost me a second or more on a stage.
  2. I second primary machine
  3. I had the same problem with work done by fire for effect. I ran out of elevation and had to shim the dot. When you get the dot more in the middle of its adjustment range it will stop disappearing
  4. I also think a CO forum is a good idea
  5. I like the Henning pro production base pads. Henning base pads are nice because they are flush with the front of the magazine. Henning base pads don’t over insert in either a shadow or shadow 2. The pro model is a little larger than the basic model and has some texture on the bottom and sides.
  6. Yes it’s not raising up high enough. When you rack the slide the hammer hooks sit deeper than if you just cock the hammer with your thumb. The the slide pushes down on the trigger bar, the sear drops down a bit and the hammer hooks get seated deeper
  7. It is identical to pulling the trigger with the safety on. Looking at it again, it looks like the trigger is set to far back and runs out of travel. It isn’t hitting the over travel screw, I took that out
  8. I am fitting a t3 disconnector to a shadow 2. The double action resets and drops the hammer. If I cock the hammer with my thumb the single action works, but if I rack the slide the hammer will not move when I pull the trigger. What part of the disconnector do I need to file to get the hammer to drop, would it be the part I highlighted in red?
  9. You can do the dry fire drill you are already doing along with dry fire bill drills with sight movement being the focus of the drill. You can incorporate any dry fire drill that involves a fast trigger press, just put an emphasis into eliminating sight movement while slapping the trigger. In live fire you can work on the dot drill (two inch dot at 7 yards, 5 second par. Draw and fire six shots). If you want fast splits you are going to have to slap the trigger. Learning how much trigger discipline you need for various target difficulties is what you should focus on in live fire.
  10. I switched from 3m to skate tape because 3m sheds material. Skate tape I better in just about every way and the same price
  11. I use liquid chalk and an antiperspirant lotion. I don’t drench my hands in liquid chalk and my gun stays clean
  12. Ghost, they are cheap and get the job done without any complaints.
  13. Thanks but I ended up going with a kensight.
  14. A fixed rear sounds like a nice option so I don’t have to worry about my sight breaking a second time. Does it still sit low like the adjustable sight?
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