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  1. Captiontom

    Best Single tip for running a good stage

    Only break the shot when you have an acceptable sight picture for the target difficulty. Mikes, no shoots and make up shots tank your score. Spend some time figuring out what level of alignment and sight clarity you need for various ranges
  2. Captiontom

    Front sight fiber optic or black?

    If you go back to a fiber rod use super glue to hold it in. You won’t lose the fiber optic again
  3. Captiontom

    Par Timer app

    I guess it lost some features with a new update or isn’t well supported for by the newest version of iOS. When I hit the play button, it switches to a stop button and resets the drill
  4. Captiontom

    Par Timer app

    I just got the dry fire timer on my iPhone and can’t fogure out how to pause a string. When I hit the stop button it stops, but restarts the drill from the first string. The app I got is the one with the classic target as a logo. Is there a way to set multiple par times per string?
  5. Captiontom

    Draw speed

    On the forums you probably have a solid third of the people claiming a sub one second draw, but at a match you won't see those times. People like to remember their best times. If I set up an open target at ten yards where only A hits count I would be hitting 1 second after a few attempts, but on my first run I bet I would be pulling off a 1.2 or 1.3 draw. https://practiscore.com/results/new/26882?q_result=5&q_division=2 Stage 6 of 2016 nationals was a draw to one shot. I think it was a ten yard popper, but I'm not sure. Only 22 shooters were under a second. A 1.7 second draw gets you 138th on the stage. The draw is more important to your overall score in steel challenge so I'm sure more shooters would be under a second at a steel challenge match. With a 1.7 second draw you are probably moving unnecessary body parts during the draw and over aiming when the gun is on target. Watch some videos of top shooter drawing and then film yourself. They will just move their arms, you are probably moving everything. I would bet that any reputable dryfire routine will get you close to a one second draw in under a month. Five days a week 15-30 minutes per day of practice no distractions and setup is not included in the time. Get ben storeger's dry fire book and follow one of the training plans.
  6. Captiontom

    Strange Barrel - cz75 sp 01 shadow

    My shadow barrel is identical to yours
  7. Captiontom

    When you buy components on sale, or in bulk...

    For once fired brass $20-25 per 1000 to your door is a good deal try to get primers for $30 per 1000 Powder depends on the brand, but get 8lb jugs and buy from the same place you get your primers so you can combine hazmat and shipping For bullets decide if you want plated, jacketed, cast or coated. A deal on powder or primers will save you a few tenths of a cent per bullet while a deal on bullets will save you one to three cents per bullet. Compare prices on bullets as this is where you biggest savings will be
  8. Captiontom

    can't get mag pouch onto belt (cr speed versa)

    I thought about that but I'm not sure how permanent that would be. I'm going to try adding a thin washer behind the plastic spacer to see if it takes up some of the extra space in the pouch. I don't want the adhesive on the velcro letting go during a hot summer day. I like that the cr speed pouch is cut low and doesn't cover much of the magazine, I just can't get it tight enough to hold my magazines.
  9. Captiontom

    can't get mag pouch onto belt (cr speed versa)

    I ended up getting the pouch onto my belt by widening the channel with a file. After all of the work to get it on my belt I will be taking it off because my magazines don't fit consistently in the pouch. I have the cz spacer in the pouch and my mec-gar magazines fit tight, but I can't adjust the pouch tight enough to hold my 18rd sp-01 magazines.
  10. I bought one cr speed versa mag pouch to see if I like it before replacing all of my pouches with them, but can't get it on my belt. I have a double alpha belt and it feels like I would rip all of the velcro off of my belt if I slid the mag pouch on. I can't even get the belt started. Am I missing something or do you just slide your belt into pouch and hope your belt doesn't get ripped apart? Before anyone asks, yes the set screw is backed out.
  11. Captiontom

    Shooting glasses recommendations

    Check out the clearance section for Rudy Project. I went with the clear to laser brown before they sold out. The glasses tint in uv light. The clear to black would probably be perfect for you. Lense change is easy if you wanted to get a second set of lenses. http://www.e-rudy.com/en/products/detail/SN667396MR
  12. I use mack’s pillow soft silicone plugs during matches and then double up with ear muffs when I’m shooting. The silicone earplugs are the most comfortable plugs I have tried but are rated at 22 decibels so I double up while shooting
  13. Captiontom

    Need help getting faster

    Shoot the star starting at one of the top plates instead of the bottom ones and it won't spin as much
  14. Captiontom

    Rear sights coming loose on a SP-01

    same thing happened to my shadow. I just covered the bottom of the sight in blue loctite and let it sit for a day.
  15. Captiontom

    A few words for new shooters

    I would add get a good sight picture on steel. I always see people wasting a bunch of time and doing an unplanned reload on steel because they didn't take an extra tenth or two to get a good sight picture. On normal targets you have multiple scoring zones your shot can land in, on steel it's all or nothing.