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  1. My comp patterns are at least 15% bigger. (Mod Choke)
  2. I don't just take the comp off to clean, I've taken it off specifically because I needed a tighter pattern on a stage. Never change the choke as it isn't needed - the difference in the comp vs non comp spread is as much variability as I need from chokes.
  3. Colorado 3 gun? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I've got some serious time restrictions that are making it super difficult to load ammo. I own a 1050 super with a PW autodrive but there always seems to be something wrong and I just don't have the time to deal with it these days. So now I'm looking for someone that sells quality 38SC ammo loaded. Any suggestions?
  5. I run a second dot because my primary dot when zeroed for bird is about 2' too low for my slugs at 50 yards. Two dots, two zeros - it's quite helpful.
  6. Any chance you would be willing to elaborate on what needs modding on the drum to make it work? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. I don't feel panicked... but maybe that is the panic talking... I've been shooting mag fed shotguns for a while and have broken several magazines - especially high capacity ones. Sometimes you end up dropping a loaded mag and that's a lot of weight on plastic or thin metal. Nevertheless, your mileage may vary. To each their own and all that.
  8. They may break and you never know when you can get em again....
  9. Shorter mags are pretty dang convenient when switching between bird and slugs or similar situations.
  10. For those that have the comp, do extended chokes interfere with it? I mean just basic ones that extend around an inch not the 2" 3 gun chokes from Briley... Trying to decide on buying flush chokes or extended. Extended like the Briley spectrum are nicer since you can easily tell what's in it from the color coding. https://www.briley.com/p-54241-mobil-choke-spectrum-choke-12-gauge.aspx
  11. For what it's worth, I've been shooting a Firebird for years and used to start stages with coupled 17 rounders for 32 rounds. A friend suggested that all that weight was slowing down my movement and ability to track aerials etc. At his suggestion I ran a stage both with coupled mags and a single mag and a reload from the belt. I found that I was significantly more accurate and ultimately faster with 17 and belt reload - even though it *felt* faster with the coupled. Tried a couple more times with same result so I stopped using the 32 round setup. Just my experience - yours may be different.
  12. That's a good idea... I'll give it a try and let you know.
  13. 29 rounds is a lot of weight to move around but also a lot of weight to push up a magazine. My experience with Tooth and Nail has not been good so it will be interesting to see if those actually work. On another note, I have been able to get 19 round mags but no 9 rounders. Anyone have a couple extra 9 rounders they want to trade for a new 19 rounder?
  14. Anyone know what the right size Briley Mobil choke is? Their 3 gun chokes have .723 and .733 bore size options.
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