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  1. Awesome thank you for the info !
  2. http://www.olegnikitin.com/news/complete-disassembly-assembly-of-cz-75-sp-01-shadow this should help you it did me .
  3. This was the biggest help to me step by step . http://www.olegnikitin.com/news/complete-disassembly-assembly-of-cz-75-sp-01-shadow
  4. The 75 video is very close . Also don’t be scared with the sear cage there is no tiny spring to loose only spring is the one spring you see when you look into the sear cage . Just remember if you replace the hammer and get a adjustable sear to get the sear spacer and it goes on the right side I used a punch to simulate a pin to hold it together and pushed the sear cage pin through lining up the sear spring and housing .
  5. urmaker45

    shadow 2 trigger

    Just to add definitely get the reach reduction kit makes a huge difference in the d/a
  6. urmaker45

    CZ CO basepad

    Henning + gram follower
  7. urmaker45

    shadow 2 rear sight

    Just get a punch and a hammer I had to push mine over just as well and it takes some force and like others said make sure the screws are backed out . I used a punch small enough to put force on the grove part of the sight to mimic a sight tool.
  8. Do they make this for a cz shadow 2?
  9. Sounds like nothing different that you could not do yourself and save money .
  10. urmaker45

    Cz shadow 2 or tso

    Thanks for the info you have a valid point . I just wish IDPA would increase the weight limit so the s2 would be legal then I wouldn’t even be thinking about a different gun so I could shoot both divisions . I was going to shoot the Trojan in single stack minor and esp in IDPA . I need to bite the bullet and buy a Dillon. I’m thinking about having the slide milled and run c/o for both IDPA uspsa that’s only way I know how to use it in both
  11. urmaker45

    Cz shadow 2 or tso

    That’s very true if I had a reload set up I would consider more of a 40 but buying it from a store 40 is crazy expensive . I only get to shoot matches 1 time a month so i don’t get to get into it as much as I would like
  12. urmaker45

    Cz shadow 2 or tso

    I haven’t got to shoot a tso only got to hold one but I love my shadow 2 so I would assume I would love a tso
  13. urmaker45

    Cz shadow 2 or tso

    Wish I could get my wife into shooting you are a lucky man !
  14. urmaker45

    Cz shadow 2 or tso

    Wow that’s impressive. Dang the decisions , decisions lol
  15. Man that is a nice cz shadow 2 do you care to pm me your build info I want to do this so I can shoot the gun in IDPA and uspsa . I was worried slide cuts made it illegal in IDPA esp c/o .
  16. Good deal do you care to pm me your cost /info ?
  17. Wow that’s a nice looking weight reduction. Does that include cutting the recoil spring housing ? What’s price on that ? I also have a grey s2
  18. That is one sweet s2 would that make it legal for carry optics in IDPA or does the slide cuts. She it illegal going by esp rules even tho it makes weight ? . Also what grips are those ? And cycling issues/ what recoil spring you using ?
  19. urmaker45

    Cz shadow 2 or tso

    Yea I have thought about a shadow 1 so I could run it in IDPA and uspsa as well. The shadow 2 is 46 ounces I think . Mine has a nice trigger I have all the Cajun disconnect/hammer / short reset etc . Somthing draws me to the tso and 2011s
  20. urmaker45

    Cz shadow 2 or tso

    Wow I want that bad !!’ That’s a nice looking tso !!
  21. I’m always about trading guns but I like the pistol just wondering if it’s a good deal
  22. It’s a solid shooting gun has some holster wear but a low round count . How is it to move one of those what would you consider price for sell with those mods ? I’m not very familiar with the Trojan to know if a even trade is a good deal ?
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