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Found 8 results

  1. Good day, everyone! I'm looking for an instructional video on detailed disassembly for CZ Shadow 2. I've searched Youtube already, and kept finding one for CZ 75 SP01 Shadow. Are the steps on disassembly really similar for these two? If not, I would really appreciate if anyone can send me a link for one. It doesn't have to be a video as long as the instructions are clear and detailed. I just preferred video since i'm more of a visual person. I appreciate any help and thank you in advance!
  2. Starting to get hooked (again) on CZ's! Birthday present to me. First pistol match in two months, coupled with sunshine and my girl feeling better had me rather happy!
  3. Got mine in today from CZ Custom. Quick review: First impression. It's heavy. You can feel it's a little thicker but still basicly feels like other shadows. Trigger pull is nice. But still has that long reach. DA weighs in at 9.5lbs and the SA is 3.1lbs (average of 10 pulls). Extended mag release is a nice addition also. I will give a range report shortly. Rain is out of control lately
  4. Has anybody else experienced this? My bushing on my CTS 40 is bending forward. I have heard of bushing breaking where mine is breaking but have never seen this. I wonder how much longer this will hold up?
  5. I had Jayson at LOK grips whip these up for me, they are his new "thin" grips but cut for use on a CZ 75 with a magwell. The magwell is from CZ Custom and had a local Cerakote them. Jayson is fantastic to work with, so if you need anything custom from him I highly recommend it. These are extremely aggressive and just what I have been looking for.
  6. As I did research on what open division gun I wanted, and looked for every photo of a Czechmate I could find on the internet, I noticed that the forums here were lacking a thread specifically dedicated to images of the CZ Czechmate. If you are a Czechmate owner, let's see them photos. I'll start with my newly purchased CM I just picked up today:
  7. Hey all, So I have a brand new TS 9mm on its way and I have been looking around CZ Custom for what parts to get. This will primarily be for range shooting and 3gunning, maybe limited minor if things get in a bind. Looking at the hammers it appears CZ Custom has wide (for TS and Shadow models) and standard (for everything else). Looking at the hammers it looks like the base is the same width and it is just the .... extension of it... is narrower, can anyone confirm this? I have an SVI I shoot for limited, and really like the light weight hammers that fall really quick. My question is would I be able to get one of the standard hammers and install it into my TS for a lighter weight hammer? Would the hooks be cut the same on both versions? I also noticed they have a low version now, that is intended for lower sights. I may change the sights later on, but I'll probably shoot the fixed ones for a while. Would that lower hammer also reduce the radius of the ark the hammer would follow, therefore quickening hammer fall? Ideally I just want to figure out if I would run into any problems trying to install a standard width low hammer into my otherwise stock TS, well I'll probably put a flat trigger into it too, but for the beginning that would be about it. -Eli
  8. My new SP01 Shadow Black Custom has finally arrived from CZ Custom! SRTS, thin safeties, thin front sight. Trigger feels great, can't wait to take it to the range tomorrow if the weather holds out. Eric
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