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Found 19 results

  1. Would love to hear experiences of how shooters got their CZ Shadow 2 to make weight for IDPA.
  2. I recently had my shadow 2 Cerakoted. I had the urban gray and it was flaking off something serious. I get the pistol back from the store, take it home, and reassemble. A couple days go by and I finally have time to Dryfire. 1 Dryfire session and the magwell looks like this and cerakote has started to come off the front from holster wear. I thought cerakote was more durable then this. For what it cost I would have had the gun finished a different way, unless this is considered excessive wear.
  3. Ask anyone, I love my CZ Shadow 2’s, but that 10+ D/A trigger pull was off the Wheeler Trigger Pull Scale, what’s with that? Polishing and spring changes brought it down to a respectable sub 5.4lbs and about a 25% reduction in the S/A as well. Totally worth doing and will tackle my practice/range OR S2 At some point as well. Also, what’s with the pot metal that’s being used for the ridiculously overpriced torx bolts being used to hold the grips, mag release and optic plates on? Part of a playlist 1/12.......................................................................................................................
  4. BAM! After trying many grips (M arms, Armanov, Lok standard, lok palm swells, Hennings etc.) I always went back to the normal Lok bogie grips. They always felt most natural to me with lot's of grip. Then Armanov released the new 3d grips for S2 some weeks ago. So, I ordered them. After a week of dry firing and testing all off them again it was range time tonight. I am shocked how important a grip can be. I have small to medium hands (just too small for the Lok palm swells) but the new 3d Armanov grips are in between Lok and Hennings. Perfect for me. Never ever I could recover FS so fast. 2nd shot like double tap on 20 yards... Motivated again and realizing that grip is ALL! Tnx Armanov! IMG_4307.HEIC
  5. Hi guys, I'm looking for a little guidance please. I had my Shadow 2 slide milled for optics and to make CO weight by Primary Machine. I'm thrilled with the results and the gun is only 43.1 oz. I'm running the same 10# recoil spring as before the slide work. My load is Federal Syntech 150gr. Now, there's a bit more snappy recoil than before. Do I go heavier with the recoil spring? Or lighter? (yes, I'm gripping it harder )
  6. Good day, everyone! I'm looking for an instructional video on detailed disassembly for CZ Shadow 2. I've searched Youtube already, and kept finding one for CZ 75 SP01 Shadow. Are the steps on disassembly really similar for these two? If not, I would really appreciate if anyone can send me a link for one. It doesn't have to be a video as long as the instructions are clear and detailed. I just preferred video since i'm more of a visual person. I appreciate any help and thank you in advance!
  7. Up until today I’d been running Campro 147’s with Vihtavuori N320 through my non-optic ready Shadow 2. I discovered that the Optic Ready isn’t loving that combination quite as much, but it sure does love the 124’s. Making a switch in my reloading as soon as I’ve shot through the 147’s reloads.
  8. I was fitting a pre-b disconnector in my S2, spent a lot of time as the finish was very rough. There was a burr on the face of one wing where it contacts the trigger bar amd one on the bottom of one wing. I filed the burrs off but not sure if that has anything to do with my issues. First the hammer would not drop in DA, so I just filed a very slight angle on the leading edge of the bottom of the wings. This would now allow the hammer to drop. I then noticed the hammer would catch the half cock when I pull the trigger quickly in DA. I still don't have the cz timing figured out 100%, can anyone help? Ps. I temporarily removed it so I could shoot a match but I will try again soon. Thanks
  9. Been looking into getting some base pads for my shadow 2 production setup and have narrowed it to springer precision or shock bottle. I have never used aftermarket basepads before so was wondering others thoughts, opinions, and experiences with both brands. Which do you like and why or why not? It seems like most guys in my area are going for the shock bottle so I have been able to put my hands on those but no experience with the springers so any info you guys can provide will be appreciated, thanks.
  10. Just read that content in posts are un-editedable after 2 days, so plans to update this post won't work. So I'll keep it simple. Current plans for Production Division using a CZ S2. Living in Vermont but plan to travel around and go to various matches. Have just a few match experience with G34. Looking forward to shooting this new one. Basic plans include: - reading up on rules relating to the new S2. - breaking down the S2 and learning the internal mechanics. - shooting the new S2 a lot and getting used to the DA starts. - figuring out what is needed to bring a pistol across state lines, to compete in matches during travel. - meeting other shooters and learning as much as I can from them. (includes searching for forum posts applicable to S2 used in production division) - * figuring out if the light blue aluminum grips need to be swapped for black ones...lol. Looking forward to the experience
  11. Hi... Just picked up a new Shadow 2 this weekend. Great gun, but the width of the grips is just a bit too big for my hands. All the aftermarket grips (LOK, VZ) options are as thick or slightly thicker than the stock Shadow 2 aluminum grips. Does anyone know if a narrow grip (smaller than stock) option is available? Ideally looking for a similar feel to the Phantom and SPO1 have regarding the total width of the pistol grip/handle. Thanks in advance...
  12. Hi there all, I'm still new to the forum, so I apologize if I inadvertently posted this in the wrong place. I have been a long time Glock shooter for defensive use, and have been using several in limited division USPSA for the past few months. While I love the Glock platform, I've been experimenting with other options lately, and after wandering about a bit, seeing where I want to be in this game, I think I'm going to transition over to a CZ Shadow 2, and shoot production division. I recently purchased an STI Apeiro .40 without shooting one, for use in limited, and found that while the gun functions well, I don't like the recoil profile, the overall feel, and a few other things, so i will be letting that go. In the interest of avoiding a similar scenario, i was curious if the people that had shot the Shadow 2 had any observations worth considering before I purchase one ? Any comment on the platform is appreciated, maintenance issues, odd recoil characteristics, parts that tend to break, safeties that kick on unintentionally, sights that fall out of dovetails, parts that tend to need to be replaced early (like extractors in an STI), triggers that don't reset correctly, irregular trigger pulls, anything that annoys or vexes you. I appreciate your time guys, thanks !
  13. Hello there, people!!! I just wanted to ask anyone of you guys if you know of any model of Safariland Holster that the CZ Shadow 2 would fit into it. I will call Safariland for this, but I figure I should ask here first. I just wanted to add that I specifically am looking for Safailand brand and not currently interested in other brand of holsters. Thank you in advance for your response! Regards, BASTi
  14. I just came from the range practicing with my Shadow 2 - first time out I only used 17 rounders - which were 100% - but the next time out I used 16 rounders - which were far from 100%. I left the gun/mags with my buddy/gunsmith so they're not on hand at the moment - but we did notice that the feed lips and the front of the mag tubes are appreciably different on the 16 rounders to the 17 rounders that it shipped with. the 18 rounders didn't have an issue either and were 100% as well. The 16 rounders every once in a while would have a round pop off and be loose in the gun and not feed. Pull the mag - the round would fall out of the grip - re load it into the magazine and go again and ti was fine. I can think of 3 - could be some of all 1- breaking the edge a little further on the slide. That bit that we had to do on the shadows initially - it appears to have a slight bevel as is 2- I just need to get some stronger mag springs 3- Adjust feed lips on my 16's. Anyone else have issues with 16 rounders on their shadow 2s?
  15. I got the Double Alpha grips (http://benstoegerproshop.com/double-alpha-academy-daa-cz-sp01-shadow-cz75-series-aluminum-grips/) for my Shadow 2. The grips are thicker than stock, and the stock screws hold them on by only a few threads. If you don't tighten the grips tightly, they will slide forward slightly and impede the mag release button from pressing all the way, and your mags won't drop. While trying to tighten the grips tighter, I threaded out the screws (since only a few threads are catching. Question: Did anyone else have this problem? What was your solution? Can anyone recommend a longer/stronger screw that works for the Shadow 2 grips? I see this (http://benstoegerproshop.com/cgw-cz-grip-screw-by-cajun-gun-works/) but don't know if it works for the Shadow 2. Thanks for the help! Kurt
  16. I want a Shadow 2 in .40sw.
  17. B_RAD

    Got mine!.....

    It's not that heavy!....... yeah right! Trigger isn't bad at all. DA is 8 lb 6 oz. While a little heavier than you'd want, it's not bad because of how smooth it is. The pull does feel a tad longer than either of my other shadows but is smooth! SA is a crisp 3 lb 3 oz. I'm not getting creep in SA at all. It's actually better than either of my Shadow Orange or Accu Shadow. Reset is the shortest I've felt on any Shadow. Grip feels like my Tanfo. I'm gonna put some VZ diamond back palm swells on it. Not a fan of thin grips. I was shooting to the left but think it may have been my grip since I'm used to thicker grips. For me, all I may do is put a different hammer spring in it. Try to get the DA around 6.5 lbs. Other than that I really think this gun is ready out of the box.
  18. Got mine in today from CZ Custom. Quick review: First impression. It's heavy. You can feel it's a little thicker but still basicly feels like other shadows. Trigger pull is nice. But still has that long reach. DA weighs in at 9.5lbs and the SA is 3.1lbs (average of 10 pulls). Extended mag release is a nice addition also. I will give a range report shortly. Rain is out of control lately
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