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  1. Hi there, mxj23! May I ask which TTI Extension did you use? Thanks!
  2. So, I got my new 40 rounder ETS Glock magazine the other day and I was excited. Being new PCC and still in the experimentation stage, my main goal is to experiment on the 40 rnd ETS magazine and what springs will work with it together with the Goliath base pad, and how many round I can get out of it. So I bought the Goliath base pad, and when it arrived (the day after the ETS mags), i was so anxious to try it out, with some of the springs I already have, and to my dismay, Goliath wouldn't work with the ETS 40 rnd magazine. I got so carried away on how much rounds I can get if this combo (ETS/Goliath) works, missing a little, tiny detail that will cause for it not to work. The reason being is that, ETS 40 round magazine is has a leveled bottom base, and the Goliath base pad has an angled bottom base because it was specifically made for Glock magazine. I am just putting this info out there, just in case there are some stupid newbies like me out there, thinking of doing the same thing.
  3. Interesting! Thanks for the tip, this is the first time I heard this trick and I would definitely try it when i go to the range. This should works in any guns with comp, right? Like an Open gun? Thanks again for the tip!
  4. Hi there, I just received mine over the weekend, and haven't had the chance to try it yet. The main plan was to put a Goliath base pad on it and get more additional rounds through it.
  5. Thanks for the info!!! I like it’s style, it’s definitely going in my Xmas list... tnx again!
  6. May I ask what brand of Magwell is that in the picture? Tnx!
  7. Buckmark with Tactical Solutions barrel
  8. ^^^ Very nice ^^^ thanks for sharing!
  9. I have an aftermarket barrel in my G34 and use lead bullets, so I have to brush the lead off of the rifling every 1K rounds... but that’s about what I do cleaning it and nothing else.
  10. I use Safariland 014, they are sturdy. Made of aluminum to stabilize the pistol and provides little resistance for a fast draw.
  11. Thanks for the list @MikieM, I myself is one of those new kids on the block when it comes to PCC... am still in the research phase... the list would help me a lot...it will give me a starting point to research on. ?
  12. My Shadow 2 are still in all factory state, all springs and internal parts are still original. I shoot 135g BBI bullets using Titegroup and they feel soft for me. My load metered about 132 PF in my chrony. I can't complain about it, although I'm planning to change some springs in the future to trim down a few lbs in the trigger pull. ?
  13. I use Safariland holster 568-49 and the Safariland USPSA-KIT. They’re all legal for USPSA Production Division.
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