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  1. BASTi.GWAPo

    post your 1911/2011 pictures

    Thanks for the info!!! I like it’s style, it’s definitely going in my Xmas list... tnx again!
  2. BASTi.GWAPo

    post your 1911/2011 pictures

    May I ask what brand of Magwell is that in the picture? Tnx!
  3. BASTi.GWAPo

    Lets see your .22 Steel guns

    Buckmark with Tactical Solutions barrel
  4. BASTi.GWAPo

    Red Dot Choices

    ^^^ Very nice ^^^ thanks for sharing!
  5. BASTi.GWAPo

    Maintenance schedule for a Glock

    I have an aftermarket barrel in my G34 and use lead bullets, so I have to brush the lead off of the rifling every 1K rounds... but that’s about what I do cleaning it and nothing else.
  6. BASTi.GWAPo

    Newest holsters for open.

    I use Safariland 014, they are sturdy. Made of aluminum to stabilize the pistol and provides little resistance for a fast draw.
  7. BASTi.GWAPo

    Locator Pins storage

    Great idea! Thanks!
  8. BASTi.GWAPo

    Build A Winning PCC.....

    Thanks for the list @MikieM, I myself is one of those new kids on the block when it comes to PCC... am still in the research phase... the list would help me a lot...it will give me a starting point to research on. ?
  9. BASTi.GWAPo

    Shadow 2 owners do you shoot 147 during competitions?

    My Shadow 2 are still in all factory state, all springs and internal parts are still original. I shoot 135g BBI bullets using Titegroup and they feel soft for me. My load metered about 132 PF in my chrony. I can't complain about it, although I'm planning to change some springs in the future to trim down a few lbs in the trigger pull. ?
  10. BASTi.GWAPo

    Glock Holster Question

    I use Safariland holster 568-49 and the Safariland USPSA-KIT. They’re all legal for USPSA Production Division.
  11. BASTi.GWAPo

    What do you use to keep hands dry while shooting

    You can still use it by diluting the dried Pro Grip with Isopropyl Alcohol then shake it well. It will be as good as before.
  12. BASTi.GWAPo

    What do you use to keep hands dry while shooting

    +1 on Pro Grip. But I usually split a new bottle into two. Put the other half in an empty, old Pro Grip bottle. Then I put about 10cc of isopropyl alcohol (scented if preferred). This will minimize the whitening of your hand and the grip of your gun when Pro Grip dries up.
  13. BASTi.GWAPo

    Sonic Vibrator for cleaning compensators

    Been looking for something like this in awhile, to clean my comp... thanks for the info!!!