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  1. urmaker45

    Shadow 2-Are Reach Reduction kits legal for USPSA Production?

    I have the Cajun it’s gtg. I had to fit my disco but it was worth it , the da is about perfect for reach and also do the hammer and extended firing pin kit . It’s a whole new gun after that !
  2. urmaker45

    Shadow 2 rear sight adjustment help !

    Just for further if anybody is wondering I was able to drift the sights with a punch and now shooting right where I need it !
  3. urmaker45

    What holster / belt / mag holder ?

    Awesome thanks guys I check the classifieds maybe I’ll get lucky and someone will have this stuff for sell if not I’ll go on that link !
  4. urmaker45

    What holster / belt / mag holder ?

    I’m right handed and pant size is 32 looks confusing when trying to size some of them too.
  5. Looking to buy a competition belt / holster and mag holder for my cz shadow 2 for USPSA production any help would be appreciated I’m new to cz and competition side of USPSA.
  6. urmaker45

    Shadow 2 rear sight adjustment help !

    Lol sounds like a plan just making sure nothing was keeping from the site to be pushed over that I didn’t know about minus the screws
  7. urmaker45

    Shadow 2 rear sight adjustment help !

    I tried 115 Winchester , 150 federal symtec,147 Federal HST . All shot to the left and about a 2-2.5 inch group . The 147 prolly shot under 2 inch . But I could prolly measure center of both groups and be exactly about the same apart from center of target to the left . The set screws where tight I had to break them loose to try to move the sight . If I didn’t rest it I could see it being me . But 3 different ammo and 4 different groups in exact spot I would assume it’s the pistol unless I’m that consistently bad haha . Which I’m not a new shooter but not a expert.
  8. urmaker45

    Shadow 2 rear sight adjustment help !

    First time I’ve shot a cz I’ve been a glock fan boy for years lol . I think if it was me I wouldn’t have had such a consistent group left and if so I’ll prolly need to have it adjusted any way lol
  9. urmaker45

    Shadow 2 rear sight adjustment help !

    I would let someone else try if I hadn’t used a rest . Plus with that single action it’s hard to pull the shot and I shot 3 groups all good groups and in the same spot to left consistent .
  10. urmaker45

    Shadow 2 rear sight adjustment help !

    My shadow 2 is shooting to the left and I have backed off the set screws and can’t get it to move I’m afraid to hammer to hard is there something I’m missing ? I’m about 3 inches left at least from a rest as well even tried 3 different types of ammo
  11. Awesome thank you guy me sounds like a tso is what I’ll get . I’ve thought about the shadow 2 as well but By the time I spend the money to upgrade it I’ll be in the tso price range
  12. Looking to shoot limited USPSA . Which pistol would you guys go with never owned either . I like both just can’t decide . Only complaint I have is on cz the slide release location and from what I’ve heard the need to tune mags with a 2011 I have no experience with .