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  1. Thanks for the info I’m goin to start with a 11 and I have a 12 on stand by
  2. Thanks are you c/o ? Or will that make a difference ?
  3. That’s surprising figured the lighter spring would feel flatter like in a 2011
  4. I have a cz shadow 2 with dpp cajunized with their slide cut with lightening cuts . Do I need to Change spring weight ? What are you guys running ? I have a 11 and 12 lbs spring shooting reloads minor pf
  5. Well scratch that then lol . I’m new to carry optics I assumed you didn’t have to decock on c/o only in production. Guess that’s why you don’t see any s/a in cz shadow 2 c/o.
  6. Question. So I have a cz shadow 2 and I’m shooting carry optics . It has a full Cajun pro package trigger job with race hammer . If I put in a armory craft flat face trigger is that going to be a issue where it has the Cajun trigger job with race hammer/ adjustable sear? I’ve been told I take the disconnect out then some say leave it in ? Trying to find out who has done this ? Wa wondering about the adjustable sear that’s in it if that makes a issue ? I really like a flat face trigger and since I’m shooting carry optics I don’t have to have the da
  7. Thanks that looks awesome I’m going to go buy one right now ! How hard was the fitment ? And issues with feel ? Right side pinching web of hand any ?
  8. Has anybody tried the atlas shielded ambi ? I have a 2011 edge with nitro fin looking at this one and the double tap .
  9. I’m looking at the atlas shielded safety or the double tap . But really thinking about pulling the trigger on the atlas one .
  10. Haha this gun has never had a hiccup minus this one mag in like 2k of ammo just wish IDPA wouldn’t get bent out of shape if I didn’t have to do a slide lock reload I would just count my bullets and do a mag change on empty
  11. Yea I’m going to be limited 10 so I won’t need max capacity I’m thinking about ordering stock spring follower from Dawson hope that works .
  12. Due to a special match I need to run some mags that lock back on empty it’s going by somewhat IDPA rules with reloads . I know my gun is not IDPA legal or I would just run my mbx not worry about it . How would I fix it to lock back on empty ? So the grams won’t lock back ?
  13. I was going to order grams/spring follower see if that’s the issue . Will I need to tune them any ? Never tuned mags before so I’m new to this .
  14. I have a sti edge 40 cal that on only one mag it’s locking back with one round left in mag . It doesn’t do this with my other mags could this be a worn out spring / follower ?
  15. Thanks for the info sounds like since I’m only shooting one gun the racer x is the way to go ! Appreciate the help !
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