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  1. When you mill the slide, don’t you need to coat the slide to keep the freshly exposed raw steel from rusting? That adds cost also. I understand and your point about a new product. To be fair to the USA made pistols, hasn’t the Czech Republic been building and selling them so they are not “brand new”? 1) If the Czech made pistols have had time in the real world, they’ve had time to manifest design and manufacturing problems. I have not heard of any, but I do not know everything . 2) As a Manufacturing Guy, I would hope the KC folks learned from the Czechs who have been previously making them. (They may or may not have.) KSGunGuy has a new YouTube video out about his Czech P10F. It sounds like a good pistol.
  2. Thank you for your reply je85. Note - the different size font present in various places is a bug in the site. I am not shouting in those locations. The larger font occurred when I cut text from one part of the post and then pasted it in another. - SP-01 has a CGW reduced power TRS, reduced power main/hammer spring, 85C trigger and reduced power recoil spring with stainless guide rod. The rest of the pistol is stock. - You mention a different TRS. The only one I know of that has different specs than stock is the Cajun reduced power TRS. - SHadow1 is used and literally looks brand new. When asked directly, previous owner who I do not know says no mods have been done to it and it has <100 rounds though it (for what that is worth). I do not see any obvious modifications. - Round count on my SP-01 is high, estimating 8,000 cycles or more in dry and live fire. i just thought of another personal comparison. A brand new Phantom 2nd generation I had was just like my steel SP-01 with a nicely discernible tactile and audible reset. And that was the same with it bone stock and fully CGW Pro Grade upgraded. That pistol had less than 100 rounds through it.
  3. Really hope someone who knows the true answer to the question 45 Raven asked: Does milling material from the slide and frame to lighten it make a pistol (in this case an S2) illegal for IDPA SSP?
  4. Thank you for the tips je85. Much appreciated. With the good reputation the S2 has, I would think they’d sell notably more of them if it was IDPA legal.
  5. I am looking for help with a problem I am experiencing with a SP-01 Shadow (aka a Shadow1) that I just purchased. I am going to provide as much information as possible so that you can get as accurate of a picture as you can without seeing and handling this pistol, so please forgive the length of this post. Right out of the box, the trigger reset of the Shadow1 in SA was 95% undescernible. By that I mean there was only 5% of the tactile feel and audible reset in SA when I compare it to the SA reset of my current SP-01 with manual safety. (For reference, the reset of the Shadow1 in DA was approximately 2/3 better = 2/3 as discernible as the reset in my SP-01 so it is acceptable, but I would like it better also.) As a result of this unacceptable SA reset, I spent quite a bit of time operating the pistol in dry fire and observing what happened. I did that with the pistol fully assembled and with the slide removed so I could see the parts in the action moving. I eventually noticed that the slide stop lever was lifting up as I pulled the trigger. That is being caused by the bottom of the “button” of the slide stop riding on top of the left side of the trigger bar. The result of that = the trigger bar is being pushed down ever so slightly by the slide stop. And that appears to be causing the trigger bar to not snap up crisply in SA reset. Other things I checked: 1) The arms of the trigger bar spring are riding properly on the bottom of the trigger bar. 2) The trigger bar legs have no “gunk” between them and the frame causing the trigger bar to drag. 3) The trigger bar spring arms seemed to be too low when released from under the trigger bar, in the free position, so I bent both arms up so and they are now 3/4 of the way up the height of the trigger bar in the free position. After placing the trigger bar spring arms properly back under the trigger bar legs, the SA reset is approximately 40-50% better; unfortunately that is still very unacceptable and it is no where near the nice SA reset of my SP-01. - Has anyone seen this SA reset situation before? - Have you learned what the root cause was? - What fixed this problem? The “easy” fix that comes to mind first is to remove approximately 1/32” of material off the top of the left side of the trigger bar, but I am concerned that is simply addressing the symptom and not fixing the true cause of the problem. Your help is greatly appreciated.
  6. Last week I told a friend an idea that formed in my mind while we were talking about the Shadow2 he just purchased. My idea is to manufacture the S2 with a removable weight part of the lower rail. The pistols that started this idea are the out of production Sig Sauer Sport Series, however, the CZ weight would NOT be entirely at the nose of the pistol as it is on the Sigs. Instead, the CZ S2 will have a removable weight that is a slim rectangle the full length of the lower rail. Weight attached = heavier pistol that still meets USPSA weight limit. Weight removed = lighter pistol that makes IDPA SSP weight limit. Shall we start petitioning CZ to make such a pistol? I think it would sell in high numbers.
  7. I understand the concern with the warranty. OTOH if the machine shop does not weaken the slide by removing too much material and/or removing material in critical locations, it should never fail. Sig has issues with products, but as a Sig Armorer I have never seen a slide itself fail. Also, that work will not affect the FCU nor the grip which is "consumable" anyway. I see the great issue issue being the years and quantities that they produced pistols and R1s that had a proprietary footprint to force people to THEIR optic, then they say "Nah, we will now accommodate the strong competitor's product." What infuriates me about Sig is: 1) Their extreme delay between product announcements and their actual availability - remember the P320 Target?! and 2) THEIR DECISION-MAKING IS VERY POOR. Got that off my chest. That is all.
  8. Do these magazines have metal lips at the top? If my memory is correct, their Glock magazines do not, the polymer of the body just curves up at the top and forms the lips. What is the ETS warranty if these magazines fail over time?
  9. DCSigCZ

    P320 X5 Thread

    I run 17 round “Standard” P320F and P320CA magazines in my X5 because I shoot SSP and Production. The P320X series need magazines with the rectangle shaped base plate retaining pin in them - they have the tapered wings on them that the X series mags must have. You can buy those base plate assemblies from SIG as a stand alone part to convert original/old style “standard” mags to X series use. Or, as others have posted, you can file the wings of the original/old style base plates (with the circular base plate retaining pin) so they have the same thinning upward angle that the wings of the X series mag base plates have.
  10. DCSigCZ

    P320 X5 Thread

    Rudder, thank you for the detailed explanation. I do not currently have access to a metrology lab, but I know exactly what you are speaking of and appreciate that you took measurements and speak with data. I had three P320s previously and currently have an X5 with a P320 Carry on the way. None have exhibited this problem of great concern. That being said, in volume production bad components can be produced without strict implementation of error-proofing. The result is a percentage of bad products and you obviously received one.
  11. I developed the Armory Craft flat trigger for Sig hammer fired pistols with Milos. As such, the first time I m ever used a flat trigger was during all the prototype development and testing. I did not like a flatty at first (it was “so different”), however, after a couple thousand rounds fired during testing and development, I now greatly prefer a flat trigger. To me it is much more “stable” and my finger position on it is much more repeatable (my finger returns to a consistent position on the shoe). In addition, the ability to go lower on a flatty creates a longer moment arm, thereby decreasing the amount of force required to pull the trigger. If you are new to them, try a flat trigger for a minimum of 1,000 rounds over a period of weeks - shooting only the flatty, not switching back and forth to a curved one - to really determine what you like, what feels most comfortable, which one works best for you and which one you feel most confident with. Those are my $.02 for you to consider.
  12. I need to know the difference in weight between a complete Sig Sauer P320 XCarry slide assembly and a complete original P320 Compact/Carry slide assembly. Your data is most appreciated.
  13. DCSigCZ

    P320x5 or....

    Agreed, I just don’t want to break the grip/frame doing it. Hit it hard enough but not too hard...
  14. Spec sheet says the XCompact has a 3.6” barrel. That is the same (within .05” depending upon which spec sheet I found) of the P320 subcompact - which appears to be out of production. So, let me be the first to coin the phrase ”Subcompact Carry P320” for the P320 XCompact, because that is what it is with a 15 round mag.
  15. DCSigCZ

    P320x5 or....

    I have not shot the Canik, however, I believe my insight on the XFive will be helpful. First, my personal experience with the current XFIVE: - It is MUCH more impressive in live fire than dry fire. - The Gray Guns Competition Kit is worth every penny. It makes the pull notably lighter. So far, I have been able to obtain pulls at the following weights by varying springs: 2.0 lbs, 2 lb 5 oz and 2 lb 7 oz. At 2 lbs the break was not crisp enough for me. I went back to an old, strong trigger bar spring to get the 2 lb 7 oz break that is crisp enough for me. I might be able to put the SIG sear springs back in and go back to a lighter trigger bar spring to get a crisp break with a lighter pull, but I have not yet tried that. - My friends have watched me shoot my CZ SP-01 and my XFive in at least 2 matches and they say I am faster with my XFive and I know I am just as accurate with it. Second, with regard to the current XFive vs. the new XFull coming out: I would get the current XFive and not the XFull because you get the magwell, grip weight and 4x21 round mags with the XFive. Buying all of those to put in a XFull is going to cost way more than the a XFive costs, IF you can get the weight and magwell. I shoot SSP and Production so it was a piece of cake to remove the magwell. I do not need to remove the weight (which is a pain) and I bought four new style 17 round mags for $100 shipped. I could not buy any 21 round mags for $25 anywhere. Hipe that helps.
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