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  1. I generally use Lucas Grease on the rails and the barrel. If it is really cold or a mechanism needs lighter lube (like the slide of my TX22) I use EWG (Extreme Weapons Grease). - The Lucas is from Lowes, it’s the same grease as packaged for firearms (just a different color) but you get a lifetime supply for $9 Instead of 1 ounce for $15. - The EWG is amazing because it is genuinely carbon averse and can be used as grease or instead of oil when applied sparingly. - The Lucas is heavier duty but attracts carbon. - I bought blunt tip syringes from Amazon to fill with each grease so I can apply each exactly where I need it to be. I tried to attach one photo of each but they are too large.
  2. The striker assembly contains two tiny springs. The Safety Lock Spring is a V shaped spring and the Striker Reset Spring is a minute cylindrical coil spring. My memory is nagging me that some Forum Folks said that Sig may have discontinued the use of the Safety Lock Spring, but I cannot recall for certain. It’s not in the Manual, but our Armorer Class Instructor stated that the Striker Channel and Striker Assembly should be disassembled and cleaned every 5,000 rounds, then re-assembled DRY. That makes sense due to the carbon from powder ignition. Here is the Parts Replacement Schedule SIG published in 2016: - Extractor Spring 20,000 rounds - Extractor 20,000 rounds - Striker ASSEMBLY (the whole thing) 20,000 rounds - Takedown Lever 20,000 rounds - Slide Catch Lever, Slide Catch Lever Spring and Post 10,000 rounds - Trigger Bar Spring 10,000 rounds - Magazine Spring when the mag fails to lock the slide open. Many of those round counts sound conservative, e.g. the Slide Catch components, but the above is what’s Sig says to maximize reliability. Finally, no replacement schedule was provided for the 4 springs in the Sear Housing Assembly, the Sear or the Safety Lever.
  3. I need to get home to my Armorer’s Manual. As soon as I crack it open tonight, I will reply with that info.
  4. If you plan to remove the striker to clean the channel, be careful with the striker assembly because there is a very tiny spring under the safety lever. One general tip - do not lube any of the trigger action parts back in the sear housing. I thought moving parts should be lubricated to prevent wear, correct? In the case of the P320 it is not necessary because of the plating on the parts. In addition, it makes the P320 reset very muted (not crisp, dull).
  5. Do go to the range and sight it in. The rear sight will probably seem quite high, that is normal for most people. Try your different recoil springs while you sight it in and determine which spring returns your sight picture to target the fastest with your grip. As mentioned earlier, many are using the 12 lb spring. I have found that a slightly heavier spring returns my sights to target more quickly. Enjoy your very fine pistol - I love shooting my CZs but my friends who watch me during our matches say I shoot my SIG flatter and I am placing higher now.
  6. Thank you for the excellent explanations, Randy. I’d like to sample your system. I know you are in AZ, but are you going to be at any shows or other events in the Houston, TX area where folks can try your products in your booth or on a range? I mention the range because I know of two Country Club gun facilities (meaning VERY high end) in the area and hope there is a small chance they may invite you during a special range day try and buy event.
  7. DCSigCZ

    P320 X5 Thread

    Is the material on the ramp the same as the slide coating? If it is, if it were mine I’d simply polish the ramp without removing the bump/jump and test fire that. Removing the extra friction on the ramp may be the problem and the fix for that is an easy one.
  8. I was looking for an alternative to the GG and Apex sleeve. Hadn’t found one until I saw your post. Thanks for sharing, especially with regard to the spring length requirement.
  9. Thank you for sharing the dimensions and results, quite helpful info.
  10. There’s a lot of anecdotal info here about recoil springs and guide rods, along with many questions, some due to the Legion acting differently than the original XFive. If you’ve figured it out, good on you. If other folks want data to decide, I provided characteristics to measure to capture what works and prevent trial and error. I also offered to help by recording data to see if results are consistent. If people aren't into that, that’s fine too.
  11. To get some criteria with which to quantify the springs that actually perform reliably in our pistols, so we can then identify and purchase replacement & additional springs that will also function reliably, regardless of supplier, we need to capture the following data points for each lb. rating of spring that works well: 0) Pistol model - P320 XFive or Legion XFive 1) Spring supplier. 2) Supplier’s rating of the spring (generally in pounds). 3) The actual number of coil turns in that spring. 4) The diameter of the wire of that spring if it is round, or the ribbon thickness if it is flat wire 5) the Bullet grain weight and Power Factor of the load shot successfully with that spring. 6) We can also measure the free length of the spring, but that is really a ballpark measurement versus a precision one because even two compressions of the spring can notably change that dimension. If the new, longer Sig springs seem to be an improvement in reliability, we should measure them and all other springs guys are using successfully. We can obviously share the data here. If you also PM me with your data, I will make a spreadsheet and record it in one place for us. Just be patient because I work long hours and don’t have a lot of free time. (There’s more measurements that can and should be taken, but that requires metrology labs and instruments so I’ve not gone into the Detailed Engineering Zone to spare you and keep this post shorter.)
  12. @rlapid216 I do not know what the weight difference is, if there is one, between the TXG grip weight and the standard XFive grip weight. I apologize but right now I do not want to risk goobering up either grip by pulling them out to weigh them. 1) Visually, they are the same shape. 2) The TXG weight is silver in color while the weight in my standard XFive has a very light copperish tone to it. 3) Neither weight is magnetic. I mention that because I remember reading somewhere that one or more people think the weight in the standard XFive is steel.
  13. Thank you for sharing the secret code
  14. DCSigCZ

    P320 X5 trigger options?

    @BallisticianX thank you for sharing your experience with the Apex kit in the P320. Are you familiar with the performance of the Apex Competition Kit in the S&W M&P M2.0? It makes the trigger action of that pistol just like the SA of my DA SA pistols that I have Competition tuned (I’m also a hammer fired SIG, CZ and S&W M&P Armorer). I ask because if you say the Apex kit in the P320 produces the same result as the Apex kit does in the M&P 2.0, that may very well be the ultimate trigger action I envision. I know exactly what I want and all my work is geared toward achieving it. I understand how the reduced power TBS can contribute to reducing the Trigger pull force. Since I already have one GG kit installed and another ready to install, I am going to place a Want Ad for an Apex kit that someone wants to sell, conduct different trials with it alone, conduct trials with it paired with some other parts and then compare the results obtained with all the aforementioned trials to the results obtained with the GG kit. I recorded all the detailed measurements I took as I went from stock to an installed GG Competition Kit. I will do the same constantly throughout my upcoming trials listed above. When I do action enhancement work for others, some want a complete upgrade and that’s that. Some want data as I progress through the enhancement process, and elect to stop at a certain point when I’ve achieved what they want. Some even ask me to progress, then go back a step or two when they see the numbers to get back to what they want. Again, the process is all geared to getting the pistol in the sweet spot they desire. At the end of the process, I provide their before and after measurements. Finally, as you note above, drop in parts make substantial improvements. Action tuning and careful, targeted polishing by an experienced Armorer maximizes the improvement possible, taking it the rest of the way home.
  15. DCSigCZ

    P320 X5 trigger options?

    I am a Sig Armorer and personally own two P320 XFives. As part of my Action Enhancement work, I’ve done one thing to retain a crisper trigger after installing a GG Competition Kit, and I have two additional interesting tests to conduct related to this during next month or so. 1) I installed the stiffest OEM Sig trigger bar spring (TBS) I had in my inventory with all of the other components present in the GG Competition Kit. Trigger pull in this configuration is 2 lbs 7 oz. Both the break and reset are good. I say “good” because I am shooting VERY well with this configuration, but if I had my druthers, I’d like both just a little bit crisper. Note 1A: I went back to the Sig TBS because with the entire GG kit installed, including the reduced power TBS, my trigger pull was 2 lbs 1 oz and both the trigger break and reset were too soft and not distinct/crisp enough for me. Note 1B: My measured pull force is the result of measuring 10-20 pulls with my digital gauge exactly where the center of my finger is positioned on the trigger and pulling the trigger with my electronic gauge at the speed my finger moves during live fire, to the best of my ability. I do both of those during my tests because both variables significantly affect the measured pull force and I need my measurements to be as close to what they are in live fire as possible. 2) I am going to remove one or both of the lower strength GG sear springs and reinstall one or both of the OEM Sig sear springs. 3) I am going to reinstall the OEM SIG sear. It will be very interesting to see how this works out because GG states that they have changed the dimensions of their sear where it interacts with the striker to improve release and thereby improve the action of the trigger system.
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