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  1. Would love to hear experiences of how shooters got their CZ Shadow 2 to make weight for IDPA.
  2. Over the last month, I took 2 classes with Keith Tyler . Both were incredible. Here's what I liked about it: - Personal attention - He spends a great amount of time with each person, analyzing how you do things and how and where you can improve it. - He breaks things down in small components, so that you can fix or self-assess what component is not working well even after the class. CRITICAL TO PRACTICE PERFECT!! - He conceptually and technically knows how things work and how they can be optimized, but more importantly, he helps adapt it to your physical stature, strength, shooting level etc. - Keith has a keen ability to assess what's going wrong and give you alternatives right on the spot. Once he helps you figure things out, he helps burn the right image in your head, by demonstrating it, observing and even videoing it so you can see his point. ( he used the shooter’s camera phone to make sure he could see what he was talking about. - His message is simple and consistent - easy to digest, solid in foundational & technical structure and more importantly, you get the why of it. His teachings on grip and trigger handling / strength alone was worth the price of the class. (independent of how many books you have read it, heard it or seen it from all other major trainers across the world). The individual attention and customized instructions allows his classes to add value to beginner or advanced class shooters alike, I will take more classes from Keith.
  3. Found these guys and it seems like a well made product. I don't own one. http://shop.lhsholsters.com/product_info.php?cPath=23&products_id=40
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