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  1. I am ordering egw fcg and debating on thumb safety what are you guys recommendation . I’m between egw ambi , svi ambi and double tap shielded ambi . I have a nitro fin so I figured a shielded ambi would look nice . Any info would be great or pics of this setup .
  2. Is that all you replaced or do I need to get the rest of the fire control group since mine was tuned ? Mine is tuned now to about same weight I should have specified I didn’t want it below that . Did you go 17lb main spring or anything what ?
  3. I have a sti edge 2011 with tuned stock internals and atlas trigger . My question is would the trigger be improved with aftermarket internals tuned by a gunsmith or would I not get much of a improvement verses cost ? Pretty much don’t want it much lighter just maybe more crisp .Also any suggestions on firing control group and ambi safety would be great . Looking at extreme engineering fcg and double tap ambi .
  4. Looks like a lot of people like gans
  5. Has anybody tried tommygunusa i was recommended to try them .
  6. I’ve tried to get ahold of them without any luck
  7. I was told they don’t do 2011 cuts ?
  8. Thanks for the info guys I’ll check these guys out !
  9. I live in southwest va so I’ll have to ship it pretty much no matter what . I don’t think I have anybody local that I’m aware of .
  10. Trying to find a company that does slide cuts/windows for a decent price on a 2011 edge please let me know your recommendation!
  11. Looking to buy either one of these to run limited. I’ve been highly recommended the cr speed just wondering what you guys think ? It will be for a 2011 and be ran on a daa belt . I’ve thought about the daa racemasters but I can’t get to the point of spending 60 per mag .
  12. Thank you sir I’ve always wanted a 2011 edge so it’s my dream pistol !
  13. That was what I was thinking it was a older build thanks for info
  14. Yes sir! I really appreciate that!!
  15. Thanks I’m new to owning a edge just trying to find some info out !
  16. Does anybody have a picture of where I’m suppose to make the Detent mark on the 1.0 I recently purchased one and don’t want to have a accidental slide lock don’t mean to hijack thread op.
  17. I recently made a trade on a edge in 40 . The gun has Sti edge 40. On the slide I haven’t seen that before normally ones I’ve seen say edge in small font . Im wondering if it’s a older gen sti edge and if it’s a good thing or bad thing . Gun suppose to have about 7-10k rounds on it . Has ck stainless frame .
  18. they have really good mag running videos . Check see if the cases are close together with the mag fully loaded at the top . Hope this helps .
  19. Sounds like TTi and grams ! Thanks for the info !
  20. Which baseplates you guys run on a sti edge with stock mags ? I was thinking tti 140 mm 40 cal . I was told mbx baseplates would be loose on stock gen I mag. I was going to do gram follower with tti baseplates unless you guys think there is better ?
  21. Wow that’s a insane price is it cause Of capacity in s2?
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