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  1. LeeIndy

    NEED a CMORE Plate!!

    Stuart is the head honcho at CZ customs. He physically checked stock. Think I got it sorted tho. The razor plate is very similar and should fit the cmore.
  2. LeeIndy

    NEED a CMORE Plate!!

    Radical idea!!! But Stuart checked before I posted this. Out of stock not eta
  3. LeeIndy

    NEED a CMORE Plate!!

    I need one of the CZ custom RDS plates. Specifically this one. https://czcustom.com/cz-parts-all/red-dot-mounting/cz-custom-rds-plate-system/rds-plate-cmore.html
  4. LeeIndy

    NEED a CMORE Plate!!

    Hey guys. I'm in desperate need of a Cmore plate for the shadow 2 from CZC. They are out of stock and I'm hoping one of you guys who had a shadow milled have a spare plate. I need SKU 10461: C-More Help!
  5. What rule says you cant have internal weight reduction? Appendix D 21.3 allows aftermarket slides as long as they conform to the same profile as OEM. I have no externally visible cuts so the slide is standard profile if including the filler plate. 21.2b Milling of Slide A slide may be modified specifically for installing sights, and for no other purpose. Slide racking devices are prohibited. For this gun to make weight taking a little bit out of the guide rod channel is required. the production rule changes have basically turned it into Limited 10 Minor with no magwell. For shits sake you can have a gaspedal now as long as you dont modify the frame to make it fit. #stupid.
  6. I'm 10000% sure Im production legal if I put the iron sight plate on.
  7. Sorry guys I forgot about this. I've put the S2 on a further diet with cgw guide rod. And the loK light weight thin grips. All said I've got 2.6 oz available for a dot. Do you guys still want pics? I'm currently CO legal for Uspsa and IPSC. The iron sight plate would get me prod legal too
  8. Wouldn't have mattered with contaminated ammo.
  9. slide stop, extractor, extractor spring, extractor pin, firing pin, FP spring, TRS, trigger pin. recoil spring
  10. LeeIndy

    CZ CO basepad

    I have all Springer Precision base pads. Love em
  11. Slide only and some weight taken out of the grips.
  12. That's slide rackers in CO. I dont see much need for one in production but it could be interpreted to allow apparently since it's all a joke anyway
  13. I'm not sure what all they did. Looks like mostly the guide rod channel. Anyone have a stock picture of the inside so I can compare?
  14. Springer Precision did the work. Its CZ customs red dot cut plus all internal slide weight cuts. Henning grips are reduced a little too. CGW guide rod should let me us other dots.
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