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  1. Are you wanting a race holster or kydex? If kydex, Red Hill Tactical or GX products will get you taken care of. Red hill has an option for "custom frame" pistol, your athena will likely be that, but maybe ask them first. I've heard excellent things about GX Products but have no first hand experience. If race holster, DAA Alpha X with the PT insert should work, as well as the Racer X, or an Everglades MRH. There are a ton of options for 2011 holsters. Just depends on what your needs are.
  2. I've heard this. This year was my first A3. I didnt hate it. That said, I didnt love it. I'm still uncertain if i plan to shoot it again this year. I came into the technical half on 4 hours of sleep after a 4 hour drive and proceeded to shoot far below where I should have.
  3. Short answer is yes. Most guys shooting Limited even semi seriously are shooting a 2011. 2011s are notorious for liking ammo of a longer OAL than factory. I load my ammo to1 1.2 OAL, I believe (someone correct me if I'm wrong) that factory ammo is at 1.135. It's a reliability thing.
  4. It's just the beginning of the season where you're not used to it. Itll be in the negatives soon
  5. This is fair. Lol. Iowa is getting miserable real quick right now.
  6. This was my first year going to multiple majors. (5). I live in Area 3 and attended Area 3 my first time this year. I've obviously heard the stories of the gimmicks at A3 and now experienced them. So now I'll ask: What is everyone's favorite area match and why? I'd love to hit another one this year.
  7. Nah. Absolutely not. It would rarely benefit you anyway. Can you imagine trying that on a hard memory stage that you only get 5 minutes to walk anyway? That sounds horrible lol
  8. I can't think this is just me but I'll ask anyway. For the last 6 months or so I've had a hard time getting ahold of legit quantities of .40. Is this across the board? Why?
  9. I like this topic. Always: Mag brush Spare recoil spring Spare extractor Spare Fiber (multiple sizes) Leatherman multi tool Lighter Lube ( i use lucas oil ) Roll of pasters Obviously Gun, Mags, Eye/Ear Pro, and spare gun if possible
  10. I used to buy magtech 115's for .15-.16 per round. Of all the ammo I was trying at the time, it was the cheapest, and ironically I found it to be very clean. I didnt find it to be terribly snappy compared to other factory ammunition either. I say if its cheap enough, go for it.
  11. Minimum criteria IMO for a level II with a fee of $150 Quality stages and staff Water on all bays Lunch Shirt There are state section matches that go above and beyond what I listed that cost significantly less. The Iowa Section match is an excellent example. I believe it cost $90 and had a climate controlled porta-john trailer, plaques for top finishers, as well as lunch and water. No shirts for competitors, though.
  12. I could never get the angle of the CZ safeties to feel right for me. I went with a 2011 and have no reason to ever look back. I personally prefer the triggers and magwells as well.
  13. Keep an eye on the classifieds. A couple DVC limited guns went for right around 2k, and a couple of edges were sub 1500 in the last year. I picked up an edge on the forum for 1k.
  14. You know what, I didn’t even realize that. I knew they did 2011 frames with custom SN’s and didn’t even look. My bad!
  15. Am I the only guy who likes a 14? I had issues with 12’s getting my ammo to go into battery.
  16. You made me curious so I tracked down our food scale. 39.25 oz, lol
  17. Rnlinebacker gave you a couple quality options for near your price point. That said, if you watch the classifieds there are sometimes good deals to be had. I picked up an Edge last year for $1000 with a RHT holster. It needed work, but it freakin’ sings now.
  18. When I was setting up my press I didn’t get my scale calibrated correctly, the result was some of the most glorious, softest shooting .40 ever. 3.6gr WST 180gr DG bullet 1.185 OAL 725 FPS 130.5 PF I was extremely disappointed when I learned why it was so soft.... lol
  19. I do. I’d tend to agree that this is probably a training issue. It took me a while to not lose the dot consistently, but I narrowed it down to a grip issue. I cleaned up most of that in a couple hours of Dryfire sessions. (I shoot limited with a 2011 regularly, the CO gun is kind of something I play with when I need a break).
  20. I’m of the same belief as Tha on this. I’ve shot friends custom 2011’s with heavy metal grips, and while I feel like I could get used to it, I still prefer my Edge with an aggressive stipple on the plastic STI grip. Wish I could find another one cheap!
  21. I believe Phoenix Trinity will do them too. I plan to use one of theirs on my upcoming custom build. You may check with Don Fredenhagen at Venom Custom for more info.
  22. I dig WST. Similar recoil impulse to VV, IMO. That said, I took a friends load (4.7gr, 180gr bullet @ 1.185 and jussssst barely made PF at A3. Apparently everyone chrono’d low there though, I chrono’d the day before A3 at 176 PF, went to A3 and made 165.5
  23. Oh, I’m fully aware, as noted above. Overall, really good learning experience. Just unfortunate. I don’t have anything against anyone at that club - It’s just a long drive and the only reason I went there was the fact it was an all classifier match. I don’t really have any reason to ever return. (Home club with weekly matches ~10 min from home, another 45 min south that does weekend matches)
  24. Before I started reloading, I was using 180gr precision delta “long” loaded at 1.180 making 171 PF pretty consistently out of my 5” edge. .25 cents per round. Not terrible. Was really reliable, too
  25. Valid question. Squad full of *mostly* new-ish shooters. I’m not even new, I just didn’t know it was for sure not against the rules (by that, I mean that I had watched plenty of other shooters zero classifiers intentionally with no repercussions and assumed it was within the rules) so I didn’t question it. I should have. RO wasn’t certified, only one squad member that I know of was, and he apparently didn’t know the rules well enough either. Perfect storm, if you will. Edit: It’s also worth noting that I prevented the same RO from DQing someone earlier in the match *after* the stage was almost scored, for a safety violation that he didn’t decide he saw until after the fact.
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