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  1. AWZ1387

    SRO on a Gen 5 G34

    Another vote for forward controls design.
  2. Been using talon grips for a while. They work great and stay in place.
  3. This maybe the case. I have to try to get some range time in with my carry guns, to see how my accuracy is doing. I'm wondering if I should actually be practicing more with the heavier triggers. Because if I have perfect trigger control with the heavier triggers, the lighter shouldn't be a problem?
  4. I see what you are saying, thanks for reply. Before I got my 34 I really didn't do much dry firing, I am going to start adding in some dry fire with my carry guns. To help with transitioning between the two.
  5. This is what happened to me, after a little bit of dry fire I got used to the other trigger again. But I got to thinking in a defensive situation I won't be able to get used to the difference.
  6. He is replacing it. He said that he had few gen 5 guide rods go out by mistake without the proper hardening.
  7. I added a few more photos showing the fit in the gun and the length. It's a gen 5. Jager sent me a dm and is going to make it right. Great customer service!
  8. I went to the range today and while cleaning my glock 34 I noticed that there is some wear on the jager guide rod. One side of the base the finish worn off and it is slightly flattened. There is also a couple of scratch marks next to the flattened area. I don't see any new wear on the barrel or frame. So I am not sure where it is rubbing/hitting. I only shot 300 rounds since installing the guide rod. I was shooting federal champion 115gr. I had a 14lbs wolff spring on the rod. I have a tti trigger kit installed, if that makes a difference. I took some photos. Photo link
  9. Do any of you guys find it difficult to switch between a light competition trigger and a normal defensive trigger? How often do guys train with your competition guns vs your carry guns? Having just got into compitition shooting, I have been concentrating on practicing and dry firing with my 34. My 34 has a tti spring kit and connector, the pull is pretty light compared to my 17 and 26. It is also more of a rolling brake. Today I decided to dry fire with my carry guns, and the trigger seemed so heavy compared to my 34. I felt like I had to really concentrate on not moving the front sight on the trigger pull. After a little bit of dry firing the trigger felt fine again.
  10. Is magtech 9mm 124gr ammo any good? How does it compare to federal American eagle? Sg ammo has a good price on it, $169.80. Not sure if I should get some or spend some more on something better. https://www.sgammo.com/product/magtech-ammo-sale/1000-round-case-9mm-luger-124-grain-fmj-ammo-magtech-9b
  11. I went ahead and ordered a set for my gen 5 34 and gen 5 17.
  12. Thanks for the replies. I went ahead and ordered a set.
  13. Thanks for the detailed response. I will check for coil binding. I also ordered a taran tactical grand master kit. I am going to try it out. I was going to order a 5lb striker spring to use with the kit instead of the 4.5lb but Brownells doesn't seem to have any.
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