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  1. When I shoot production i do. When I shoot open or limited I just reload in the middle of the stage somewhere. If I make that big of a mistake that I use 15+ extra rounds then I deserve what I get.
  2. I've shot three gun once an said that same thing. Running with a gun still in the holster is just an odd feeling.
  3. I joined back in January 2015 just use to lurk. Production shooter, made GM now struggling to be an actual contender at matches when the big dogs show up.
  4. When your friends think going to the basement to reload is code for something since you do it so much. Actually had a friend ask me what I was really doing.
  5. A good clean draw doesn't have to be the fastest. The draw is a very small part of the stage comparing your time to everything else you will do. If you can get a solid grip around one sec then that's going to help. I scoop draw an I've only been able to fully utilize it in a match twice. Most stages you have to move to a position to start shooting. Work on getting a solid draw from an position you will be in or moving too.
  6. Storm trooper scoring should only be mikes, unless you're set to stun.
  7. I wanted to shoot in this but was told because of my qualification in uspsa I was to skilled for it.
  8. It seems to take forever to get someone to actually show up to a match. Everyone always worries what other people will think of them.
  9. Practice shooting alphas as fast as you possibly can. If your speeding up an throwing a lot of Cs an Ds then your shooting faster than your seeing your sights. Speed will come over time. It's harder to get accurecy if your so use to slinging two on paper as fast as possible.
  10. You can find them pretty cheap on Amazon. Depending on your shoe size.
  11. Dry fire, burn in the draw on any way you can think of. I agree that you can get the gun out before you even start to run. Then you can just go full sprint.
  12. ^this guy gets it. If your not dry fireing correctly your forcing bad habits. Make sure everything's correct before you start going for a new record.
  13. Plus you can get fancy colors. To show your friends how unique you are.
  14. Readjust your grip an burn it in with dry fire. Take a solid week of making sure you get the correct grip.
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