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  1. Thanks for all the advice guys! As it stands, I think I'm probably going to go with the TSO for a few years and save up for a semi-custom/custom 2011 if I find it necessary. Or just want to, lol. Thanks again!
  2. I'm fairly new to USPSA (< 1 year) and I'm stuck between buying a new CZ Tac Sport Orange or a used 2011 for limited division. Which would you choose and why? Thanks!
  3. Hi Everyone, Does anyone know of a dry fire practice routine besides Ben Stoeger's 15 minute program?? Thanks!
  4. Is anyone still using the SJC Heavy brass magwell on their Glock? If so, do they really help with recoil? Yes, I know theoretically it should, but theory and reality seldom match, lol.
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