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  1. I need some motivation to practice this season. This tool looks like it will aid in practice and offer a more "real scenario" even though the recoil impulse is between a 22 and 9. Anyone have concerns on how it will effect timing when your slide is moving much faster under live fire? I'd be using this with an open gun so major PF vs 22 recoil will be a major difference. Has anyone used this in a open gun?
  2. Took one out of a GLS and threw it in Double Kydex. Best 3 gun open holster in existence!
  3. Just shoot. If your running a dot both eyes will be open! The recoil will help the dot appear. If you see the first shot was good, move on... If not shoot another round!
  4. I too would go with the rollover prone technique. I find a lot of people who go prone try and put their eye to the sight. When you go down, being your sight to your eye when looking at your target. It will feel more natural when you shoot.
  5. As long as you're having fun.... Some of my worst matches have been the best since shooting sports are built around friendships... Placing well is just the icing on the cake...
  6. @tacomandood I like the Flip routine after finishing, I might try that! I agree the flip and catch is fine but maybe not for the new shooter.. I've seen some shaking, nerve struck people who don't need to add that to their regiment... More for my safety lol.
  7. Thanks. I have a broken hand. Typing becomes difficult at times.
  8. @Chillywig I was speaking to Lena Miculek a couple weeks ago. She said she had more than that on her springs and she cuts off could from her stock set . I believe in maintenance but I'm seeing what everyone else has experienced
  9. What's everyone's thoughts on spring life for a MPX. I'm approaching 16k and I've done nothing to my gun besides clean it and she runs like a top! Anyone have data on when they started to see issues due to springs? Any other maintenance or parts I should think about starting to replace?
  10. Aforum55

    Trap gun?

    The A5 is far from Low recoil. I say that compared to a M2 or other auto loaders. I think recoil is really based on perception/personal thoughts. I will agree it's a super reliable gun though.
  11. IDPA is where most start. It's humbling when you think you're great at IDPA and then get rocked at a USPSA match.
  12. Allows you to load the SG when bolt is locked to rear. Once you start feeding the tube, it'll automatically load one in the chamber for you. Biggest draw is it prevents Port loading. An alternative option to the Browning A5.
  13. Fresh piece of fiber always helps the situation. I like the Prism lense when shooting irons but especially when shooting a red dot. This makes the dot really "pop". It's probably a personal preference to most. Try a couple pair at the range when you see a fellow competitor using them. Now that you know which options to look for the best decision will be the one you like most! Good luck!
  14. First off, unload and show clear isn't a race. I never cover the ejection port when unloading and showing clear. It's not often but your ejector could hit primer and mess your hand up when it goes boom! Some people don't want the round to hit the ground but it's only a few cents wasted if you can't recover it and it's not worth the flip and catch and risk a DQ or taking your focus away from making your gun safe. Ultimately it's your responsibility to have a clear gun so I always visually check chamber after unloading and before, hammer down, holster command. It takes an extra 1/2 second and en
  15. Shooting a Dot is a target focused sight picture where irons are sight focused. I often switch back and forth after shooting irons exclusively for the last 3-4 years. I think repetition is what makes you proficient in your division and swapping mental focus ever couple matches makes it difficult if you want to compete. I'd say you should plan your season so you shoot division 1 for half the season and Div 2 the other half. Might be the best of both worlds unless you're just shooting for fun.
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