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  1. Thanks a lot. It is actually for a Walther Q5 and the TRIARII is on the list. You had failures to eject? How´s that? I´ve seen in a youtube video, that it makes some dirt in front of the pistol. Is that true?
  2. Hello all, I´m teaching new shooters in our club pretty often (about ten times a year) and have some newbie family member which I´m, every now and then, taking to the range. They find their way easier with rifles, but struggle with the caliber and the weight/handyness. Now I saw a video on U-tube where a father teaches his daughter with a pistol in Carbine Conversion Kit, and she had a blast, she could make hits easy. So, now I want one for my newbies to let them have a positive experience right from the beginning. I like the features of the KIDON
  3. jayjay1


    Well, I have a SP01 which was my second handgun ever and it still runs awesome. I had a TS (not O) SA as well, which I liked, but the precision was very poor, and that´s why I sold it.. It is a very heavy gun, but because of the trigger and the weight at the front, I would rate it higher than the SP01. Have shot a Shadow 2 several times, which is in between the first two. Never have shot the others.
  4. Now add the weights, battery life and prizes, and you´ve made a greeeeaat review. Nice pic, great comparison option though.
  5. The SRO costs about 850 Euros over here, that´s more than 900 bucks. I can get two CZ P10 or almost two Glocks for the same money. That´s insane, sorry, so, no SRO for me, thank you.
  6. Hey darkside, I´m using my own made coated hardcasts weighing around 145gr and have loaded them for my old Shadow 1, where they came out around 134pf. I actually didn´t measure their velocity out of the Q5, will do that soon now, thanks. I´m somewhat faster with the irons, always losing the dot when shooting. Have shot the dot for about four weeks, maybe four or five times, then switched back to the irons.
  7. Well, I don´t say that I´m overtrained, but does anyone of you guys actually have a Q5? Don´t get me wrong, I don´t want to bother you at all, but the Q5 is a bit special in the recoil department, a bit snappy. The slide is very heavy, the grip peace very light, and the most weight of the slide is on its rear, so that there is some real muzzle flip. Repeating Mr. Hwansik, there is a HUGE difference between the polymer and the steel frame. So all I want to do is getting as much help as possible.
  8. Thanks guys, got that point. Will look for another sport dot then. Actually there are the DPP, the Vortex Venom and the Shield. Any other dots to recommend?
  9. Well then, there seems to be no advantage over a DPP or a Vortex Venom I guess?
  10. Is the SRO as bullet proofed as the RMR?
  11. Well, I´m struggling with losing the dot every shot I make. The heavy slide compared to the light grip is not nice, but I worked it out with irons. Mounting the original steel plate and the red dot changes things for me quite a bit. The gun flips somewhat more, the heavy plate with the RD on it adds not only some weight to the slide, so it does on the end, which increases muzzle flip even more. I have to refind my dot almost after every shot, my split times are three times more than with irons. To fix this problem a bit, I thought lighter moun
  12. I´ve ordered the sandpapers from Talon almost a week ago. @Chili: How did you fix your "weak-hand-high grip" issue? I´m making the same.
  13. Never done this kind of coating and I know no one who has done it aaaand I don´t want to ruin my beloved gun. ?
  14. Sorry, but for a non-native speaker please: What is a "TSO" rear sight?
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