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  1. 12 o clock at the end of the handguard is pretty common
  2. Check out Karl Bibb's reloading stuff on FB, half the price and can't say I have any regrets. Only reason to go MBF is if you're looking for more capacity e.g. the MBF Pro.
  3. Haven't felt the need to go below 2.5lbs on my TT Diamond, .10-.13 splits are easily attainable. The big change with the PCC triggers seems to be the hammer geometry in that it strikes the firing pin with the mass centered, assumedly to cut down on firing pin wear. Can't imagine they don't have a Diamond version in the works, probably just needed more R&D time to address the reported doubling.
  4. That's wild! So I'm running a carbine tube with Shooting Innovations Bolt (weight insert removed) + Strike Industries 308 Flatwire Spring + Blitzkrieg 5015HD + NFA Short Stroke bumper in the back. My mass weight seems to be very close to yours so I wonder if the spring tension is the difference. Nonetheless I'm glad to hear nothing catastrophic happened.
  5. CT206 user here, I'm not aware of a better laser system for our sport. Sighted in at ~7y and my main+offset dots at ~20. It's just another tool you can integrate into your style of shooting, people like them for hard leans but long-range hard leans make the laser pretty difficult to see depending on ambient light, an offset optic would probably be a better choice, or simply practicing switching hands and using your main optic. Personally I find lasers are most helpful with open targets within 10y where I just want to quickly point-shoot and not worry about completely mounting the
  6. Everglades Plated RN v2 (heavy plated) 115s with ~4.1gr of Clean Shot get me around 1150-1200fps from a 14.5" barrel on a regular blowback PCC. Ran with plated 147s for a while, and the reshoots due to timer issues was enough of an annoyance to try something else. For how my bolt+recoil system is set up (somewhat similar to yours), the difference in bolt cycling/dot bounce is pretty small but the 115s seem to reset the dot just slightly quicker. If you want to cut down on the recoil harshness, you'll have to reduce the reciprocating mass in the system, obviously if you reduce it t
  7. I wish more people would list their gun's stats when comparing load data... 14.5" Shooting Innovations barrel + Shooting Innovations bolt + Blitzkrieg 5015HD + Strike Industries flatwire 308 spring + NFA buffer spacer + Aero enhanced carbine tube 147gr Everglades Plated 3.0gr N320 1.1250" OAL Chrono'd at about 940fps, 2.8gr N320 was running around 880fps but there wasn't a noticeable difference to me, so I decided to go with the spicier recipe. That being said I'm going with Shooter's World Cleanshot once this last lb of N320 runs out.
  8. I really like the Tru-Spec 24-7 Xpedition series, huge fan of the cut and the venting+mobility is top notch. Their shorts are good stuff too.
  9. I really like my TriggerTech Diamond, as others have said ~2.5lbs feels like the sweet spot. I like the fact that it's technically a 2-stage trigger with an extremely light first stage, as it seems to act as a damping mechanism when I'm hammering the trigger. That being said I'm very interested in the reviews for the new drop-in Hiperfire trigger as well. Triggers are such a personal preference thing that unless you're willing to buy/resell every trigger on the market, or have a friend that has a bunch of triggers to try, you'll probably always have an itch to try a different make/
  10. I've ran both the TTI and TF +10 extensions, really no difference aside from the TTI extensions being a bit more aesthetically pleasing (personal preference). I would just go with whatever you get a better price on. The only extension I've had issues with is the MBX Mega Extension on the OEM Glock 31rd mags, and I've seen a bunch of those fail before, it seems like they cause too much flex at the mounting point, but I'm sure their new steel mages have considerably less flex so that issue is probably addressed now.
  11. TriggerTech's Diamond and Competitive lines of triggers are both great options and have served me well.
  12. Playing around with running a Unity Tactical FAST riser on mine, which is a 5/8" riser, so far I'm loving it.
  13. Haven't had any issues with this one. $12 from amazon https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00U8WNHIM/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o08_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  14. From my experience, a heavy rifle will experience less dot bounce when using a heavy recoil system, such as the JP SCS with all tungsten weights. So the tradeoff is weight for less hassle with loads and recoil systems to get that super minimal dot movement. A lighter gun will feel faster in transitions and allow you to one-hand the gun much easier, the tradeoff being you need to tune your loads and recoil system in a way that doesn't add enough reciprocating weight for the dot to bounce. You said it best though, it's mostly personal preference. At the top level, Max's
  15. Running a TT Competition (non-adjustable, 3.5lb pull) trigger in my PCC. Absolutely love it, glad to hear others are enjoying their TTs as well.
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