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  1. +1 on carrying enough to shoot it twice.
  2. Looking for recommendations for a mag vise block.
  3. I tried the TC when my 135 RN would not pass plunk test either. Same OAL 1.12. In further research tonight I read that Kaw Valley barrels only like coated bullets at very short OAL unless they are throated. I guess I will have to wait on the plated bullets to see if there is any difference.
  4. I just finished my first pcc build using a Kaw Valley barrel as well. I tried both BBI and Blue Bullets 125 TC at 1.12. Neither passed plunk test, but factory Federal at 1.15 worked just fine. What am I missing here? I have some Everglades plated 125s inbound to try as well. Very frustrated today. Loading on a Dillon 650 using Dillon dies. All rounds passed a chamber gauge. I had to go down to 1.05 to get one to pass plunk test.
  5. 135 gr BBI 3.6 WST 1.115 OAL. Not sure of power factor, but they are super soft.
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