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  1. I got the 14.5" model. Ran it in my first ever PCC match today and it was a blast. Gun ran great!! I zero'd at 15 yards and that seemed perfect for the type of stage we shoot at our range. Thanks for all the advice and input in this thread. I ran it with TTI +10 extensions and the were great as well!
  2. I ran the TTI +10 PCC mag extensions in my first ever PCC match today. They ran flawlessly! The gun ran great as well. Glad I went with the TTI and JP. Great combo!!
  3. Thanks for those links! Should have searched first lol! Got some reading to do now!!
  4. Getting my new JP GMR-15 in pretty soon. I am going to put a trijicon MRO on top. What are your recommendations for how many yards to zero the carbine at for USPSA? I was thinking 25 yards and then check holdover differences for anywhere from 5-50 yards in 10 or so yard increments. thanks in advance for any advice! -SS
  5. Picked up a JP GMR-15 and looking at magazine/extension options. I was looking into the Taran Tactical +10 basepads for the 31 round Glock mags. Also looking to get a few +5/6 basepads for the 17 round mags. any advice on the function of these mag extensions? thanks in advance! -SS
  6. Just ordered the 14.5” pinned competition model! May change the stock and charging handle. Let’s gooooo!!!!
  7. Good Afternoon! Looking to buy a JP Ready Rifle PCC from Ben Stoeger pro shop. Trying to decide on the model I want. Any feedback is appreciated. I will leave links to the two models below. #1 https://benstoegerproshop.com/jp-rifles-gmr-15-9mm-competition-pcc-carbine/ $1699 - JP Rifles GMR-15™ 9mm Competition PCC Carbine This model has 14.5” pinned and welded barrel. Basic JP internals. Basic hogue stock. #2 https://benstoegerproshop.com/jp-rifles-gmr-15-9mm-custom-competition-pcc-carbine/ $1989 - JP Rifles GMR-15™ 9mm Custom Competition PCC Carbine This model has a 5.5” barrel with 16” aluminum shroud. This is the lightweight barrel. Upgraded internals. Raptor charging handle. UBR stock. Maybe a little better trigger. ——————————— A couple concerns I have are: accuracy of the different barrels weight difference and how that will affect recoil and shooting stages. i will be putting a Trijicon MRO on top if that makes a difference. just trying to get advice on the price difference, seems like the custom model is a bit more upgraded but I don’t know enough about it to tell how big of a difference the upgrades will make in shooting. Thanks for your input! -SS
  8. Thanks for all the info. I’m gonna build up some loads and test some I already have loaded and see what happens.
  9. Looking to get into PCC. Going to pick up a JP GMR-15 soon. I believe I’m going with the 14.5” pinned and welded muzzle brake . I currently load 147g Xtreme plated bullets for my CZ shadow. I have some 124 Precision Delta hollow points I could load as well. Currently using 3.2g tite group for my pistol loads. Any advice on load data and OAL difference for shooting those through a longer barrel? thanks in advance for any input or advice. Currently loading on a D650. Take Care, -SS
  10. awesome! Thanks for the info! I am between the ultralite and the match PCC models. Will be mainly shooting USPSA with it. Your gun looks great with the MRO on it. That’s what I plan to put on mine as well since I have one sitting on the shelf! Hopefully I’ll make up my mind soon enough between the two models.
  11. Good deal. Thanks for the info. The new model with the 5" barrel and the shroud is supposedly 1 pound or so lighter than the regular GMR-15. Saw a review on youtube and it looks pretty sweet. They have an access point to the crown of the barrel to clean/ etc. Comp is built into the shroud.
  12. Good Evening, I am looking to get into the PCC game and wanted to know anyones thoughts and advice on the GMR-15 Ultralight PCC Ready Rifle. I see it listed on JP's site for $1799. It is a call to order item so not sure of the wait time on it. Does anyone offer a promo or coupon code for this particular build? It looks to be a solid out of the box PCC shooter. Thanks in advance for the thought and info. Take Care, -SS
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