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  1. CR speed Mag pouches for me. They give you the ability to use with many types of mags with a quick change of the plastic insert. They are good to go IMO
  2. Don't think I would be standing there. Not sure how the stage was setup, but why not stand behind the shooter?
  3. I have been using about 3 oz with a 3/4 full Frankfort Arsenal tumbler and fill it up with water just above the top of the brass. I ran a few batches with a 30 min "pre-wash" with just plain water and would dump it/rinse it and refill w/ water plus brass juice and run for an hour or so. That worked good. I recently switched to just running water/brass juice mix from the start for 1.5-2 hours and it comes out just as clean to me.
  4. Mecgar 17 rounders for production and I use Taran Tactical base pads for CO. - Also look into the grams spring/follower kit if using for CO.
  5. I am running the Hogue stock that came with it. I may switch eventually but it worked for me just fine out of the box. Thought about switching to the minimalist. We'll see what happens.
  6. Glad to hear you got it straightened out!! Happy Reloading! Take Care! -SS
  7. Awesome! Best of luck. I had to play with the ratios and tumble time just a bit before I got it just right. Makes life much easier for me. Best of luck!
  8. Thanks for the link and info. I will be giving these guys a watch soon.
  9. I certainly agree with you there. The muscle memory of finding the dot is definitely a skill that takes repetition to build. Give it some time and you will be eyes on target pulling the gun/dot dead on in no time. Enjoy!!
  10. I can't speak too much to the MPX but as for JP - GMR-15 it is an awesome gun! Has ran flawlessly out of the box for me. Zero hiccups so far. And a blast to shoot. I bought mine from Stoeger Pro Shop. Went with the 14.5" pinned and welded model. The are very well built and high quality rifles. Happy Shooting!!
  11. The dot is a game changer for sure. I run a SP-01 shadow w/ Delta Point Pro _ it's a fun setup for sure. I recently got into PCC and can't seem to go back to the pistol... Its a blast!!
  12. I have noticed the one hour mark does just about as good as I need it vs. 2 + hours. I have been re-using the water for the second batch I do and it comes out dang near just as good. I have been using 2 oz of the Brass Juice with 3/4 full tumbler of brass and fill with water just over top of the brass.
  13. I am a fan of titegroup - It's the powder I started with and stocked up on I may be biased based on that. Works good for me. I load 3.2g for a 147g bullet. May need to tweak the load up to 3.5 or so for 124g bullet. Check the data books to be safe!
  14. I am currently loading 147g xtreme plated bullets with 3.2g titegroup - get about 132 pf out of that load. Smooth action with it too!
  15. I went with the shadow. Main reason is that is what gun I shot in production and enjoyed it. I bought a new one and had Cajun mill the slide and put a DPP on it. Fun gun to shoot for sure. I am now shooting PCC and haven't picked up the pistol for a match in a while.. Best of luck in your ventures! Enjoy
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