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  1. Awesome. I'll check them out. Thanks for the info!!
  2. I have shot RN with great success. From what I have heard they seem to work best. That being said I have never used TC's or HP's - happy shooting!
  3. Looking for feedback on an IWB holster for my CZ P-01 compact. I have a set of LOK grips on the way for it. Looking for CC options - probably around the 4-5 o'clock position. Thanks in advance!
  4. Cajun gunworks did great work on my slide milling for DPP.
  5. Online Forum Classified Section / FB Club Pages / Local Matches / Word of mouth have all worked good for me.
  6. I usually put my cleaned cases into a ziplock and spray with Hornady One-Shot. I Shake the bag around a good bit and then dump into the case feeder.
  7. I run 3 pouches. Feels like overkill most of the time. I think 2 would be plenty.
  8. I thought about going thru the build process when I bought my GMR-15 but decide the model from Ben Stoeger Pro Shop had all that i wanted on it. I got the 14.5" P&W and love it. YMMV but that option had everything i "needed" in a PCC. I am fine with the existing hand guard on mine. Fits my hand perfectly. Happy Shooting!
  9. JP is solid for me. I have no other to compare it too though. I love my GMR-15 w/ 14.5" P&W brake.
  10. Ahh. makes sense... still too close for comfort IMO.
  11. CR speed Mag pouches for me. They give you the ability to use with many types of mags with a quick change of the plastic insert. They are good to go IMO
  12. Don't think I would be standing there. Not sure how the stage was setup, but why not stand behind the shooter?
  13. I have been using about 3 oz with a 3/4 full Frankfort Arsenal tumbler and fill it up with water just above the top of the brass. I ran a few batches with a 30 min "pre-wash" with just plain water and would dump it/rinse it and refill w/ water plus brass juice and run for an hour or so. That worked good. I recently switched to just running water/brass juice mix from the start for 1.5-2 hours and it comes out just as clean to me.
  14. Mecgar 17 rounders for production and I use Taran Tactical base pads for CO. - Also look into the grams spring/follower kit if using for CO.
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