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  1. For indoor 25m range what setting ist best? Trigger built-in mic of Doppler what sensitivity setting on built-in mic for 9mm minor standaard and 9mm major open. Or is a external mic better?
  2. 3n38 taking more volume at the same weight as SP2 I have used both in my 38super but ik like the sp2 better, 3n38 giving a lot of flams in my gun with copperplated bulets, and sp2 shoots flatter for my feeling.
  3. Racer NO ???? Race master and Racer are the same? only diverents is the Racer is cheaper whitout swapebel inserts or im i wrong? Because I was looking voor a Racer
  4. I use Dampnimg grease on my shell plate from my pro1000 and the action go smooth but my pro1000 is wel worn in 50.000 rounds reloaded on it so far. http://dx.com/p/excellent-performance-damping-grease-50g-112202?utm_source=GoogleShoppingUS&utm_medium=CPC&utm_content=112202&utm_campaign=424&gclid=CN2t29y_urgCFe4-MgodCTMABA
  5. I have had RCBS, Dillon and Lee presses, they all wok the Dillon is great but expensive when a had a lot of money i would buy dillon but now im using lee does what ist need to do and cost less.
  6. I had a dillon 550 and 2 Lee pro1000 ik have sold the dillon because i like the lee pro1000 better for 9mm and 38super. I was looking to for a loadmaster 2extra stages because i like the lee better then the dillon faster and schaeper. I loving to read the reactions here.
  7. Gerritm, The requested photo, its the yellow/green isolation.
  8. Thanks Chrispy, The tip about the electrical wire jacket over the shaker rod works great no more problem. thumbs up.
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