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  1. Don't do the PCC Classifier. The 5x5 is harder in my opinion and there's seriously nothing tested in the PCC classifier that you would actually see in an IDPA match. So why waste the 72 rounds and hold up the match.
  2. Obviously like any alternative sighting system, it is for special cases. The one thing I will say is that for 2 out of the 3 of the below scenarios, require a LOT of practice IMO. Unless you have practice time to spare, you may not benefit from having a laser. 1. Very awkward positions it might give you a sight picture where a red dot would not. This does still require some practice to be quick but you might not have the option of the red dot anyway. 2. If you are moving very fast, mounting the gun to your shoulder would actually result in even greater dot movement. So just float the gun in front of you and shoot. This is perhaps the only situation where it's intuitive and doesn't need to be trained for as much. Like close targets that you are running past. 3. Hip shots from start position. This requires a LOT of practice. Not the initial shots of course on a single target, but getting it faster when engaging multiple targets at the start position. You have two options here and it requires decent practice for both. One is to hip shot all of the targets in front of you, that takes a LOT of practice, and funny enough, the better you get at it, the less you actually need the laser. Because paradoxically, to see where a laser transitions to, your hip aiming must be pretty good to begin with to get the laser to where you are looking anyway. The other is taking the first target with two shots from the hip, mounting and aiming at the second target instead of transitioning, this saves time in theory, but your natural instinct will be to look dumbfounded at your initial hip shots for about .5S before mounting for the second target. Your target for 2 targets, should be to be able to engage 2 targets in perhaps the time it takes for engaging a single target + the time of a split. Transitions and splits from hipfire are very slow initially. My cut off is no more than 3 hip fired targets before mounting would have been better on speed, but certainly no more than 2 when considering hit factor since accuracy with hip fire might not be so good depending on distance of course. My personal bread and butter start position is two targets under 7 yards with the ability to face the targets unhindered stock on belt. You also need to factor in a little training to shoot normally with the laser on. It can be a tad confusing having two dots in your window and not get distracted and having it slow you down.
  3. The only factory ammo that works in the goliath that I've tested is fiochi 9apb (not 9ap).
  4. I've been slowly slowly coming to grips with going from an AR9 to the MPX. I still get the feeling the gun is floating out in front of me. I think it's a combo of the receiver just being a little longer meaning my forehand grip is not as close to the end of the gun even with the stock fully collapsed but also... weight balance. It's very front heavy. I was actually thinking of perhaps throwing a buffer and spring into the M4 tube just to try to get the balance a little further back. How dumb is this idea?
  5. Yeah they do seem willing to replace mags. But knowingly shipping broken mags to begin with is very wrong. This was extremely apparent with the p320 mags. They KNOW there's something wrong but basically deal with it on the tail side. I think that's shady. My replacement p320 mags still don't work, but why would I call them again, trash is trash even when replaced with more trash. Again, my 40rders work, I think they are great. But would not recommend them.
  6. So I've shot about 3 USPSA matches with it and they work. So I'm pretty happy and trust it. But it's ETS... they really don't give a damn about QC and they do have variance from piece to piece from batch to batch. So... it works for me, but I still wouldn't recommend them.
  7. Well I do use a laser as well. I find the offset optic more useful for those leans that require a precise shot, not the super hard but close leans.
  8. So switching from my AR9 rig to the Sig MPX has been particularly troublesome around left hand leans. I normally use a cheap but reliable truglo offset mount rail piece to mount a holosun 507c. However, the same or similar mount won't work ideally on the MPX because it's not enough offset for the height over bore on the MPX. Basically the MPX has a taller rail section, so when I tilt it to see through the offset, the barrel is somewhere to the right of the optic. Can anyone recommend an offset mount for the MPX that will have the barrel under the offset optic? Or should I give up on the idea and adapt.
  9. I'll give that a shot. I really don't care to "upgrade" the handguard, I just really dislike the wobble. Obviously such wobble is more than cosmetic unlike the wobble between and upper and lower
  10. I finally cut and posted my video of an unboxing and look at the internals. I think it's a "gen3". Is this the bag you guys got? It looks cheap as s#!t and isn't Sig branded...
  11. This isn't about shooting through the walls which is clearly a PE per shot. There is no penalty for walking through the wall. At best, REF due to the wall preventing you from passing through and reshoot.
  12. I might actually try some variation of this. I think it's pretty repeatable but perhaps will use two hands, but not actually shoulder it. See how each performs. That would cover perhaps the two extremes of form, my best possible form as in the video, vs worst realistic possible form, not actually shouldering the rifle.
  13. I'm wondering what to test specifically that's repeatable actually. I was thinking perhaps 3 targets, doubles on each. But that's really subject to the quality of my transitions, Perhaps movement? double at 15 with forward movement. Do an average of a few drills to make up for the fact I might have pulled during a footfall. Maybe stock on belt, beep double. Which will simulate having a realistic standing double with less than perfect mount rather than what I did in the video.
  14. So I did the following test with my new MPX and my current AR9 build. AR9 just runs an 8oz buffer on a carbine spring. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dzlfJ_2ljlI Double tap at 15 yards, same ammo, tried my best to give as best of posture / control as I could on each. Basically my AR9 was performing slightly better on double taps compared to the MPX. Considering the money spent on the MPX, I was hoping for more. Perhaps I'm not testing realistically, that my hold in competition really isn't as consistent as when I do this test and with weaker holds the MPX is going to outshine the AR9? But... perhaps it's the hand-guard of the MPX? There's a lot of play in it out of the box. I sort of "shimmed" it using some hot glue in a few parts just to see if that would help, I think it did, but perhaps I need to get something more permanent. Perhaps I need to experiment with lighter / less perfect holds to compare between the two firearms?
  15. Sorry to dig this one up, but this came up today at a match. I still don't think there is a negative answer for this one. There is literally no penalty for defeating obstacles imaginary or real. Just because someone chooses to defeat an obstacle by using their feet to walk around, or defeat it by going over or under, I don't think there is any penalty available for HOW you do it as long as you do it safely.
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