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  1. I just got 3x 21rd pmags. They're pretty nice. They have 3 witness holes and drop pretty easily. They also lock the slide back.
  2. nick779

    Favorite Trigger

    In case anyone is wondering, the oem #5 connector tightens up the creep and solidifies the wall. It gets a bit too heavy imo with a 4.5# striker spring. Pretty significant increase over a dot. Sticking with the dot connector.
  3. I found it on Amazon. It's listed as pinewood derby car weights
  4. I picked up a pair of Asics Gel Venture 6's for $40 at a local Asics outlet. They seem good so far, no complaints.
  5. nick779

    p-10F issue

    I shot my P10C in USPSA Production. I had to grind down the mag basepads so they didnt pinch my pinky. Ran fine. Mag release is still tough to actuate and ive reprofiled it, polished it and grease it regularly. NONE of my other pistols have had releases that were this stiff, NONE of them. They were all 20-40% more expensive though. Springfields get so much hate, but after looking inside a CZ, they visually look better built and everything is smooth, trigger is meh out of the box though. The Shield was ok, nothing terrible or great there. I dont know why or how, but my G34.5 is a tack driver out to the 30 yards im capable of freehanding. I initially swapped to a TTI GM kit & connector, but the rolling break feels so incredibly long and slow. The dot connector feels VERY similar to my P10C, and im going to try a standard #5 connector tonight. I just find it comical that I always said id never own a Glock, but here we are.
  6. nick779

    p-10F issue

    This. It was always unreliable for me and I hated not having a smooth, reliable slide release. Poorly designed and executed controls can break someones experience shooting anything.
  7. nick779

    p-10F issue

    I have about 3k through my P10C. It never loosened up so I helped it with some 800-2k grit. I run a #18 spring that loosened it up a little as well. I almost bought the CZC release, but for $90 ill weld and shape a tab onto the release. For the record, I shoot a Gen 5 G34 now and honestly I really enjoy it. Ive got the trigger near the p10C (with HBI), for not a whole lot of money too.
  8. To be fair, this is exactly what I was thinking. I know a 2011 is the way to go, but 5-6k is a tough pill to swallow (especially shooting .40). I fully intend on sticking to Carry Optics for a while, but at some point I may want to try Major scoring with a dot. and a Glock build seems to be the most inexpensive way to go. The only issue would be the ammo, but finding Maj PF 40 is much easier and cheaper than Major PF 9mm. It will just be a 180gr load and not a 135/155gr with more powder load.
  9. nick779

    40 Open

    Subbing to this, investigating a .40 Open Glock running 180gr rounds from Atlanta Arms, Fenix and Angelfire. I have no interest in reloading at this time. Edit: This is sounding more and more like a waste of time.
  10. Its not so much that Id prefer it over Limited, Im just taking a liking to running a dot. Just curious, do you specifically load to minor? Most factory 180gr ive seen is at ~175pf
  11. I didnt want to deal with re loctiting a retention screw so I did the uncaptured tungsten Double Diamond from Glockstore. It uses ISMI springs. They have a cheaper Stainless one as well.
  12. Im just curious if anyone here runs a Glock platform in Open or Limited major. I love CO so far but Major scoring is tempting. I have no intentions on doing anything for a while, but the thought of running something like a Carver Custom Glock in Open intrigues me. Heck even going cheap and doing a basic 35 setup with a ported barrel and a slide ride optic might be fun.
  13. For some reason I thought that if you did anything in between hammer down and holster it was a DQ.
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