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  1. Help is sporadic though except for us 3 core members. We have been hanging by a thread lately with help stretched so thin. I wish we had more retirees with the time on their hands to chip in. I live an hour away from club and have to drive the night before for setup and then back again early next morning for final touches, add in 2 more days during the same week having to travel to the club for a board meeting and another day a member meeting, I can’t see us lasting for too much longer without more official staff who can formally commit.
  2. I wasn’t referencing your specific situation just replying to the other guy’s comment. I have a lot of personal frustrations with those who refuse to adapt to technology that truly makes life easier. If it was just technology for the sake of being digital i could see resistance but most technology makes things a lot better than without it. I’ve run into this multiple times also serving in our clubs board. It’s not such much the lack of understanding of how to use technology to their advantage but it’s their rock firm stance and hatred against it. I could live with someone saying “I just can’t figure it out” but I refuse to accept the statement “it’s not better or it makes things much worse”. That’s just a denial of fact. I’m 35 and a MD and my Co MD is around 42 and we have someone around 60 who helps out but is a sharp guy for his age and then 2 other of our steady helpers are 25 and 30. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I couldn’t agree more. People who can’t adapt to things that truly make life easier are holding us all back.
  4. We are bound by the rules and they are important no doubt. But when someone does that and screws over 45 other people it’s going to rub a lot of people the wrong way. I don’t mind them pointing it out I just wish they helped with setup and could have found the error sooner so it didn’t negatively impact so many other shooters. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. I’ve had to throw out Tick Tock this month’s match and it was because there was not an X on the table. Despite in the WSB it is not stated where the X should have been so we could have put it anywhere. Setup help is extremely thin and I never made it around to double check on the classifiers this month. A second classifier we shot this month also got thrown out. I forget the name but it had a target at 56 feet from the starting box and the target was instead 56 feet and 6 inches. It killed me inside that we missed that. It’s totally on me as MD, I just can’t create more time and that’s what caused the oversight. With only 4 guys including myself setting up 5 large high round count stages and 2 classifiers is tough. It was a really frustrating month and the first time we have had to throw out classifiers. The one shooter who brought to my attention the missing X on table for Tick Tock, told me about it AFTER he zeroed the stage. How ironic!
  6. yes it is a standard vertical OEM mount. Its in color blue directly from a CZ Parrot, it also has the thumbrest angle mounting holes in it so you can get the *thumb rest [generic]* thumb rest for angled thumb position seperate and add it on. i would sell it for $150. 

    1. aandabooks


      I bought one from another member already.  Just waiting on it to arrive.



    2. hurley326
  7. Lol yea I do understand that. I did get bounced around thought to 1-2 people before I spoke to him. It definitely wasn’t their most knowledgeable guy but I did think it was someone that should have known a little more. I’ll never be the same after that call! Hopefully now after finding a solution I can begin the healing process.
  8. I agree... but when i called CZUSA and told them my trigger pull is 1/3 of pound they said "its normal this is competition gun" like i was some a_-hole who never shot a competition before and didnt know what he bought. I was completely discouraged at that point to send my gun and potentially have them send it back with nothing done and me not only be out the money for shipping but more important be without my brand new gun in the middle of my shooting season. I am capable to handle a pull that light without an AD but i know most wouldn't be. I shot it successfully that entire season and wasnt going to be without the gun i just waited months to get back in stock. After it was already a year passed and winter season i still had bad taste in my mouth about the rep at CZUSA telling me that it was normal. Having a trigger pull at 6 ounces is in no way shape or form normal for almost any gun, let alone a handgun. I installed the normal CZ75 series TRS which is not the same TRS style spring that typically comes on the TSO and that has now successfully got my pull weight up into the 1-1.5 pound range. More importantly i am able to take out all the pre travel that i added to the trigger out of safety concerns and have a much better trigger experience in that regard. I am going to experiment next with using the CGW reduced power TRS which i think will bring it down a little and right in the range i was looking for. Every time i relay this story it gets me fired up that they said that to me. Am i crazy or would that have rubbed you guys the wrong way too for them to say its normal and disregard my concern. I admit they did say i could send it in but i lost all credibility that they even knew what they were talking about at that point.
  9. You definitely can’t i don’t know what that guy is even talking about. Wrong gun. last night I added the TRS from the other cz75 series and it did work to increase the pull weight by about 8-10 ounces which was great. I am going to take that out though and add the CGW reduced power TRS and I’m hoping it will only add about 5 ounces and I will be right where I need to be at 1lb total pull weight
  10. This is helpful! Thank you Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. I currently do have the aluminum trigger. 1.5 would be exactly what I need. Can you post a picture of how you added a shadow 2 TRS considering they are two completely different springs? See image below, Top is TSO trigger spring and bottom is shadow 2 spring.
  12. Swapped different hammer and different sear no luck. I’m exhausted. Going to try the double sear spring mid next
  13. Forgot to post this just so you know I’m not pulling your chain. I hear what your saying but do you hear what your saying lol. I understand most people don’t want to increase trigger pull weight in a competition gun but I have NEVER met anyone who wants a 1/3 of pound trigger pull weight. A picture is posted below before I gassed the tanfo sear spring which added another 6 lunches bringing me still to under 1lb.
  14. I couldn’t tell you. I never really thought to compare. It’s insurance basically so you don’t get jams at a match. I didn’t run a full match with 1oz loads but I shot half a box on practice. I run 1 1/8 oz at 1200 FPS is my standard load for 3Gun. It ate those all day. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Mine ran 100% without it but I added it anyway and it let even 1 oz loads cycle fine. I just sold the whole gun tho. It’s worth it if you can’t get yours running as is Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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