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  1. i just screwed a RTS2 into a DPP plate meaning that the holes for the RTS2 and DPP are the same...
  2. Can they do custom anodized colors do you know?
  3. I have an extra sear unused if u looking for one Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I agree, the Cmore RTS2 has the perfect size window and the 6moa is a dream to track and not too big for 25 yard shots. I dont know how anyone competes with dots under 3. I also have the DPP in 7.5moa triangle nad its just too awkward with triangle and the window being wider than taller is weird for me. Cmore RTS2 6moa for win
  5. Yea it’s just OK, not great. All depends on your grip I guess. Let’s your hand get further up almost like putting partial palm pressure on the part rather than thumb pressure like with the angle 2 or angle 1. Not for me though. I really love Angle 2 a lot Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. It’s the CZ Angle 2 thumbrest. It doesn’t come on any pistols but is available as separate purchase. I love it. There is also an angle 3 which is ok, I have one if anyone is interested in trying a different angle. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. That’s what I did. Especially worth it if u don’t plan to shoot open. You can add an optic mount for range fun too if u want
  8. I sent mine off to czc and am very pleased with it. Makes weight easily. Way nicer looking gun than the q5 although I haven’t seen one in person yet to be fair. Can’t imagine it performs better though
  9. Agreed, I’ve installed the conceal hammer and can confirm its drop in fit
  10. Guess I ain’t shooting enough if I didn’t break one yet!
  11. hurley326

    Czechmate vs Parrot

    Are the two barrels the same?
  12. Amazing gun and amazing wife! The whole forum is jealous lol
  13. The TSO if u want to shoot USPSA limited division. An amazing gun for the value for that division
  14. Pioneers of the double layer kydex holster. Solid holster with lots of color options
  15. Wow this is good to know. My old slideride Mount definitely doesn’t fit my tso. May have to buy a new one and try. Can you post side profile pictures of the CZechmate upper on the tso Lower? Does the longer dust cover interfere with operation of the comp when it cycles?
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