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  1. Bought it from Stuart at CZC. It was his personal tho I don’t know if they have them in the shop but it’s worth asking. I didn’t want to cut up my original slide so I could use it in production. I’ve seen them for sale on here for around $600-700. U could find a used shadow 2 or new at discount site for around $1,000 - $1,100 if you look enough so that’s not a bad option either. Looking back I should have just done that. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I started this project more as just a test to show it could be done. I bought a second slide which I had milled for carry optics uspsa and figured why not just spend a few more bucks to make it a multi game multi division gun. Uspsa production and carry optics Idpa esp and carry optics I’ll have to post the specs and pictures when I get home. It’s just under 43 oz. I’m going to post an extensive thread on it. You also need to take off the magazine release pad as per 8.1.7.D. I don’t think the fact it’s OEM matters. This has been a lesser discussed aspect of making this work for IDPA
  3. I have a shadow 2 that i got milled for carry optics USPSA from CZC. They took weight out from inside and made a 2 inch or so long cutout at the top. Putting the RDS fixed sight plate on and this could be used for ESP couldn't it? It would make weight. https://czcustom.com/custom-work/s-i-rds-plate-cut-shadow-2-co.html https://czcustom.com/rds-plate-fixed-shadow2-sight.html
  4. hurley326

    Shadow 2 double action issue

    from my understanding from talking with the cajun guys this is a classic cz timing issue with the DA. I just fixed the issue with mine thanks to their help. Essentially you need to file off material where line C meets line D in this image provided above. You cant put material back so go SLOW and light and retest often. its barely any material you take off. The second you see that material is removed its time to test it.
  5. hurley326

    Make ts trigger heavier?

    I agree... but when I told CZ USA they said “that’s normal it’s a competition pistol.” I stressed to them no matter what they claim I know 100% this isn’t normal I didn’t start shooting last week. I understand the TSO is a competition gun and they are hoping to achieve a 1-2lb pull. I see most around 1.5lb but none at .50 or less! Their response was “send it in for warranty”. Also, I did try springs from CZC and Cajun Gun works and neither spring increases the weight by half pound. I tried both trigger return springs and sear springs. It’s not the trigger return spring that is going to increase weight though, it’s going to be the sear spring. I also used a Tanfoglio sear spring that has a full extra coil and that increased the weight around .20 on average.
  6. hurley326

    Make ts trigger heavier?

    Lyman digital. Gun in a vice to avoid movement. Measuring at bottom, middle and top of the trigger and averaging out the pull weight. Also pulling 5 pulls each to average out. And as comparison to make sure my scale isn’t jacked up im comparing it to a CZ Shadow 2 from Cajun gun world. The trigger pull weights in both double action and single that were notated on my gun when i received it from CGW, are matching the weights I’m getting with my scale. So the scale is accurate and my method of using the scale is accurate.
  7. hurley326

    Make ts trigger heavier?

    i am in this same boat! I got a TSO and the trigger pull is alarming light at 1/3 pound and after adjusting the set screw in trigger i was able to get it up just above to about 1/5lb or .60 but it adds just mush rather than the normal pre travel under light tension i am used to. I even tried adding the tanfoglio sear spring and that only added barely .15 to the pull. I called CZ and they said its normal but i know thats BS bc the gun isnt meant to be that light. I could see 1lb to 1.5lb but half pound is just ridiculous. So i may send the gun back in for warranty work. They mentioned something to do with hammer and sear engagement, but i tried a different hammer and nothing changed. Perhaps i need to try a new sear before i send the gun for warranty? I appreciate any input.
  8. hurley326

    Czechmate optic mount on TS Orange?

    I am also interest to know if the regular CM C More mount will work. I know there is talk of the TSO not having the same tri top slide cuts, but would that make the standard mount not work? I assume the underbody of the mount could be milled if needed for clearance. I have a mount on order so I will be able to tell when it arrives, I just would rather know the answer now since its an International order that may take some time. Thanks.
  9. hurley326

    Tanfoglio sear spring to increase SA weight on CZ 75

    I just got a TSO and have about 200 rounds through it. My trigger pull is at 5.6 ounces which is really confusing to me. I had to add insane amount of pre travel and bend the trigger return spring and sear spring to get me at 10 ounces. I contacted CZ and told them I was concerned that it’s not normal to be at less than 1/2 pound from the factory and they told me I shouldn’t be concerned and it’s fine!! I’m shocked so I might have to resort to sending it in. And I’m testing with a digital gauge with the gun in a vice and the gauge is confirmed to be accurate since it measures the same as Cajun gun works quoted me on my Shadow 2 I got from them.
  10. hurley326

    TS or TS Orange for .40 limited

    Ive debated getting this thumb rest or one of the Double Alpha ones. They make the DAA in a regular width similar but maybe a little less wide as this, and then a new slimmer version. How do you feel about this one?
  11. hurley326

    Tactical Sport Orange Magazine Release

    How is this holding up? I am debating giving this a try myself. Where did you get the spare S2 pad? Or did you buy an entire mag catch assembly and just utilize the pad?
  12. hurley326

    CZ Shadow 2 Nitride at Hinterland In Stock

    There is no "advantage"... imagine every gun is done with all nitride. They come off production line and are inspected. Lots of them have imperfections in the metal like divots or small indentations chips etc. these don't look pretty right? Well those go to where they get a layer of poly coat slapped on top of them. Polycoat masks all these imperfections visually. It's a thicker coating where the nitride is just a process for the metal not a coating. Get it now? Polycoat makes the otherwise inferior quality pistols, up to standard again.
  13. hurley326

    CZ Shadow 2 Nitride at Hinterland In Stock

    Black and gray have polycoat OVER the nitride. All guns are nitride then they inspect. Those with imperfections from machining become black and gray versions bc the polycoat covers those imperfections. It's applied over the nitride. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. hurley326

    CZ Shadow 2 Nitride at Hinterland In Stock

    Any pics of the poly vs nitride side by side??
  15. hurley326

    Cz shadow 2 magwell

    What I found out is that the magwell in that link that looks same as the tactical sport orange, requires custom grips labeled SHORT. The stock grips won't work. However, the springer precision magwell is only one that works with the stock grips. I'm getting this one