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  1. hurley326

    Thumb Rest

    I’ve only just started shooting an Open gun but I’ve experimented with it on and off for about 500 rounds. I like it more of an index point to set my ideal grip, more so than a leverage point that greatly impacts muzzle rise. Yes some leverage is applied that plays some impact to muzzle rise but for me so far it’s a nice index. I used to shoot a TSO in Limited which has the thumb rest where I’ve fired 10 times that many rounds so it’s also familiar for me.
  2. I received mine in just under 9 weeks and have yet to hear anyone say it took longer.
  3. my MBX are working right out of the box. I did load them a few times as per directions but no tuning they are just working fine. I also received a lot of advice to try them out as is before rushing out to buy grams guts. I think a lot of people rush to waste money it's not always necessary. You could almost afford an additional mag rather than getting the grams guts as long as the stock guts work for you.
  4. I use the DAA automatic bullet marker as well. I had no luck though with regular sharpie markers and RangePanda's upgrade marker holder didn't help much either. Instead I use Sharpie's "Brush Tip" markers and they work like a charm. I strongly suggest getting these markers if you use this product. If your picking up your brass this is a MUST HAVE purchase in my opinion. It does everything for you as they come off your press, it's great. I'm marking 38sc but will likely leave 9mm major on the range.
  5. DPP is 1.83 ounces, I just weighed it for you. Sorry but I cant take my SRO off my gun as I just sighted it in. Trijicon website says it's 1.60 ounces. So difference would be .23 ounces as long as web description is accurate, which I would think it is.
  6. A new gun just makes you feel good! Just received this Honcho a few days ago.
  7. I just recently got my honcho but I’ve asked about 10 honcho owners and every one keeps coming back with MBX mags. I purchased 11 since and all have worked great with no issues. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Does anyone have experience with the FW ARMS™ AUTO-CASE CENTERING DECAPPER/DEPRIMER ? I couldn't find much about this die but it looks promising. Idea is that it auto centers the case which is supposedly useful when running automated at higher speeds. I am not automated yet so I don't know how much trouble if any at all you would get with a standard redding carbide decap die. Mighty Armory seems to be another big player in the "premium" die space that has been around a little longer but I think their claim is just the toughness of the die. They make a similar die for the swage station as well. https://fwarms.com/shop/reloading/f-w-arms-auto-center-decapper/
  9. Thanks! What minor spare parts do you suggest ordering to keep the press up and running due to minor breakages?
  10. I should have clarified. I plan to get the Evolution or Revolution from Mark 7. I greatly appreciate the commentary this is helpful! Keep it coming! I’ve never had Mr Bullet feeder not drop a round, just getting less than 1% that are sometimes upside down. These are not multiple upside down in a row, just 5 or less per 500-1000 rounds. I might try without this and order it down the road if I’m having issues. My plan was to only ever set the machine to load 100 rounds at time so I would be sure to keep the MBF and Casefeeder fully fed each time I needed to drop in another 100 primers. The round output stop feature appears to be a great solution to make sure you always have bullets, cases and primers fully stocked. I’d likely run it at a very slow and reliable output rate as I’m only looking to load 500-1000 maybe once ever 2 weeks. I would like the ability to walk away and check email or gun maintenance or dry fire but I would be in the same room as the machine. I think you guys sold me on the powder measure because the only way to find out there was a problem there is when it’s too late at the range or during a match. At least if the bullets didn’t drop for some odd reason I would walk in to max 100 rounds in the output bin and could fix the issue before resuming. Question on powder sense... will it detect a complete “no charge” as in no powder dropped at all? Or is it only detecting slightly under or over?
  11. 10 coil. The 13 coil are for 170mm mags for Open. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Tell me your rationale for each of these sensors. I’ve had various suggestions as to what sensors are “must haves”. I’m working with 2 650s now so I don’t have anything automated. I’m reloading mostly 9mm and 40. I am doing a little of 38sc but might keep one of my 650s to reload that for major matches. I shoot 223 but i haven’t loaded more than 100 rounds on that. Perhaps with automation I might do more of this. I’ve heard so many different opinions on this and just trying to hear more rationale to help me make a decision. Thinking that I might be better served spending the money on caliber conversions rather than sensors. What do you think? Here are some of my thoughts: I assume the swage sense because if a primer or portion of a primer remains by the time it gets to the priming station it could ignite a primer? But then I’ve heard there is not a big deal at all if one primer ignited. Is this more needed for 223 only or if doing 9/40 as well? On my 650 I have had less than 10 primer “ringers” in over 25,000 rounds. I never run into crimped 9mm. For the powder measure sensor, how often Is the powder drop not consistent or accurate? This was one I thought would be needed maybe because powder spill concerns but then have heard the machine is so accurate because of all the adjustment to timing to make it so powder spill isn’t an issue. About 3/4 of the response I get on Bullet Sense is that it’s needed but I can’t see why. With Jam Sense taking care of a sideways bullet made me think this isn’t really needed as long as you can set up your Bullet Feeder to drop right side up reliably. I’m getting less than 5 upside down per 500 and could likely fine tune it more. Primer Orientation Sensor. I have had only maybe 1 per 1k upside down since I’m filling primer tubes on my own. Is there any issue with them getting flipped before priming? Decap Sensor. Wouldn’t swage sensor let you know if a primer was still in the case by time it got to swage station? I haven’t heard anyone recommend this. i appreciate your insight!
  13. Not sure if anyone saw this but the Mark7 Autodrives got a price drop across the board for their 650 and 1050/1150 and Evolution Autodrive models. $1,994. I have been eying up their equipment for a while and keep going back and forth between one of their presses or just get a 1150 and automate it down the road. Holding out for a black Friday sale to see if the press price drops further. https://www.markvii-loading.com/autodrives.html
  14. Wow these are pretty cool! If you end up doing this please also post a video of them in use. You could be on to something.
  15. I like the mecgar with CZC basepads bc they are a tool-less solution. TTI and Springer both require tools. Use the CZC springs followers for max rounds.
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