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  1. any update on this? I am looking at buying an 8lb jug of this from Powder Valley and I am having serious doubts.
  2. ive been using the FW arms dies and they have been working great. I just ordered the MA dies so will let you guys know what is better once I run the MA
  3. there is advantage and disadvantage to both but I prefer shooting with friends. If during a walkthrough I am planning to run the stage a certain way and miss a faster gameplan one of my friends may come up with a better strategy and share. I also enjoy spending time with my shooting buddies, as I don't hang out with any of them outside of shooting. I often push myself a little harder when shooting with friends rather than strangers. This can be both good and bad though.
  4. Did you contact Misty yet at Mk7? She's your best resource. It's likely just adjustments needed. See the attached primer seat troubleshooting guide. Primer Seat Troubleshooting.pdf
  5. I absolutely love this device but I agree with many original posters that regular sharpie simply doesn't work and I was very frustrated for over a week when I first got it. I tried the Range Panda device and I had no luck with that. Shortly after I upgraded to the Brush Tip Sharpie Markers and put tape around the marker thick enough that it stopped the O ring from sliding and this solved any issue I had with the machine. I have marked over 2,000 rounds with it and it produces thick consistent lines every time. I highly recommend this device and using these markers below with tape above the O ring once you get your height and you won't have any issues. https://www.amazon.com/Sharpie-1810704-Permanent-Markers-Assorted/dp/B006W0HQ54/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=brush+tip+sharpie&qid=1577806526&sr=8-1
  6. It really is a great design the cone for auto centering. It's one of those things you look back on and think "damn why didnt I come up with that!". I've ran about 2,000 rounds and no issues at all.
  7. I think if there so much residual leftover on the case then your using too much. Try using less next time around and by the time you load the rounds there shouldnt be a noticeable amount left on them. Or at least such a small amount that dumping them on a towel and giving them a quick rub should remove whats remaining.
  8. I am using it now on my new Evo Pro but I can't really give an opinion since I haven't used the redding decapping die I have instead. Not worth me even comparing now since I bought the FW Arms. I definitely buy into the conical design, it makes perfect sense on paper. I havn't loaded many rounds on this press yet but definitely have not had any issues with the decapping or swage stations with these dies.
  9. With internal slide/frame lightening you can take off the magazine release and shoot ESP. You won’t have a magwell like most ESP shooters but you can get the gun into the game this way Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  10. I have a Leupold DPP adapter plate and it’s OEM from Leupold. Sent you a PM bc I don’t have a DPP anymore so could let it go to you.
  11. Mine just arrived. Waiting on my mk7 to arrive. Will be interested in your full assessment. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  12. 1) None with Race ready. 2) Wait for reply from PT bc they recently added new finish options very recently. I have seen some “in the raw”. 3) Yes 9mm barrel can be added later on but they will want you to send the gun in for fitting. You could possibly request to fit it yourself if you knew how to do that but I would bet they would suggest you send it in to keep the integrity of the final product. 4) Yes. You could buy 10 38sc barrels if you wanted. I think the better question is if you get the Race Ready then could you substitute the 9mm comp barrel for a second 38sc barrel and I assume the answer is yes but best to ask them. This would be good if someone only shot 38sc or 9mm and had them swap out the barrel you won’t use.
  13. Ironic look what Phoenix Trinity just posted yesterday Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. I have no idea but I have seen an Atlas with this exact combo.
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