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  1. In case you are still looking: CZ Shadowline (classic 75B style, not the SP01 version) is quite a bit lighter than the Shadows. It works with Kadet 1 or Kadet 2 kits. CZ 75 or 85 lowers will also work. Thin grips, some grip tape, maybe slight trigger job, and he will be all set. I have this combo with Kadet 1 and it has been very reliable with old style metal mags. The only downside is the mags are expensive and PITA to load manually (get a baby maglula). My K1 doesn't feed properly with new style polymer Kadet mags. Buddy's S1K2 combo works with old and new mags no problem. We shot steel challenge at -20C without any issues beside frozen paws.
  2. Benelli recently re-released the M1 as the budget semi auto. In Canada, it is marketed as the "Anniversary Edition". Just bought one - CAD$950 plus tax. I think in the US it was sold as a dealer exclusive model.
  3. Here is my daughter's CZUB magwell kit. It came with short grips, torx grip screws, the magwell, and two matching base pads. Standard base pads from M-Arms (https://www.m-arms.eu/products/std-magwell-1-round/) are a perfect fit. Both types of pads work fine with Mec-Gar 17-round mags. Weights: CZ aluminium 19 g, M-Arms brass 29 g
  4. Do you think Shadow 2 would be a better fit? TS is a whole other level of expense. I like being able to share mags etc with my kid.
  5. I did my Black Badge course (intro course required to get into IPSC in Canada) with a Norinco NP22, a Chinese Sig P226 clone. That thing had 16 pound DA trigger. I finished the first match second last, and with a bloody blister on the trigger finger Got a CZ very soon afterwards.
  6. ^ That amount of skateboard tape won't work in IPSC Production division Not quite sure about Lok palm swell bogies: I looked them up, the manufacturer says the overall grip width with the bogies is 1.44'' = 36.6 mm. Stock grip is ~27-28 mm wide. I also noticed front to back length of the grip is slightly (1-2 mm) shorter on the Shadowline vs my daughter's Shadow 1. I have ordered thicker aluminium panels and some grip tape for now, they should arrive in a week.
  7. Greetings! I am relatively new to pistols, have been shooting IPSC just over a year. The gun is CZ Shadowline, fully stock, except for fitted pre-B disconnector and minor internal clean ups. I can shoot it okay from time to time, but lack consistency. Took a class recently, and have been told the grip may be too narrow for my hand size (8.5 in surgical gloves, fairly long fingers). With two handed grip, my left palm sits mostly on the right finger tips and barely contacts the pistol. This leads to poor grip after 5-6 shots in rapid fire drills. Thinking about getting slightly thicker grip panels or maybe an upgrade to Shadow 2 - I find S1 / S2 much easier to control thanks to the checkering on front and back straps. My philosophy is to make the best use of the equipment I already have, but on the other hand one should not be running half-marathons in shoes that are a size too small...
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