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  1. Match books are not substitute to actual stage walkthrough on the day before your match.
  2. Tanfoglio stock 2 is very easy to clean and strip.
  3. For members that renew their membership, I thought it wasn't an option anymore in renewing without the magazine extra cost.
  4. Hmm....never used winter tires in IN since 2001. Just used all season and it's been fine. You'll love it here in Indiana. Matches every weekend if you're willing to drive like Jakey said. I'm in central Indy and feel bless from the people that made it happen every weekend.
  5. Striker fire guns. Trigger is dead, unless you rack the slide back, trigger is pulled to disengage the striker. Hammer fired SA guns. Trigger is dead, unless you cock the hammer back or rack the slide back, trigger is pulled to disengage the hammer. Both seemed SA to me. What am I missing?
  6. Just wondering, wouldn't your time be faster by going left on the draw instead of standing draw?
  7. Labor cost is proportion but can't really compare in the Philippines to US as labor there is really, really cheap and there are people there willing to get paid just for any work. Unlike here, people that shoot actually have jobs. To shoot and organize a match is more of a love of the sport hence it's a mostly a volunteer sport. Local matches held helps with funding for the local range.
  8. Wow, people here shoot more than 10k a year? I just average 6k or so with local match and majors. 3 practice sessions of 800 rounds. I guess I need to step up my laziness.
  9. Just wait till you shoot on level 2 and squadded with a lazy competitor. I've kept their names/faces so I can avoid their lazy ass. Young ass can even go down the far end of the stage to reset but instead letting a senior do the resetting. There were many times I was the only one pasting down range for 5 stages to where the RO had to yell at their lazy asses. LOL.
  10. When people complain about production being only 10 rounds.......you know how to finish this part.
  11. DA makes a difference. The only reason now for me it doesn't it's because like everyone said, dryfire or just for shooting it for the last 3 years. To those who don't dry fire or just have stock guns without trigger job will hesitate on that DA long shot. I know I did when I started with a DA/SA gun in 2016. I didn't dry fire until 2018 and from there, it made no difference to DA/SA anymore for long shots.
  12. If anyone here plays this game on their phones, there's a club called USPSA/IDPA, just search it for clubs. We could use more members. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.miniclip.eightballpool https://apps.apple.com/us/app/8-ball-pool/id543186831
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