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  1. I hear ya. The MD is aware of it. Not sure if you can open using open office which is free. I'm able to view the stages on my phone using MS word app.
  2. I had this problem. The fix is when placing the spring, have the last loop on the outside. Installed 2 this way and never had any problems with battery and extracting.
  3. @ 6:26 I don't think it's unsafe as long as it's within the shooter's abilities, just like shooting skills. To say it is unsafe is like shooting as a sport is unsafe.
  4. 6.1.1 String – A separately timed component of a stage. Except for Standard Exercises (see, a stage will be considered a single string. Scores and penalties are recorded following completion of the course of fire, unless the course of fire specifies that they shall be recorded, and the targets taped between strings. The time component of all strings will be totaled, and the results achieved are then tallied to produce a final stage result.
  5. I've always thought about it if it was worth to fix the problem vs taking a mike
  6. Ok. I hope there's opposition to this, and I mean strong ones. Also I read that there's a 300 day window for the law to be in full effect if signed.
  7. With all the antigun bill that's being pushed, how likely are these bill to pass as laws? This will surely after a number of participants.
  8. If minor only, then yes, but with major PF, no. Prod is unique because of that. L10 major and SS major, 10 vs 8 rds? It won't happen. And who cares anyways, just shoot the division you want to compete in. Why care what others shoot? Why care the diluting? If people want to shoot in a division that's competitive, let them be. More divisions, more options. Freedom.
  9. USPSA is a pistol only match? Is that the history of how it started? I've ony been shooting since mid 2015 so dunno the history of this.
  10. I missed that part about being in a 10 round state.
  11. Shoot limited minor (best for beginners or new to the sport) so you don't have to worry about reloading. Just focus on the shooting part and the safety. Most new shooters get DQ for reloading w/ muzzle breaking 180º ,especially when the stages are more complex.
  12. Don't look at the rules through the app, download the actual pdf file to your phone and open it using the adobe reader, way easier and convenient, especially looking up rule numbers and keywords vs flipping through pages and pages.
  13. I figured out the weak hand but I can't draw the gun during walkthrough so I compared which was faster for me to get a good grip. No. It was a trial on my part if it was worth using the muzzle/dust cover to open the port vs using weak hand in opening. But I closed the port back before the beep. It's been fine on either but at this stage, the port was on my weak hand. I end up using the muzzle to open the port as I have my grip all ready. Thanks for responding guys.
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