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  1. Wut? The finish is better on shadow 2 than stock 2? You must have a blued stock 2 as the chrome is way better in terms of surface and a lot easier to clean.
  2. Production is great where it is. People just need to learn to change mags. Or go to limited if one doesn't like changing mags. It's really simple as that.
  3. We already know this. I brought that up as an example to what waktasz was asking, which is not during a COF. His question is still unanswered whether sweeping is applicable in safe area.
  4. My take on this is there is no sweeping on the safe table with an unloaded firearm. Same thing with a drop gun that's unloaded as it is not a dq when an RO is asked to pick it up. The dropped unloaded gun could be pointing at anyone. Same thing with clearing a squib on the safe table.
  5. No one has answered this yet? Or did I miss it?
  6. There's a shooter I've seen on video intentionally doing an AD to get a dq since his performance sucked. Did this more than one match too.
  7. I would if I'm ROing. Nice cuts are easier to score, especially if really close to the perf. Hate pulling out the overlay for every close hits.
  8. I hear ya. The MD is aware of it. Not sure if you can open using open office which is free. I'm able to view the stages on my phone using MS word app.
  9. I had this problem. The fix is when placing the spring, have the last loop on the outside. Installed 2 this way and never had any problems with battery and extracting.
  10. @ 6:26 I don't think it's unsafe as long as it's within the shooter's abilities, just like shooting skills. To say it is unsafe is like shooting as a sport is unsafe.
  11. 6.1.1 String – A separately timed component of a stage. Except for Standard Exercises (see, a stage will be considered a single string. Scores and penalties are recorded following completion of the course of fire, unless the course of fire specifies that they shall be recorded, and the targets taped between strings. The time component of all strings will be totaled, and the results achieved are then tallied to produce a final stage result.
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