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  1. Chrome tanfo is just easier to clean for me.
  2. When people complain about production being only 10 rounds.......you know how to finish this part.
  3. DA makes a difference. The only reason now for me it doesn't it's because like everyone said, dryfire or just for shooting it for the last 3 years. To those who don't dry fire or just have stock guns without trigger job will hesitate on that DA long shot. I know I did when I started with a DA/SA gun in 2016. I didn't dry fire until 2018 and from there, it made no difference to DA/SA anymore for long shots.
  4. If anyone here plays this game on their phones, there's a club called USPSA/IDPA, just search it for clubs. We could use more members. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.miniclip.eightballpool https://apps.apple.com/us/app/8-ball-pool/id543186831
  5. What else would you call it when a trigger is only actuated by pulling the slide? Or it's just called SFA?
  6. Huh? You rack the slide and pull the trigger otherwise it's a dead trigger.
  7. Unless you're color blind, then ya. I've been there and have worked matches. The primary colors helps and it has to be the whole basepad. Not stickers or markers.
  8. Hint: I use mags with a different basepad colors. 2 mags (e.g. red) for 11 rounds. The other 6 (e.g. black) , 10 rounds. Can't go wrong with this set up.
  9. I thought for a minute there this is another thread production only having 10 rounds coz I don't reload fast enough.
  10. This thread is still alive? It's because fast reloads and shooting iron sights is difficult for most. That's also what makes production great.
  11. Your call is correct. The shooter should have reloaded again after the steel make up shot to engage the 2nd array.
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