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  1. Registration opens on: December 12, 2018 @ 8:00 PM · Registration closes on: June 01, 2019 @ 8:30 PM Match starts: June 07, 2019 @ 8:00 AM · Match ends: June 09, 2019 @ 5:30 PM Location: 10801 State Highway 60 Sellersburg, IN 47172 The 2019 SNS 400 Indiana Section Championship Match SilverCreek Conservation Club, Sellersburg, IN -$125 Payment required when approved, Jrs are $70 with paid adult 12 stages, One Day Format Trophy Match SNS Certificates for $100 - Division Winners $75 - Class Winners $50 - Category Winners (Based on USPSA Appendix 2, 5 per Div, 5 per Class, 5 per Category to recognize) Additional Match Details -Squads are limited to 12 -Staff will shoot on Friday June 7th, there will be limited slots for competitors on this day -Match will be 11 stops for a total of 12 stages, one day format only, max slots are 396 including staff -Trophy Only Match based on USPSA rulebook Appendix A2 for recognition -Requested refunds before May 11th will be charged $10, refunds will only be issued back to the original form of payment -There will be NO REFUNDS AFTER MAY 11th, NO EXCEPTIONS -SLOTS ARE NOT TRANSFERABLE -if you are interested in working as staff please email jake_martens@uspsa.org for additional information USPSA level II match, Price: $125 https://practiscore.com/sns-400-indiana-section-championship/register
  2. happygunner77

    JJ Racaza, damn!!

    I have no issue with it. It's just cringe worthy IMO. Just my observation. For every celebrity, even if it's just a hint of Filipino blood, most of them pinoys would scream "pinoy yun". Also during matches, a group of them would wear the Philippine flag making me think that they are shooting for the Philippine team. I just don't see other Asian shooters wear flags from Korea, Indonesia, China or Japan etc...
  3. happygunner77

    JJ Racaza, damn!!

    So, what if he's a Filipino? And what's the big deal of being a Filipino?
  4. happygunner77

    Classifier vs match bump

    Nevermind, I re-downloaded one from the website and it's been updated. That is weird as I downloaded mine in 9/17/2015.
  5. happygunner77

    Classifier vs match bump

    Ok thanks. My handbook says differently and it's from the 2014. Your performance in larger matches and tournaments may also be used to help establish classification. Placement in a major event with a score above your assigned class percentage may result in your being promoted to a higher class, even if your current average is lower. Winning first or second in class at an Area Championship or Major Tournament AND shooting into the next higher class may result in promotion (except to Grand Master); winning High Overall in an Area Championship may promote you to Grand Master class. In addition, if you score 95% or higher at a USPSA national championship, you will be immediately moved to Grand Master class for that division.
  6. happygunner77

    Classifier vs match bump

    Do you mind posting the source for this ruling? I can't find this in the 2014 rulebook about the number of GM's required. Thanks in advance.
  7. happygunner77

    Traveling to Hawaii

    So you are only going to be there for 5 days? They used the word Alien, so if you're a US citizen, that 90 day doesn't apply.
  8. This seems a bit off for me as we are the only one to keep our lock or oombo per federal law Then TSA has an addendum So basically, the fed law doesn't say that you can just give your key or combo when asked by an authorized agency, unless I missed it. If I do, I'm basically violating federal law right? To follow the letter of the law, TSA can not ask for your key/combo to open you luggage unless your are in person? Here in Indy, I end up giving the combo to IMPD as I stood my ground in not giving the TSA my combo to open my luggage without me in person (they offered to have me watch through a monitor.). I tried searching but there seems to be tons of results from the word TSA.
  9. happygunner77

    USPSA App

    Installed on Tue, never had any problems since.
  10. Thank you for shooting with us and glad that you enjoyed it. Unconfirmed but the next Indiana Section will be at Silver Creek Conservation club. I would have preferred the Atlanta Conservation club but the MD needed a break as just like any other major match, there are tons of work hours on making these matches happen. Few videos on youtube already.
  11. SNS Casting will be taking orders bringing bullets to the Indiana Section this coming Saturday and Sunday. Get your order in to pick up at the range, no shipping charges and they are a preferred vendor for USPSA so USPSA members will receive 5% off orders of 500 - 4999 using Code USPSA5, orders over 5000 receive 10% with code USPSA10
  12. happygunner77

    What if timer doesn't pick up all shots fired?

    This is an easy fix. Get the sensitivity at the highest and use pocket pro 2.
  13. happygunner77

    No love for the S&W M&P in USPSA

    You're right, I have the first gen and it wasn't accurate. They've replaced the barrels and it's been dead on since. The M&P factory trigger isn't great for competition, the pro series is just doable. I got better with it and before I could really shine with it, I switched to CZ. LOL. I've shot it on carry matches as I had no mikes surprisingly. I shot a head shot target at 25yd and I hit the neck even though my sights were lined up at the forehead. I haven't really practiced my M&Ps at 25yds so that could be the culprit.
  14. happygunner77

    'Safe Action' Definition

    If the trigger's only job is to disengages a hammer or striker, it's just single action IMO.