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  1. Unless you're color blind, then ya. I've been there and have worked matches. The primary colors helps and it has to be the whole basepad. Not stickers or markers.
  2. Hint: I use mags with a different basepad colors. 2 mags (e.g. red) for 11 rounds. The other 6 (e.g. black) , 10 rounds. Can't go wrong with this set up.
  3. I thought for a minute there this is another thread production only having 10 rounds coz I don't reload fast enough.
  4. ^Keep shirts optional. That lowers the cost.
  5. This thread is still alive? It's because fast reloads and shooting iron sights is difficult for most. That's also what makes production great.
  6. Your call is correct. The shooter should have reloaded again after the steel make up shot to engage the 2nd array.
  7. Not necessarily but no, not my intend to be about money. Just a full mag of ammo wasted instead of being used. For production shooter, that's 2 mags wasted. . Not intended for debate, just an inquiry to what other's reasons are for just wasting ammo. But some do like to debate as they think they're better than others.
  8. I never said anything about money and it wasn't about money. But yeah, I keep my rounds. If I lose them, I lose them. But I have a system now that I get them 100% of the time.
  9. Sure, why don't you expoud since you know how things work and enlighthen me. Or I'm not sure if you know what I'm talking about. And i'll leave it at that.
  10. I'm gonna quote this guy's experience of live rounds on the ground
  11. Coz some are concern about ammo detonation hence they just eject the round and discard. I guess Ben Stoeger's left hand would have blown up anytime now.
  12. You still brought up money. My question is not about money. And yes, being wasteful bothers me hence the question, was just being curious really. I have no problem ejecting my round. Others are just bad at it I guess. Also, leaving live rounds on the ground, getting stomped on, is not concerning?
  13. Physical debilities are understandable. But these are done by people who are physically capable.
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