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  1. Ask yourself this, why are you crimping 223? Never a need IMO. Powder check away.....
  2. It won’t hurt anything. You can always tumble the finished rounds after if you really want to.
  3. That’s too bad. I am having trouble buying a few things for myself. imagine what companies are going through trying to keep up.
  4. I always wanted one so I placed bids for two on Ebay last year ($300ish). Lost one so I upped the bid on other. Won 2nd... Well, did you know that if you lose a bid on Ebay and the winner doesn’t buy it, next in-line gets it... yup, I am stuck with two..... sigh. Yeah, So sell for $300 shipped on here and you should be happy. one of these says I will post my second one. funny thing is seller shipped me everything in the pic including 4K Federal primers via USPS. I didn’t think it was all included and clearly they didn’t know or care you can’t do that!
  5. If you want M7 cheap sensors, see my post in this thread. you would be amazed at what you can make yourself very inexpensively.
  6. I asked Misty the same question. Didn’t get a clear answer. Essentially tighten it as much as you can allowing it to index properly. With the 1050, I tightened it hard then backed off 1/8 or so turn. Revo/Evo seem to like it tighter. would be great to see other experiences.
  7. Gosh, if there is one at least .460”, I would likely convert so I can trim my 45/70. I tried Dillon and it is a little shy. Odd Titan isn’t giving you help.
  8. Ha! I wish I was a competitor. I tried to get an FFL but county won’t let me... bah. I need to move to the country.
  9. If you have a spot open between trimming and powder charge in single pass processing, you can take a Dillon powder die and the standard size small shop vac hose can be placed over it. It can suck out shavings in the case during processing. You will either need two vacs or build adapter to split.
  10. We need a boycott J-Ames bullet thread...
  11. You lost me when you called MBF crappy...
  12. They used to sell a wire harness that could be connected to the innards of the Dillon powder check for use on a 1050. Basically you connect to the contacts inside. Then when it buzzes, it will shut off press. while I no longer see them on Mark7 website, I noticed a few months ago Double Alpha has them in stock ($10): https://www.doublealpha.biz/us/mark-7-powder-sensor Here is what I did with one:
  13. The other recent thread about that tool head is first I have heard of it. Sure they are doing their best. A lot of machine shops are having trouble during the shut down. I would give them a chance. Seems like a nice product. as for FW.. only complaint are dies are too tall. Can’t use it with my Dillon trimmer on a 550. Fine on 1050 and Revo press with space between them.
  14. M7 is coming out with a new trimmer. I am surprised they said that about the Dillon. folks using a 1050 do tricks like balancing the force on shellplate to improve the variation. Do you have the 2nd or 3rd Guide rod? If not, I would get both.
  15. I called 4 metal recycling places in Austin to see if they deal in lead.... none dealt in lead. One told me, “is it even valuable? well no one uses it for anything anymore so not sure why it would be expensive”. so, I thought about it a bit and thought the lead prices have really gotten insane over last decade. Not blaming Rotometal but they are way overpriced IMO. There are some folks on castboolits who will do better in price. Do NOT buy on EBay, etc. Had to flux my pot with sulphor for the first time after using some old lead I got on EBay years ago. Sulphur is good for a number of impurities including zinc. Get yourself a mask with eye protection if using any flux like that. Preferably with 3M acid, vapor filter number 60923. The flux vapors can be nasty especially those from sulphur. The master caster comes with a handbook for casting geared towards commercial casting. It’s a good read (but a little dated). a nice set of leather (I like deerskin) gloves... a nice handbook for loading cast bullets like Lyman. face shield for the tinsel fairy (who can come anytime). some don’t cast with gloves or a face shield. I like my face... even if the wife is sick of it.
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