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  1. MBF has a learning curve and I too had problems in beginning. Spend some time on the MBF website (Rick’s old site) and it will help. Upside down bullets can be due to a lot of things. Best if you get a ladder and watch it. Remove the spring tube from the die and let them drop in your hand. until you see one fall upside down, you will just be guessing. When you think all the little parts are adjusted right, it’s probably the hopper itself isn’t at right angle. wish I could give better advice but it’s hard when you can’t see what is going on. as for the double, it is because of too much tension on spring when bullet is dropping. The rubber band or spring kits sold are just covering the poor setup or tight spring tube. You can pull spring tube to stretch but careful you don’t overdue it. good luck! You will get it working.
  2. RL1100 will come with case feeder. But the Feedinator is interesting. I went ahead and called Brian to ask a few questions about it. He is just north of me a bit in Cedar Park TX. I might just have to buy one as I have to support local. Only issue I see is he has trouble keeping things in stock. I asked him for a quote. Sad but it’s probably cheaper to buy a new case feeder than buy all the caliber conversions for the Mark7 case feeder.
  3. Not with SB die... but if it is blown out more than that, I would toss.
  4. Bah.... what about those of us who don’t do facebook...
  5. take a piece of lubed brass and marker and see...
  6. I use Dykem on my brass. Wonder if they make a marker that would work.
  7. Oh, I should add.. I got the 14” case feeder by accident. M7 shipped wrong one. I cut them a deal to keep it. Looking back, I should have either been dishonest and not told them... or told them to take it back and ordered press without a feeder. The case feeder is excellent and worth every penny if you stick to a couple calibers. But not if you want to use the press with a dozen calibers like me.
  8. The 14” is the big boy case feeder. It requires adjustments but comes ready. I don’t trust the smaller case feeder as it is just a modified Hornady. Whatever the case, just get a Dillon or other case feeder and be done with it.
  9. The big one for Mark7Reloading is awesome but caliber conversions (just for the case feeder) are a bit expensive. From the Hasgrok site, it appears caliber specific conversions are about $20. In both cases, it’s a lot more work than changing just the feed plate like Dillon and Hornady. I have a Revolution. Love it. The 14” case feeder is great. I wanted to run more calibers on the press so I am swapping case feeder with my Dillon instead. It’s always worked just great for me so no need to spend more on the conversions. I may eventually buy conversions for MK7 but already spent enough. Good luck with your choice.
  10. Good upgrade, Harpo. Wish it was around 6 years ago when I sold my LNL. Having only Dillon since, I can say it’s a shame both Dillon and Hornady haven’t fixed these issues. Dillon’s new feeder is a good start. I got the upgrade kit for my Dillon as the adjustable speed helps with that case that gets stuck in the gate.
  11. Glad you figured it out! Back to reloading.....
  12. I was thinking the powder was jumping out of case after it is expanded in powder die. No? Case feeling like it is stuck on expander?
  13. Mark 7 autodrive. hey, it has built in round counter....
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