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  1. Sir - We received a package with no RMA # or Name on the package that we could relate to an outstanding RMA - so we could not tell that this was you - we think we now know that this was your items - we have reached out to you to confirm that this was your products. We also would like to speak with you about the nature of your issues to be sure we resolve them the right way for you.
  2. We will be happy to review your situation in the morning with you - please do give us a call so we can also see what communication has not been up to your expectations Mark 7
  3. Gentlemen - The Web gremlins got the better of us, we are in the midst of a substantial web upgrade and we apologize - we certainly were not trying to raise false hopes. We are working through our backlog and almost done on Evolutions and look forward to opening up ordering in the near future .
  4. The Evolution PRO is the Evolution and the Autodrive Package and we are making those daily. the link is here: https://www.markvii-loading.com/Evolution-PRO_p_394.html Please let us know if you have any questions @ markviiloading@gmail.com or 1-888-462-7577
  5. we will get in touch with you to see why you are getting this variation - it could be the set-up. you should not have this variation.
  6. @Laurent_FR This powder measure that you are referring to was tested in our testing room and metered well. We'd like to get it back to see what is going on - we will get in touch with you through our support system as Enos rules do not allow support directly on the site. Sincerely, Mark 7
  7. Sir - Most, shooting, reloading and similar organizations are moving away from this toward their own platforms or ones hosted. The reason for this is censorship that taking place in our country. There are plenty of open sources of information - like the one you are currently using. Cost is not the issue - our hosted platform for all things digital related to our products is free but closed to current customers only. Mark 7
  8. We here at Mark 7 understand that its taking time - we're getting better at building these every day. While our dealer orders are almost all taken care of we have begun to eat into our consumer orders and expect to have those done soon !
  9. You make some good points - we'll discuss it in the staff meeting. The manual is electronic so we dont kill trees and its on-line and in our user community so we can make changes to it as we learn more how to better help people with the new products. This way people accessing it have the latest version. Same with the videos. Given that we just came out with the product, the delays are a function of procurement and scaling assembly. In about end of August we are looking to be stocking machines !
  10. The User Manual is pretty exhaustive and lives at mark7community.com. we grant access when the machine arrives. There are also installation videos being posted now to make the installation process smooth. Mark 7
  11. its at the annodizer - should have it next week Mark 7
  12. we'll look into what happened on the phone - if you can get the pre-release price from the dealers that is the place to go .
  13. This thread has been split off from the Mark 7 Evolution thread as a tuning, technical, and troubleshooting thread. Please only post those type of questions in this thread. For general discussions of Mark 7 presses, please use this thread. Edited by GrumpyOne this is the production version of the powder drop on the evolution
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