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  1. Any one have any ideas for 3 gun stages indoor. We don’t have steel. Bays are 75 ft long 20-30 ft wide. Any help or links or videos or pictures would be great. Thanks.
  2. Hahaha I use that holster on my bench
  3. Open is gods division. All others are just bleh
  4. Yo guys, just wanted to throw up a quick lil post about the class I just took. It was dope. I was was skeptical as to how much I would learn , as I feel my movement is pretty good. And man. It was a lot. She fine tuned A lot of my entry and exit “moves”, and also helps with other movements , translations, even tracking with eyes. If you have a chance. Definitely take it, I guarantee your not too good haha.
  5. In Phoenix I would definitely go with trail or the shooting lens.
  6. Ah that’s is a bummer man but I totally get it. I am the same. Especially dropping so much coin. Good luck
  7. I have a cheeky e2 aluminum being put on my open blaster build rn. Hopefully she can handle the force of awesome major. Keep us updated!
  8. If you are in Phoenix. I would hands down go to Eddie Garcia. His guns just run. And he is in town. They are great shooters and he is a stand up dude
  9. 28 with the gen 2 Sti mag. If i use a gen 2 mbx 170 I can 30+1 if I leave it with 29 loaded first night. Worth the extra money imo
  10. I have found when I shoot a lot (3-4 matches a week) and then take a 2-4 week break, that after my first stage I generally come back a lil stronger. Like I relearn all the fundamentals
  11. I see a lot of people saying Oakley prisms. However there are many Oakley prism lenses. In most colors. I have found, being In Arizona, that the trail lens works really well for me. I also use the shooting lens they make (tr44 and 27 I think) for the tombstones and other models. My friend was a manager so I got to try diff ones for cheap and that’s my 2cents. But where you live and what you shoot in matters. If you are in greener areas( brush/tree) then the golf lens might be better, for instance.
  12. Compete: cobalt kinetics 38 SC Open Gun with RTS2 Carry: Glock 19 G3 with DPP i definitely can’t ahoot my 19 like I can my race gun. But good enough to get er done... I hope
  13. Hey guys. Didn’t know where to put this. But there are 2 spots that opened up for a class I’m hosting this weekend in Prescott Arizona. Let me know if interested. Thanks if anyone knows where this has had to go please let me know.
  14. FWIW...... so i am not sure if it is different on variable magnification optics vs red dots, but i have the trijicon accupower 1-8 and accidentally got it in the green reticle. i cant see it for s#!t in arizona. not a hugwe deal because you can see the non lit reticle just fine. but i like having the option to see my dot in the sunlight, like with the razor 1-6.
  15. hell yeah excite to hear what people have to say after hands on! been looking at going this route or the new khales optic.
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