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  1. Awesome. I will have to grab some and try it out if anyone has it local
  2. So this shooters world major. Having some issues with search. It’s comparable to 3n38?
  3. Thank you. I normally use Lucas gun oil or Mobil 1 synthetic
  4. Has anyone tried to shave the rear contours into the older style pt to be more like the new style? In the top where your webbing wraps around. After shooting an evo for so long and going to my backups pt OG it’s brutal on my hand.
  5. Yeah problem is the guns built. Rather work with what there is not rebuild
  6. So I just shot Utah state. Had a bunch of issues. Maybe mag related. Maybe Ammo. Assuming Ammo because I switched from the major hot s#!t with 3n38 and aa7 and used cfe ( way more violent) but it ran. Needless to say, i hate 9major and can’t wait for my 38 sc back.
  7. Wepleadthe2nd.comis a great place for anything kydex Located in Tempe Arizona drop my name for discount. So hit them up for kydex as well as milling for whatever, stippling, laser engraving and cerakote
  8. I have not used either you asked about I do have a razor hd ii 1-6 (not e) and a trijicon 1-8 accupower. I am still torn between em. While i love the 1-8 on the accupower. It’s just not the same as the vortex. When you pull that up to your eye. You see everything. So clear and open. The bezel disappears. I don’t have the JM reticle, and I don’t regret not getting it. The accupower is great too. The 1-8 can come in handy over the 1-6. The reticle is a lil busier. They both weigh the same pretty much. Which i don’t have an issue with. Because I can carry my rifle f
  9. I tried hs6 in my 9 major. I didn’t notice too much difference in cfe
  10. Been looking for something to help with grip strength. Tried some other stuff and didn’t have much luck. Thanks for advice!
  11. Boom boom. Just got confirmation she ships back Monday. Gonna snag some 115 gn bullets when I get home from Utah state and develop a load with some aa7
  12. Sound like Utah state for me this year, mike per stage and malf per stage. New gun new Ammo. Needless to say. Won’t be using them again haha
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