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  1. Another vote for Sport Pistol. I recently bought 16lbs of SP from Graf & Sons but they are showing that they are currently out of stock. SP works great in 9 and 40.
  2. I'm curious if anyone has load data for 40 major load using Sport Pistol powder, 180 & 200 grain bullets out of a Glock 35/24? I am currently putting together a couple of G24's to use in Limited next year and have lots of Sport Pistol on hand. I have read though about 10 pages (All the way back to 2016 post) and found a lot of data to start with but most of the data I found was for 2011's. I know with Glock's one of the big issues is the OAL since you can't load the bullets out long because of the mags. Has anyone run into any problems with Sport Pistol powder and 180 or 200 grain bullets
  3. This conversion kit is for the polymer PPQ's only. It will not work with the steel frames due to the locking lug and barrel being different between the Q5 and Q5SF. Hope this helps.
  4. Yeah, being able to change to spring weight on the tungston guide rod would help tremendously.
  5. I prefer the Walther as it has a great trigger for a striker fire pistol.
  6. Yes, I have a couple of the Walther tungston guide rods. From what I can tell is that they really help with muzzle rise in the polymer series PPQ's but in the steel frame Q5's they tend to add too much weight at the muzzle end. Also, the springs that come on the Walther tungston guide rods is very heavy and will cause your front sight to want to dip some when the slide closes on the SF's.
  7. The Q5 SF will have less noticeable muzzle rise compared to G34 or any other poly frame style pistol. The Q5SF compared to a S2, or Tangfolio Stock 2-3, or even a Sig P320 Legion all have pretty much the same muzzle rise. From my experience shooting all these guns they all have a slightly different recoil impulse and I believe that can attributed to the grip, bore axis, and ergonomics of each pistol. Basically the heavier guns are going to soak up more of the recoil and your sights are not going to lift as high when compared to a polymer gun. There are pros and cons to all of them, but they ar
  8. Waktasz, I shot Area 8 last and squaded with a couple of people from your area and they all said the same thing about local matches selling out. This was very new and eye opening to me as we do not have that issue in our part of the country. A big local match for us in the Arkansas/Oklahoma area is 40 to 50 shooters. Most matches in our area probably have 40 or less on average though. I have also seen a few clubs fold because they couldn't get enough participation at their matches due to conflicting schedules with other clubs in their area and not enough shooters to support both. You guys must
  9. RJH, I never meant for this to be a new guy division. My original intent for the thread was to get ideas and suggestions geared strictly towards a compact gun division. Hell, as far I'm aware there isn't a whole lot we can do to help a new person place higher at their first match. They are going to have to start at the bottom just like the rest of us and work their way up. I would be willing to bet that 99.9% of all of us started on the bottom and got sh!t kicked out us every month until we started seriously dry firing and live firing on a consistent basis. In the 6 years that I have been part
  10. No sir, I have never tried shooting revolver. Semi's are tough enough for me... As PCC I really don't have a big problem with it as it has brought a lot of growth to the sport at least in our area. I have also seen a lot of older shooters come back to the sport because PCC is easier on them. My only real issue with the PCC is that I have seen many B,C,& D class pistol shooters basically quit shooting pistols and start shooting PCC so that they can move up in the overall results.
  11. I on board with the 3000 signatures for any new divisions, as that actually seems like a good idea. Because if that was the case I probably wouldn't have to write up a separate stage briefing/start position for pistols and PCC every month. I would have thought revolver division had a better chance of making a come back as opposed to PCC catching on like it has...
  12. Then why was I asked about it by members who would like to see it? If you are not interested in the division then why even comment? Go troll somewhere else...
  13. Foxj66, I see your point in what you are saying and probably just like you I have many guns in the safe that were bought with only one purpose... competing in USPSA. As far as only three divisions at level 2 and above, I doubt that will ever happen in my opinion. Too much money would be lost by eliminating the other divisions.
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