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  1. I did not know that but it appears that you are correct.
  2. Was looking at the 34 as my pet load for my 1911 is a 125 blue that out of my work 17 only makes 127 PF but out of my 5" 1911 Im at 132 PF Edit to add I was mostly looking at the slides because I was think a match gun and practice backup and did not want to buy 4 glocks. Plus only two a year blue label. But maybe one MOS and one stock for this year and next.
  3. I would be fine buy a mos 34 and will look at zev. I did not see one when I looked but I could have just missed it. After looking they do have a 17 gen 5 but dont see a 34. but is 299 for a barre slide by the time you add all the parts I could just buy a full gun.
  4. I have been a long time Single Stack shooter and really like my 1911 but I started SS because my work gun was not uspsa friendly (sig 226). We have now switched to gen 5 glock 17s. I am thinking of picking two 34s off the blue label program and shoot prod. I would also like to play in CO dose anyone know if you can buy a OEM or other gen 5 slide so I can just swap slides.
  5. At my local club I am the RM/practiscore guy/registration guy/embedded RO/stage designer/sometimes MD/classifier picker. Shooting time is 9 or when all stages are set up whatever is later and we do have a few people that show up to walk stages as they are being built, we dont have many. The ones we do have get looks from the guys who are working. I as RM I dont give out stage plans I am lucky to have guys who bring stages and set them up I do try to walk them for safety and rules and as long as they are ok I dont mess with them. I also no longer stress about getting started on time as my set up crew knows who helps and who dose not. I have also become less accommodating to last minuets requests by the non helpers and people that show up at the last second before registration close. This year I have also slowed way down on building my own stages because I just dont have time to build good ones unless I show up before 6AM. PLEASE HELP SETUP if you are on the range. This sport only works if everyone helps both during the match and before. If you are over loaded during the match hand off the pad. I go into many stages with nothing more than the 5 minuet walk thru because before the match all I have time for is a safety walk thru. Yes it sucks so I understand where OP is coming from but that is also why I have backed off on building my own stages.
  6. 1K in ammo and range time will put your further ahead then any new gun if you want to get better. If you just want a new gun Id save a bit more.
  7. This is what I would do. if the match fee was 25. I would make him pay 25 he owes plus 25 for his next match or he dose not get to shoot.
  8. If the parking lot is considered part of the range it is fully within the scope of the rules. Dont be so sure you are before or after the match. The match times are on practiscore and for example our local Starts at 7AM and dose not end until 5PM. We do this so we have the range until we are done. Or at a major match that runs for multiple days the match dose not end untill the last day of the match. Having said that we dont "police" the parking lot but that dose not mean it it not part of the range. 2.5.1 leads me to believe that any area after a unloading station would be part of the match and the full range if no unloading station is provided. The only exception might be if the range is broken up like a few ranges I can think of that have clearly defined areas of the range. My home range would be a good example of that. We have one parking lot for the front of the range with the square ranges and the back of the range with a separate parking lot for the USPSA bays.
  9. We run one intro class per year and this is our outline. We set it up so a new shooter can get thru in 50 rounds. and about 2 -3 hours USPSA FUNDAMENTALS CURICULUM (1).pdf
  10. True but the MD can chose what divisions will be allowed in the match. So yes you could run matches under that rule.
  11. As a dedicated SS shooter 9mm for almost everything. Ill bring out the 45 every now and then for something like a supper classifier or a match I know will have very little steel. Also it helps a lot to know what the stage builder shoots (area 3 build is by two open shooters) 9MM all the way.
  12. Not all of us we have had a match the last two weekends. Both went well.
  13. Sounds like two days is the best way. Im open to other thoughts if anyone has them but this is the very early stages yet Thanks for the info.
  14. Iv never really thought about liability at a local as we are covered by the range plan. Just thought it might be a thing with people moving between ranges. We will see what happens.
  15. 2 days is something to think about but that is a three day match with staff on say Friday. I would think staff would be harder to find for that?
  16. So for two years running now our section match has sold out and the next closest two or three section or state match have also sold out. I was approached today about holding a level 2 match split between two local clubs. For a little back ground my home club has been around a lot of years but only has five bays. A new club has opened about 25 miles or 30 minuets drive time away. They have 4 bays. Has anyone ever run a level 2 split between two ranges? Other than form C and naming a RM and MD and stage approval what is needed from or to USPSA. Also per the rule book A1 line 17"submit post match reports" what is that? What about liability insurance? Im missing a lot right? Lose out line 9 or 10 stages (based on how this summers dirt work goes at the new range) split to am at one range 1 hour lunch then pm at the other range. 100 - 120 slots plus staff Time frame is summer 2021 late May to early June
  17. Well the match sold out at 50. Average summer match is 40-50 people so for us that is a very good match. The ridiculousness has slowed down now that the smith field plat hot spot has stopped growing. We have about 2250 total cases with over 1250 already recovered in a state of 750,000-800,000 people.
  18. Well it looks like people want to shot 25 people signed up in less then 12 hours for match thats still two weeks out.
  19. And the top listed one is why I just got home from my twice weekly 5k run
  20. What if anything have you changed about how your run your matches?
  21. First that is a gross over simplification of what they are saying. We are not under a stay at home order. Second they are now saying "Essential Workers" that have been exposed can continue to work and just need to monitor them self for symptoms. So why should I hide in my house when they guy at the store who was exposed last week is fine to do to work and touch my food but not for people to be outside in small groups of 10 or less per the CDC Third this thing ends 3 ways 1 Herd immunity 2 Vaccine 3 We start it all over in a few months when all the lock down people come out and are exposed to one person that is still carrying it.
  22. So has anyone run a match in the last month? Our first match opens for signup Sunday for a match date of 4-26-20. What we have come up with is 1 Squads of ten or less including 2 staff 2 prepay or exact change only. Not making change will help prevent a line forming and I wont have to hand a lot of cash back and forth. 3 two staff one RO and one pad guy. When one shoots the other dose both this way the pad dose not get handed to everyone. 4 No shooters meetings Thoughts Ideas? Have I lost my mind. As I see it we are out side in groups of ten or less.
  23. We place a small table next to the side berm and drop a 3 by 3 shooting box in front of it.
  24. We do to 5 stage matches a month in the summer. I try to have one 5 stage match and one 4 stage plus a classifier but that depends on how many people will plan and build a stage. No help generally means two 4 plus 1 matches. We also do 1 supper classier at the start of the year and one at the end.
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